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Comment Re:There Is No Rivalry (Score 1) 261

Yes, Chinese civilization was impressive...but then they stagnated for centuries with bureaucracy. A warning there for everyone to be sure.

They "landed on the moon" but we haven't gone there in 40 years?? If you call putting down a rover "landing" then we landed on Mars AGAIN four years ago. Their rover on the moon broke the 2nd day. U.S. rover on Mars is still going four years later! Which is more impressive and takes the most advanced tech?

FAST is 2nd largest S.A. telescope, Russia's is biggest. While inferior for some tasks, Arecibo can also do some things FAST can't since it has transmitters for radar astronomy, and it's part of the Very Long Baseline Array

As for off-world exploration, Chinese space program has yet to overtake the US in any area at all.

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