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Comment Re:It's not about the patent, it's about the lying (Score 1) 323

It is all about making things free that didn't used to be. Devalues everything over time - creators get the message that they might as well make it free when they have a choice before someone takes that choice away from them.

Or, creators get the message that they might as well not make anything at all.

Comment Re:You gotta be kidding me (Score 1) 243

Yes, that "Long name ... amazing results" crap is apparently a franchise or branch operation. When I was in college, the local job search using that tag was "Spokane Area Help Wanted dot com" or something similar. Long name indeed.

Now that I'm all grown up, the local job search using that same phrase is "Fargo Jobs dot com". "Fargo Jobs dot com: Long name ... amazing results!" Are you friggin' kidding me? 9 letters. is just as long of a name as that.

I hesitate to think what the owners of Fargo Jobs dot com would consider a short name ... Just .com?

(This post is in no way an endorsement of "Fargo Jobs dot com" or its ilk ...)

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