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Comment Re:ok fine (Score 1) 305

there are free softwares that run on Linux (and BSD/Unix) that do the GL/AP/AR plus ERP, CRM, payroll, human resources, invoicing, bill of materials, inventory and warehouse management, taxes etc.

if you choose shit package because everyone else does, then run it on crap OS...and call everyone else being on high horse, well that's a point of view

Comment Re:You need conditioner! (Score 1, Insightful) 305

actually, yes, the kernel itself could contain certain web servers, so brush up on your tech knowledge before spewing, please

Linus accepted the systemd hooks, for good or bad. I hate the stuff but I can blame Linus. Worth noting I admin hundreds of servers without systemD, in about two years my employer will have to make a choice about that

Not seeing evidence of your corporate control, rather Linus accepting contributions.

Comment Re:"More Professional Than Ever" (Score 2, Informative) 305

er, Linux is just the kernel.

The GNU utilities (not corporate) and other open source wares (let's analyze that a bit) that make up the rest of the OS, are the big pieces corporate controlled?

apache web server and tomcat java ee server: 501(c)(3) charitable organization, Apache Foundation
PHP, Python, Ruby, Perl, node.js., the big web platforms...nope
mysql - yes oracle, BUT
mariadb is now used more than mysql, community led
postgresql -
java - oracle, very corporate controlled really

the major desktops are community led
mozilla foundation: non-profit
chrome browser - yup google
adobe flash - yup though going away in favor of html5

So on the desktop I could choose to be corporate-ware based, or not...

Comment Re:In other words (Score 1) 224

but coca-cola contained real cocaine (coca leaves) for its first few decades, that's how it got more than a generation to affirm to their children that "yes this is really good shit!" Logo could have been anything..

in not entirely unrelated matter a big popular cough remedy company used to be able to sell codeine and alcohol mix over the counter with no prescription, so when I was a kid it because massively popular. I suspect we kids stayed home from school "sick" one extra day just to get more fixes of that awesome liquid narc sunshine....

Comment Re: Worldwide news are always US only. (Score 2) 256

you're confused, the USA does use the metric system where it makes sense. and "metric countries" like the UK use english measurements for many things, like railroads using miles, cars using miles and gallons and miles per gallon, people weighing themselves in "stones", beer by the pint, etc. etc.

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