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Comment Re:How much to do this legally? (Score 1) 35

US Premium numbers are no longer available.

I was wondering why there was no mention of US numbers and as I was reading the article it occurred to me that I hadn't seen any ads for services using a premium number in quite some time. I have to say, I'm quite surprised that all those "pro-business" politicians out there allowed premium numbers to be banned.

Comment Re:How much to do this legally? (Score 1) 35

As in, I would love to get a phone number that is 'premium' and then give it out to every website that keeps asking for a phone number.

Other than Google, which keeps nagging me to connect a mobile phone number to my account, I can't remember any websites asking for a phone number.

Comment Re:Yahoo is dead (Score 1) 144

No one should be stupid enough to buy Yahoo under conditions like that.

No one should be stupid enough to buy Yahoo under any circumstances 9unless Yahoo has assets that can be liquidated for more than the purchase price).

Yahoo is company that no longer has any reason to exist. They are the Radio Shack of the Internet.

Comment Re:Anniversary update.... (Score 2) 156

And then I have to re-turnoff Cortana,

Even if you "turn off" Cortana, it's still running in the background. Try to kill it with Task Manager and it comes right back. There is a way to kill it permanently, but my experience has been that Cortana is the new Internet Explorer -- kill it and you hose your entire system.

Comment Re:Plenty of research on this, no need to spend on (Score 1) 207

Paper I read stated . . . . . . .

One of the problems in this area is that people are writing papers based on information that was true 20 years ago but is no longer valid today, due to the massive increase in bit density of modern hard drives. A single wipe renders data unrecoverable, even with super-secret NSA government magic.

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