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Comment Re:It helps the economy too (Score 2) 351

For that stuff, its now worth it to go down to the hardware store, and in the lawn section, they have ethanol-free fuel in cans. they also have pre-blended fuel for trimmers and chainsaws, the stuff that needs the oil mixed fuel. I've used them, and they run much, much better on it than E85.

Comment Re:Big money in dongles (Score 1) 316

huge markups? I guess if the cost to the consumer is 2.49$ (two pack on amazon for 4.99$), and the cost to manufacture is probably 10 cents, (wild ass guess) then yeah, sure, huge markups.

on the other hand, most people spend more money than that daily on cable TV channels they never watch, so whatever.

Comment Re:This isn't innovation Apple - you jumped the sh (Score 1) 316

exactly, and they cost about what a USB to PS/2 adapter cost (the keyboard adapter), and i've seen those included with TONS of aftermarket USB keyboards (to the point that I have half a dozen or so in my 'parts' bin). Honestly, most vendors will just start including an adapter in the box, pass the (mild) cost on to the customer, and build USB-C items.

Comment Cognitive Load (Score 5, Insightful) 210

The way I see it, password reuse is a matter of cognitive load. Most people are unable or unwilling to attempt to remember the umpteen dozen unique passwords they would need on a daily basis, if they where to attempt to use unique secure passwords on every service/device they use. This results in password reuse, more or less out of sheer laziness. It is probable that among this group, there is a cognitive bias against using password keychain services and tools, because it 'feels' like putting all your eggs in one basket. (somewhat flawed) Logic dictates that if someone breaches the master password to your keychain, and they have all of them, which is no different than using the same password everywhere. (of course, this is not entirely the case, but like I said, cognitive bias)

Now, as for using 'good' passwords, it follows a similar pattern, with most people unwilling to dedicate the time and effort to memorize what amounts to a 'good' password, when they can remember their spouses birthday and their first pet's name just fine.
Of course, we have seen time and time again articles arguing both sides of the court, that long random passwords are either effective or not, and correct horse battery staple passwords are effective or not, so this portion of the discussion is going to be long, stupid and frustrating for evangelists on both sides.

Honestly, I've reached a point where I use 'good' passwords where it matters, (main email, financial items, Amazon etc) and just sort of hope for the best when I re-use the same 'decent' password everywhere else (forums, etc)

I say 'good' because we're at a point there have been enough breaches that we're all probably fucked anyways.

Comment Re:Driving yes, but charging? (Score 1) 990

This is not about 'Time fueling'. His point is, say you are at work, and get a call mid afternoon, finding out there is a family emergency 500km away. With his car, 10 minutes at the station means he can immediately travel the 500km to his destination, while many electrics do not have that range to begin with, and even those that do only have it when fully charged, meaning a unless all crisis occur in the morning when you are unplugging after a night of charging, the vehicle is insufficient to supply your needs in those circumstances.
Remember, many people base their purchases not on what it will do *day to day* but what it can do *in an emergency*.

Comment Re: Heck yes, (Score 1) 351

Despite all that, beef cattle prices are in a damn near freefall, and not projected to recover for the next several years. Dont expect to see the prices drop much on the consumer end though, they never follow the source market right. Result is, more producers go under, because they cant make enough on current proces to continue, and it will drive the price even higher at recovery.

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