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Comment Love the Monte Carlo method (Score 1) 311

Ever since reading about it in high school programming class, every time I've learned a language I've written a Monte Carlo PI calculator in it - it's my hello world. It does seem odd that they got this close - I usually needed mega-iterations to get to 3.14, but that may be a function more of the weak PRNGs on most of the platforms I used.

Comment Re:You don't need a college degree .. (Score 1) 287

Ehhh, it's supposed to be. If you've ever done a group project in a 400 level computer science class, you know this isn't always the case. I can remember graduating seniors in group projects whose primary contribution was the warm fuzzy feeling I got when I realized I may have to interview against them in the future.

Comment Re:Evolution (Score 3, Interesting) 381

Sadly, I AM a born again Christian, and have almost the same attitude as you about many of my brothers and sisters. People telling me I'm going to "smart" myself out of the Kingdom and BS like that. I just stopped talking to anyone who believes in Young Earth Creationism at all. I do not understand how people can think that God is the most amazing and intelligent and powerful being in the univers, but is simultaneously afraid of unbiased science.

Comment Re:I hope he realizes he did more harm than good (Score 2) 332

Overreact much? What GP is implying (I think) is that this is a systemic problem - killing one company, Foxconn, over this only hurts their current employees without really changing the overall status quo. In fact, the recent inspection by a worker's rights group said that Foxconn was pretty progressive in worker treatment - for China. None of this will change unless China passes and/or enforces OSHA-like worker protection laws or consumers demand "worker-fair" products and pay for them.

Comment Why not use the dummy DNS servers? (Score 3, Interesting) 105

Why not use the dummy DNS servers to redirect users still attached to them to an informational website that tells them how to unfuck themselves? Make it a clearly labelled site with a very simple, obviously .gov URL so people trust it? If my ISP can pop up a frame telling me I'm approaching the bandwidth cap, why can't the FBI?

Comment Re:Capitalism at its best (Score 2) 104

No, what I believe he means is that the "inflate and deflate" that the trader can do is worthless to society. It adds no real property or value to society, it only transfers value from one person to another. That's the leach part, the part that derivative traders maximized to harm the housing market (I won't say crash because that implies that mortgoage brokers and customers were free of fault, which they certainly were not.)

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