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Submission + - Follow-Up Story: Petition to White House to Eliminate DST (

rubycodez writes: Sign the petition to the White House to move the clocks ahead one last time, then abolish the energy and money wasting nonsense known as Daylight Saving Time forever. This is long overdue in this modern computerized era. Let's use the power of slashdot's huge readership to get common sense applied to the keeping of time.

Submission + - NASA Press Release Hysteria: Truth Is Greenland Has 150 Year Major Melt Cycle (

rubycodez writes: Despite the hoopla and hysteria over NASA's press release of "unprecedented" Greenland ice sheet melting, the truth is that the melt is right on schedule and happens every 150 years. It has nothing whatever to do with AGW. NASA should have made a press release saying in the last 40 years of satellite observation, such a melt hasn't been observed.

Submission + - The Fate of the Twinkie (

rubycodez writes: The fate of the stereotypical geek food Twinkie, with its shelf life on the order of geological if not cosmological timescales (source: Ghost Busters), may be decided soon. With the company Hostess Brand entering its second bankruptcy since 2005, it may liquidate itself this time rather than reorganize as before, with 19,000 jobs gone , The Twinkie brand name (and Ding Dongs and that near tasteless foamy mass known as Wonder Bread) might be up for sale. in our IP minded civilisation, a brand name can outlive a product, be sold like property, and become bound to something else.

Submission + - H5N1 Bird Influenza - not a credible threat ( 9

rubycodez writes: "A 39 year old bus driver has died of H5N1 in Shenzhen, a city next to Hong Kong. But none of the 120 people he had close contact with show any signs of infection with the virus. Usually only those with close contact with dead animals get H5N1, and there are no cases of person to person transmission. In the last seven years, less than 350 people have died from H5N1. Meanwhile, they more common flus that children bring home from school every year will kill tens of thousands. It is time to stop worrying about a rare disease that has killed hardly anyone, and put to rest the hype."

Submission + - California to Fight Against the 3,000 Mile Oil Cha (

rubycodez writes: The quick-oil-change business chains of today repeatedly drill into customer's heads the notion that oil changes must be every 3,000 miles for all cars. This is despite that today's engines have even tighter tolerances, temperature regulation, and superior alloys on rubbing surfaces. Officials of the State of California's Department of Resources, Recycling and Recovery are fighting the wasteful beliefs. Their Check Your Number campaign website encourages people to check the manufacturer's specified interval for vehicles, often it is in the 5,000 to 10,000 mile range for late models.

Submission + - The 147 Corporations that Rule Most of the Global ( 1

rubycodez writes: Researchers at the Swiss Federal Technology Institute in Zurich have identified a "Capitalist Network" of well-connected companies that control most of the global economy. They further identified the 147 (one percent) "super-connected" companies that control forty percent or more of the global financial network. If one believes the mega-corporations have most governments of the west in their pockets, does this mean we have a global oligarchy?

Submission + - Possible Habitable Planet 36 Lightyears Away (

rubycodez writes: HD85512b, a planet found by the European Southern Observatory's High Accuracy Radial velocity Planet Searcher (HARPS) in Chile, is at the right distance and of the right mass (3.6 times Earth) to possibly harbor life. It is only the second planet found with the right distance and mass parameters to be a viable candidate for further study for life signs.

Submission + - Excellent Opportunity: Default the National Debt 6

rubycodez writes: The mega-corporations and mega-banks have been controlling the lawmakers in most western countries. The deadline for extending the payments on the U.S. National Debt affords an excellent opportunity to bring down an evil system of oligarchs, and an unconstitutional system of producing fiat money. A proper "controlled demolition" (in a purely metaphorical sense) of the Federal Reserve System can liberate the U.S. from mega-corporate control.

The gist of the process is simple, savings and currency of U.S. citizens are transitioned to a New Dollar based on federal metal (silver/gold) and/or federal assets such as land. Domestic production is ramped up, mines and factories are re-opened, our dependence in the short term for petroleum will be met with domestic supplies of oil and coal processed into clean liquid hydrocarbon fuel (we do have such sufficient reserves, look it up). The National Debt, owned to private bankers, is defaulted upon and those holders of U.S. securities (e.g. arab nations, China, etc.) are screwed over, flipped the veritable bird, forcing the U.S. to be self-sufficient for a time as the dollar becomes useless for world trade.

Those in the banking cartel and their minions (e.g. treasury secretary, board of governors of federal reserve, etc) are rounded up and tried for high treason for their actions in supporting anti-american governments, globalist draining of U.S. wealth, plotting against the people of the U.S., betrayal of trust, purposeless wars, terrorism, mass murder; and are given the traditional penalty for high treason. Those foreign heads of banking cartels that colluded with them in their evil activities are classified as enemies of the United States and dealt with accordingly.

Laws will be enacted, to forbid corporations from contributing to campaigns, from lobbying, and even from existing for longer than a set period of time, perhaps 50 years. Stocks must be held for a period of no less than one business quarter; the stock market will be a slow, low-key operation for the purpose of investing in the future of a company only.

Only money based on an asset will be allowed; Congress will control the coining of money as per the Constitution, there will be no central bank, no money based upon debt, no participation by any person, bank, or corporation in the IMF or World Bank or similar global bank will be permitted. Usury will not be permitted, maximum interest for any debt public or private will be capped at five percent.

This will obviously entail sacrifice in the short term, but the reward will liberation from an ever-oppressive oligarchy which has been draining our wealth, stealing our liberties, and causing world wide misery and death.

Submission + - Miguel De Icaza Forms New Mono Company: Xamarin (

rubycodez writes: After being thrown out on the streets by Attachmate, the purchasers of Novell, Miguel De Icaza has formed a new company Xamarin to make .NET development tools for Android and iOS. The company will also provide commercial international Mono support. There are those who would say Mono poses a risk of drawing Microsoft patent or other IP litigation for its inclusion in some major Linux distributions, and that these recent events might be the beginning of the demise of widespread use of Mono and other .NETiness in open source software, a good thing.

Submission + - Dont Cut the Salt, It's Good For You (

rubycodez writes: Dr. Jan Staessen of the University of Leuven in Belgium used data from two studies of 3700 Europeans, in which their salt intake was measured by urinalysis for an average of 8 years. Those subjects with lowest salt intake had the highest rate, 4%, of death by heart attack, while those with the highest salt intake had the lowest heart attack rate at one percent. Yet another urban legend of dietary advice bites the dust.

Submission + - U.S. DOE to Send Radiation Hardened Robot to Japan (

rubycodez writes: Some slashdotters have been wondering why Japan, with its advanced robotics technology, hasn't been using robots and remote controlled cameras at the Fukushima Dai-ichi plant. Apparently, they do not have radiation hardened systems that would be suitable, but the U.S. Department of Energy has said it is shipping such cameras and a robot from its Idaho National Laboratory along with a team to train Japanese operators.

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