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Comment Re:Turnabout IS fair play... (Score 1) 765

As I said above to another poster:

Severance comes with conditions. Let's say you are a year or two away from retirement, or getting close to being fully vested in a company. Or you were laid off because they want to bring in younger, cheaper, talent. You most likely have to sign something and waive all your rights to pursue legal remedies by accepting the severance. Some severance agreements have "non disparagement" clauses, and others may have non-compete clauses.

So yes, they might give you two week's severance, but it is not the same as if an employee were to give two week's notice.

Comment Re:But that is not turnabout idiot. (Score 1) 765

It takes all kinds.

I've seen several types of separations:

1. Being blindsided by a manager and security for a walk to HR. Yes, severance was provided - as long as you sign your rights away in order to get it. There are conditions for the severance package. Don't want to sign your rights away? Then you get nothing aside from time owed and any accrued vacation time. For reference, see the conditions imposed on the Disney IT workers.

2. In the case of a large layoff, it still comes as a surprise, but there is a slow rundown where people are given notice their jobs will be gone by a certain day, they get training and job counseling, and they also get severance with the same conditions imposed in #1.

Both of these were done by the same company.

Comment Re:Of course (Score 2, Interesting) 168

Not the first time this has happened. Back in the PowerPC days, they had an Apple LCD monitor that hooked up to the computer with a single cable. Basically a bastardized DVI cable with an oval connector, USB, and some extra power lines in it.

It was compatible with nothing but Apple stuff, unless you bought an expensive box to convert it into DVI and a wall-plug.

So this isn't the first time we are seeing this.

Comment Re:Cancelling my Netflix membership (Score 1) 229

That's the way I see it too.

Back a year or more ago, when I went overseas, Netflix was useless because it would not allow me to stream anything from my US account. Flip back to January, and now it works wherever I travel: be it Germany, Italy, or Japan, I see and stream whatever local content is available. It is far more useful to me than how Amazon or Hulu handle it - no access at all.

Netflix has always seemed to take the "least effort" approach to people who want to work around geoblocks. Perhaps the content providers are tired of these games and wanted something more heavy-handed?

Comment Re:Because you can be anti-abortion & pro choi (Score 1) 260

Nothing political about it. How can a standard medical term for a medical procedure be considered political speak?

It only seems political to you because "pro-abortion" sounds bad compared to "pro-choice" simply because people tend to know what the procedure does. So why duck the truth and paint it in colorful language if you are proud of your political stance?

The center to the argument is not whether women have the right to reproductive freedom (there's another one of those feel-good terms). The anti-abortion crowd (well, most of it) isn't there protesting sex education, sterilization, condoms, HPV vaccinations, v.d. and fertility treatments. They are there protesting abortions (including some caused by birth control pills that prevent implantation after fertilization). If you remove abortion from the list of services, the only people left protesting would be the uber-religious types who believe, for example, that HPV vaccinations give a license to premarital sex and sin.

Comment Re:VoiceOfDoom, *FUCK YOU*!! (Score 5, Insightful) 260

That may be less inflammatory, but the subject is abortion, not reproductive rights as a whole.

I do like the nice, friendly and progressive sounding "pro-choice" moniker. And the cuddly, protective, "pro-life" one.

But why not just call it what it is and be done with it?


No need to sugar coat it. If you need to sugar coat it to make it palatable, there is something wrong with it.

Comment Re:subduction, try it, its free! (Score 3, Insightful) 287

There's another, easier answer:

Erosion due to weather, wave, and tidal activity. This can be quite fast compared to the glacial rise of the sea level or tectonic plate movement.

From the paper in question:

Using time series aerial and satellite imagery from 1947 to 2014 of 33 islands, along with historical insight from local knowledge, we have identified five vegetated reef islands that have vanished over this time period and a further six islands experiencing severe shoreline recession

Reef islands? These are formed by coral that do not grow above the surface of the water. It's the sand and other junk that pile up on these reef islands that has washed/eroded away.

From Wikipedia (Solomon Islands):

while many of the smaller islands are simply tiny atolls covered in sand and palm trees.

I suppose mentioning that would be counterproductive to the scare-mongering.

Comment Gonna be hard to do this... (Score 4, Insightful) 75

Just about every ISP is a media distributor as well. Don't have any draconian usage caps? This is one way to get slapped with them.

Hard to force them to open up the market with the lobbying they do. If the FCC succeeds and forces it to open, good luck when you start realizing your cap does not go very far when you add all that programming to your monthly bandwidth and the cable companies look get their profit in overage fees.

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