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Comment Re:The light is on but nobody's home (Score 1) 192

I had a t-mobile g1 and now am using a t-mobile g2. They were both fine. Since all these things are Android the difference is relatively minor. I like Samsung in general as a brand and have been buying their stuff for over a decade, but my tilt currently is that they've currently become the expensive brand. Like Sony was back in the day when they were on top.

That said i don't really understand the phone market. Except for hated Apple who has a decent product lifecycle and longish term support all these manufacturers just pump out and endless stream of nearly identical phones and then abandon them after a few months anyway. Hopefully now that we're at 2-4 cores and ~1gb of ram things will stabilize some.

On the FB specifically (and i am a strong detractor of FB and haven't used it in over a year)... i similarly don't understand why they're bailing so soon. Give the thing a chance. It's not like it's HURTING people or something. For example, relatively few people actually buy the Nexus phones and tablets from Google, but they're still around and serve their purpose.


Misconfigured Open DNS Resolvers Key To Massive DDoS Attacks 179

msm1267 writes with an excerpt From Threat Post: "While the big traffic numbers and the spat between Spamhaus and illicit webhost Cyberbunker are grabbing big headlines, the underlying and percolating issue at play here has to do with the open DNS resolvers being used to DDoS the spam-fighters from Switzerland. Open resolvers do not authenticate a packet-sender's IP address before a DNS reply is sent back. Therefore, an attacker that is able to spoof a victim's IP address can have a DNS request bombard the victim with a 100-to-1 ratio of traffic coming back to them versus what was requested. DNS amplification attacks such as these have been used lately by hacktivists, extortionists and blacklisted webhosts to great success." Running an open DNS resolver isn't itself always a problem, but it looks like people are enabling neither source address verification nor rate limiting.

Comment Re:Maybe "93 Escort Wagon" IS my real name... (Score 1) 264

i have a somewhat strange name and tried to make this point in email to NPR.org and ConsumerReports.org both of which require real names. Unless you require SS# as well, "real name" really has a disparate impact on people w/ more uncommon names.

My solution had been fairly easy. I won't even consider posting on a real-name site. And this doesn't even address the issue of how trivial it is to circumvent these by posting under a false name. So basically the only people you exclude are the ones (like myself) who are prudish enough to care about not breaking a EULA for which there's no penalty anyway.

Comment Just stop using Facebook (Score 5, Insightful) 155

Problem solved.

And actually, the guy who tried to post, is the reason why FB has so much power anyway. The blocked comment itself says he can't be bothered to read blogs anymore and he just watches FB, G+ and twitter. If you want to go swimming with sharks don't be surprised if you get eaten.

Comment Re:The OP isn't asking your opinion about IT polic (Score 1) 582

Well... i'd say the solution is not a technology one (though many of those are available and many have been mentioned).

The best solution would be to transfer to a real school, because if they have as restrictive of a policy as OP suggests they're probably a crappy school anyway.

An easier one would be to just use a phone or get DSL or cable or something to get to the blocked sites.

Comment Re:Scam. (Score 1) 75

Don't worry, they'll continue to be terribly oversubscribed the same way they are now. Most places i go i only get between 150k and 500k even on their "4g" HSPA+ It's clearly a load issue since on holiday weekends or in the early morning it actually gets faster.

i have no idea why they keep advertising all these stupid video services and when i can barely surf the web.

Comment Re:Old School Hacks FTW (Score 1) 52

I'd be much more impressed if Facebook actually got their own house in order. Every programmer who writes a 3rd party app for facebook is a hacker because that's what it takes to get something to work and keep working on there. Their platform is terribly documented with documentation that isn't just incomplete but actually wrong and misleading. They change stuff randomly without any announcement. They regularly break things with their weekly updates. They take weeks and months to acknowledge bugs and then take months and years to fix them.

As a biz person, i can understand why people deal with FB (ooh eyeballs!), but as a developer it's just a bad experience.

Comment Re:Appillionaires? (Score 5, Informative) 378

if you look carefully you'll note TFA says explicitly:

"Chris Stevens used to write reviews and make funny videos for CNET UK. He left to start an app company, Atomic Antelope, which made the smash-hit Alice for the iPad apps. Now he's written a book about the app development scene, Appillionaires. This is an exclusive extract."

So this is just self-serving masturbatory ego-stroking hipster scenester BS. Of course Angry Birds is right up there w/ penicillin in importance. No one had EVER written a mobile game before it's hard to even imagine society before it. sheesh.

Comment Re:If they get Amanda Knox's defense team, they're (Score 1) 185

Your timing is somewhat off. Guede was tried and convicted before the Knox trial even happened. Otherwise i'd say your overview is accurate. Don't forget also the generally exculpatory physical evidence like how the supposed murder weapon knife the shape of which doesn't match blood stains at the scene and the infamous "bra clasp" that was apparently kicked around the crime scene for weeks before someone picked it up to analyze it.

Comment Re:Lack of evidence of damage.... (Score 0) 185

yeah... the Knox trial and verdict was a real wake-up call. You expect that kind of thing in Iran or Pakistan... not in Europe. I'm surprised that there wasn't more outrage about the outcome in Italy itself. After all for every random American that gets screwed by their so called justice system there's probably 1000 Italians who suffer the same fate but no one ever hears about them outside the country.

Comment are you the cluster guy? (Score 1) 125

Unless you're going to deploy like 100 APs or more i an skeptical that the vendors will work with you for such an effort.

Actually doing this correctly is going to be hard and expensive. Anyway, i'd read up on smalnetbuilder's methods and just run, say 10 or 20 concurrent client machines o a 3 or 4 AP set-up. make some of those clients mobile and walk around the space to see that hand-offs happen ok.

graph it all and look for major priods of drop-out etc. Again, though, unless you're doing a massive deployment or this is mission critical more than normal office lan this is not likely to be a cost effective exercise. I've previously had a good experience with Cisco APs

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