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Comment Re:I recommend Oracle (Score 1) 70

nonsense, shill-boy, plenty of superior DBMS out there that even scale better than Oracle, such as DB2.

Besides Oracle is now shaky and unstable, I had to put in a few hours this weekend because of long standing bugs they've yet to fix.

Add to that their goons "audit" a customer like mafia thugs, claiming the customer has to even pay for hardware where Oracle doesn't run because it might run there! Then the customer has to either pay up or buy Oracle hardware.

The sad thing is that Oracle is circling the drain, no one should be using it.

Comment Re:Needless bullshit (Score 0) 136

Sad news for you, if an attacker can penetrate and change my banana bread website, it doesn't matter whether it what running https or http. you'll get their donation request and links via https with my trusty certificate.

Or are you imagining hijacking and rerouting traffic? most https sites don't use HSTS so can still do that.

Comment Re:Climate Change Continues - its not new - but .. (Score 1) 693

oh i have post-graduate level understanding, I can assure you.

You allude to methods of ascertaining temperatures in the past that have huge margins of error outside the fractions of a degree over decades that is the current basis for claim to catastrophic climate change.

By the way, I won't deny that carbon pollution is very bad and we should stop it. I also won't deny increase in greenhouse effect. I will challenge the absurd extrapolations and doomsaying, however

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