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Submission + - Yahoo Mail storage capacity touches infinity

Vinit writes: "World's leading email service provider Yahoo has increased mail storage capacity to infinity! What could be a better gift Yahoo Inc. could offer to it's millions of users on it's 10th anniversary than this? On the company blog, John Kremer, Vice President, Yahoo! Mail, has disclosed the firm's plan to provide unlimited storage to all users from this May. I still remember the day in 1997 when I got myself a Yahoo email ID with a whopping 4MB storage. And I was like, what am I gonna store in this huge account? This is going to be the best move against Google which offers about 2.8GB storage. One of the reason Google has started gaining market share is storage; currently Yahoo offers 1GB storage — way too less compared to what Google provides. The firm will be rolling this out over a few months to facilitate a smooth transition. Now with the unlimited storage in place I am thinking about shifting my whole songs, photos collection to Yahoo. What about you guys? http://www.pclaunches.com/industry_buzz/yahoo_mail _storage_capacity_touches_infinity.php"
Data Storage

Submission + - Terabyte-Capacity Optical Disc Demoed

An anonymous reader writes: Various sources report on a technology demo of the 'TeraDisc' by Israeli startup Mempile, where 100 layers of data were recorded and read back on a single optical disc. Recording and readback are achieved by 2-photon absorption, and a DVD-sized, removable, 1 TB-capacity WORM disk is promised in 2010. And that's only with a red laser!

Submission + - Trash powered Electricity

Jarik C-Bol writes: "http://www.popsci.com/popsci/science/873aae7bf86c0 110vgnvcm1000004eecbccdrcrd.html Popular Science has a report on a machine that uses plasma to render anything short of nuclear waste down to is base elements, and use the results to drive generators that produce more power than the machine uses. Its creator has big plans to save the world, one landfill at a time. Hopes are that once in place, we will solve our garbage problems, and be producing cheep easy electricity from the junk we throw away. Here's to hoping, maybe this one will pan out, according to the article, it is being implemented in several cities across the country."
User Journal

Journal Journal: Boeing Working on Fuel Cell Aircraft 163

Boeing is working with development partners on a fuel cell-based small aircraft as a technology demonstrator. It seems like a logical use of the technology. From the article, a Boeing research director was quoted as saying, "While Boeing does not envision that fuel cells will provide primary power for future commercial passenger airplanes, demonstrations like this help pave the way for potentially using this technology in small manned and unmanned a

Submission + - Novel Open Source Software Distribution System

SpectralDesign writes: "Is it a candy vending machine, or an Open Source software vending machine? That's what you might ask yourself if you walk past the proposed "Seneca Freedom Toaster", a concept that has won designer Andrew Smith (a fourth year Software Development student at Ontario's Seneca College) a $2500.00 prize to bring the concept to life.

Evan Weaver, Chair of the School of Computer Studies, says, "The Seneca Freedom Toaster's purpose is to encourage distribution and use of Open Source software, which is a very important cause for us at Seneca." Seneca College, Ontario's largest college — boasting a population of more than 100,000 students, has become more and more involved in Open Source software over the last number of years, in-part due to corporate partnerships such as with Mozilla.

Andrew says that many students have shied away from downloading Open Source software because of the time involved, and the difficulty in obtaining reliable and complete programs that are easy to install and upgrade. His idea for the Freedom Toaster came from exposure last year to a similar project in South Africa. To use the Freedom Toaster, simply bring your own CDR disc to the kiosk, and the library of Open Source software in it's hard drive is ready to browse and burn (err, Toast)."

Submission + - New Sci-fi series to be web based

itamblyn writes: A new sci-fi show is set to premier this spring...on the internets. Sanctuary will star Amanda Tapping (Sam Carter — SG1), and will feature guest appearances from other Vancouver based actors ;) Gateworld has an interview with executive producer Damian Kindler, also of SG1 and Atlantis. The series will be shot entirely with green screen, and there is talk of an interactive gaming experience.

Submission + - New Delhi Considers Smoking Ban... While Driving

s31523 writes: "Many cities/states around the world have banned cell phone use while driving. A report from New Delhi announced that smoking while driving will now be unlawful. Smoking while driving has been made out to be just as dangerous as using a cell phone while driving. As the article states, "Anything that distracts the attention of driver is dangerous. The human mind cannot do two things simultaneously," said New Delhi's traffic commissioner Qamar Ahmed, welcoming the ruling, which goes into effect April 9 and only covers New Delhi, a city of 14 million people""
GNU is Not Unix

Submission + - FSF releases third draft of GPLv3 for discussion

doti writes: The Free Software Foundation (FSF) today released the third discussion draft for version 3 of the most widely used free software license, the GNU General Public License (GNU GPL).

Today's draft incorporates the feedback received from the general public, official discussion committees, and two international conferences held in India and Japan. Many significant changes have been made since the previous draft, released in July 2006. In recognition of this fact, the FSF now plans to publish one additional draft before the final text of GPL version 3.

Submission + - Gamers Make Better Surgeons

orpheum writes: "Reuters has an article about a study done recently to see if doctors who are also gamers are better surgeons or not. Apparently doctors who play videogames regularly perform laparoscopic are quite a bit better than their non-gaming counterparts. Doctors who play videogames more than 3 hours a week performed even better.

From the article: "Perhaps patients contemplating surgery ought to add a new question to the familiar preoperative discussion: Where did you train? How many of these procedures have you previously performed? What was your highest score on Legend of Zelda?""
Wireless Networking

Submission + - How feds are screwing up their big wireless net

BobB writes: "A new report by the inspector general of the Department of Justice concludes that an ambitious, multi-billion dollar federal wireless network faces a "high risk" of failing to be achieved. After nearly six years of work, and spending by the DOJ alone of $195 million, there is little to show, according to Inspector General Glenn Fine. The report blames uncertain Congressional funding, conflicting spending priorities by a trio of cabinet-level departments, separate communications strategies by the same departments, and a decision-making structure that has stymied the network project. http://www.networkworld.com/news/2007/032707-feder al-wireless-network.html"

Submission + - VMWare cuts web application performance by 43%

czei writes: "This just released research report Load Testing a Virtual Web Application looks at the effects of virtualization on a typical ASP web application, using VMWare on Linux to host a Windows OS and IIS web server. While virtualizing the server made it easier to manage, the performance of the system dropped by 43%. The article also shows interesting graphs of how hyper-threading affected the performance of IIS."

Submission + - SpaceX Launches Falcon 1

kernel panic attack writes: Paypal fans rejoice! Your boy Elon did it! Well sort of.... After 2 aborts in the past two days, and a failed launch last year... Mr. Musk and his company, SpaceX put their Falcon 1 low cost rocket into space this evening. The question now though is, did it stay there? MSNBC has more here.

Submission + - CSI Victim of Drive-by DRM

BillGatesLoveChild writes: The Sydney Morning Herald reports Australian viewers have been plagued by their new Digital TVs mysteriously locking up. Strangely most of the lockups occurred on one TV station and one program in particular: CSI.

Although the TV station involved refused to confirm or deny it, it now appears to be because they were altering the digital TV transmission to prevent viewers from exercising their Fair Use Rights to copy it. The problem was initially reported with LG Brand TV sets, other Digital TV owners are reporting similar problems.

If a TV stations zealtory for enforcing DRM prevents viewers from watching their programs, isn't it time to set back and ask if the whole DRM crusade is completely broken? So far no one has suggested that affected viewers can download CSI ad-free off Bit Torrent anyway.

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