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Comment Re:Be a Licensed Profession, folks... (Score -1) 332

Let me interject here as a business owner who hires developers to build the services sold to other businesses. So let me get this straight, you are going to prevent me from hiring whoever I want to do development and will further raise my costs? I already outsource 75% of my development work to Ukrainian developers. This will simply further increase this percentage to maybe 95% or what the hell, why not 100%?

Comment Sweet! (Score 3) 193

I switched to T-Mobile when I got my latest phone. I had an original, grandfathered AT&T unlimited data plan since the first iPhone came out, and switching saved me about $30/month already. So now it's going to drop again? Cool.

I'm also seeing LTE speeds from 70-80Mbps on the average, and the highest I ever saw on AT&T was 20 or so.


Comment In other news (Score -1) 239

In other news the American recovery is strong, inflation is low and unemployment is down, report various government and 'independent' sources. Vote Hillary, she is like Obama (if Obama wore a skirt... Sorry, pant suit..) These 20000 will only reduce the net unemployment numbers once they are no longer with Cisco but instead are working 2-3 service sector jobs, serving coffee in the morning, greeting at your local Walmart .... Or maybe digging and filling up government ditches, since even coffee shops and Walmart jobs are getting cut. Why don't we all just continue voting collectivist, be it fascist or socialist, it worked so great up until now?

Or maybe people should try something novelle this time, like a little freedom from government "helping everybody".

Comment nuclear (Score -1) 990

none of this is relevant until we get away from batteries and instead come up with a tiny nuclear power plant that fits under the hood of a car and provides enough juice to drive it for a decade or more.

We need tiny nuclear / thermonuclear reactors. Government needs to be restrained and individuals must be freed so that we can invent in peace.

Comment Multi purpose database table fields. (Score -1) 671

Multi purpose table columns. Data base tables with columns that are used as references to fields in multiple tables depending on the context of the record (maybe on the record type).

It's ugly and in some cases it makes sense to reduce number of possible references that would have been created otherwise. I do not recommend it but it can be effective.

Comment Re:SJW (Score 1) 287

Evidence does not exonerate anyone, it can only be used to prove guilt.

That is entirely wrong. Evidence can support either side of a case. If you're charged with a crime, and someone testifies that you were somewhere else at the time in question, that alibi is evidence that exonerates you.


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