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Comment Re:Not sure if it adds up (Score 1) 85

[b]I think a much better way would be for companies to bid based on the value they bring to the end consumer public, with the company that promises the best value winning.[/b]

I believe Russia did something like this with their last spectrum auction. Companies received the spectrum for free (20 year lease or something) and made promises of certain quality of service and network capabilities in exchange.

Comment Re:10x Productivity (Score 1) 215

A rockstar programmer doesn't bang out a lot of code.

They pick the right algorithm which scales well (doesn't need to be rewritten), considers and handles most error cases cleanly (few bug reports), and often leaves easily maintainable code (another person can take over, doesn't require a support team).

Comment Re:"GM thinks" there's your problem. (Score 1) 216

You don't need to break it up, just increase the tax rate a smidgen on large firms (revenue over $1B?). Call it "bailout insurance" and dump it into a non-profit government managed fund.

If companies have contributed, then they can make claims at roughly the same scale as they contributed (see government pension plans for a similar setup).

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