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Comment Re:And ISPs are jacking up rates (Score 4, Insightful) 143

Plus, this gouging will get Gov't involved - they are asking for repeat of breakup of Bell.

You obviously have been in a coma for a while.

Der Trumpenfuhrer and the Republicans who control congress are absolutely opposed to anything that prevents ISPs and the big media companies from screwing consumers as much as possible.

Thanks to unlimited approval of mergers, the biggest ISPs, who have monopoly control of Internet access, are also owners of most of the content creators.

Submission + - North American Box Office Hits Record $11.4 Billion (

rudy_wayne writes: Despite constant claims of losing billions of dollars to "piracy", the North American box office closed out 2016 with $11.4 billion in ticket sales. That marks a new record for the industry, bypassing the previous record of $11.1 billion that was established in 2015.

Disney had four of the top five highest-grossing films, including “Finding Dory,” the years top film with $486.3 million. When holdovers are taken into account, Disney had six of the year’s ten highest-grossing releases, a group that includes “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” which debuted in 2015.

Other top films include “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” ($408.2 million), “Captain America: Civil War” ($408.1 million),”The Secret Life of Pets” ($368.4 million), and “The Jungle Book” ($364 million).

Comment Re:I am not going to complain (Score 1) 181

making information and truth more accessible, and policing the content in an open and rigorous way,

Except, none of the money they take in is used for that. All the actual work that makes Wikipedia useful is done by unpaid volunteers. All of the money -- more than $60 Million a year -- is wasted on unnecessary bullshit.

Comment Re:"Suggesting" ... (Score 2, Insightful) 715

And you aren't concerned that a foreign country directly altered the outcome of an election here?

Assuming, for the sake of argument, that it was a foreign country, and not some 400 pound guy sitting on his bed, it doesn't bother me in the least.

Why? Because there was no actual "hacking" of the election. Contrary to what the Democrats would like you to believe, the only thing that actually happened was revealing the truth -- all the dirty shit that Hillary Clinton and the Democrats were up to. All the dirty shit that the Democrats didn't want the public to know about.

Comment Re:So now Clinton supporters can't handle the resu (Score 1) 1430

Don't like it? Then you should support the reform of the electoral college. But what you can't do, and what reasonable people shouldn't allow people like you to get away with, is laud the electoral college system ("that's how it's supposed to work, we're a nation of states not a nation of individuals, blah blah oversimplified cliches blah") and handwave away the popular vote as irrelevant, and then turn around and imply that it would be breaking or rigging the system if the electors voted differently.

If the electors vote differently then they ARE rigging the system. The majority of people in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania voted for Donald Trump. And now you are proposing that the electors in those states should say to the voters "fuck off, your votes don't matter. We're giving our electoral votes to Hillary Clinton because she got more votes in California and New York."

That's called rigging an election.

Comment Re:"maliciously coded image file"? (Score 3, Informative) 36

WTF is a "maliciously coded image file"?

What is the format of this file? JPG? PNG? How, precisely, is it exploiting the image viewer? Via buffer overrun?

Details are not available yet. According to one story, the people who discovered the exploit are not talking about details until it has been patched. I don't know if it's relevant but the story specifically mentions SVG and today i learned that you can embed Javascript code into an SVG image file. Since the only SVG image viewer that most people have is a web browser, this could be one possible attack vector.

Comment Re:Predictions brought to you (Score 1) 235

"Trump blithely compared net neutrality to the FCC's old Fairness Doctrine"

Actually, Trump wasn't complete wrong about that.

Net neutrality is about "open, unfettered access to the internet". The Fairness Doctrine was about unfettered access to differing political opinions.

The problem is that he opposes both.

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