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Comment Re:So now Clinton supporters can't handle the resu (Score 1) 1430

Don't like it? Then you should support the reform of the electoral college. But what you can't do, and what reasonable people shouldn't allow people like you to get away with, is laud the electoral college system ("that's how it's supposed to work, we're a nation of states not a nation of individuals, blah blah oversimplified cliches blah") and handwave away the popular vote as irrelevant, and then turn around and imply that it would be breaking or rigging the system if the electors voted differently.

If the electors vote differently then they ARE rigging the system. The majority of people in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania voted for Donald Trump. And now you are proposing that the electors in those states should say to the voters "fuck off, your votes don't matter. We're giving our electoral votes to Hillary Clinton because she got more votes in California and New York."

That's called rigging an election.

Comment Re:"maliciously coded image file"? (Score 3, Informative) 36

WTF is a "maliciously coded image file"?

What is the format of this file? JPG? PNG? How, precisely, is it exploiting the image viewer? Via buffer overrun?

Details are not available yet. According to one story, the people who discovered the exploit are not talking about details until it has been patched. I don't know if it's relevant but the story specifically mentions SVG and today i learned that you can embed Javascript code into an SVG image file. Since the only SVG image viewer that most people have is a web browser, this could be one possible attack vector.

Comment Re:Predictions brought to you (Score 1) 235

"Trump blithely compared net neutrality to the FCC's old Fairness Doctrine"

Actually, Trump wasn't complete wrong about that.

Net neutrality is about "open, unfettered access to the internet". The Fairness Doctrine was about unfettered access to differing political opinions.

The problem is that he opposes both.

Comment Re:The flip side of having the right dongle (Score 2) 299

When everything is USC-C then this whole argument about having the right dongle inverts. Right now I have storage bins filled with various saved cables converting between all different USB plugs, DVI, HDMI, VGAWall warts with all different diameter plugs, firewire, thunderbolt... I'm sure I have over 100 cables to cover all the possible ports on the vavious machines in my office.

Standardizing on one port for the next 5 to ten years is going to be a joy.

Except that's not how it works. By the time USB-C becomes ubiquitous, USB-D will be introduced and the whole thing starts all over again.

Comment Re:taxes (Score 5, Insightful) 310

The law is there because the city is missing out on the tourist taxes hotels collect. Higher prices means more tax for the city, a win for everyone except the tourist. If Airbnb finds a way to pay the taxes these laws won't spread.

There's nothing to prevent AirBnB from paying those taxes now. But the whole purpose of AirBnB's existence is to be in the house/apartment rental business but but pretend that they aren't so they can *AVOID* all the rules and fees that everyone else has to pay. Same with Uber and all the others. They just want to be a middleman who does nothing but skim a few dollars from every transaction, with no accountability to anyone.

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