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Comment power fail? (Score 2) 112

The problem with all these powered lift gizmos (like the Williams X-jet and the Hiller VZ-1) is that you tend to fall out ouf the sky when your engine fails... The Hiller VZ-1 which is also a ducted fan used *two* 30 kW engines, but barely flew out of the ground effect and was limited in speed. More powerful versions had other control problems.


Submission + - iPhone's Siri Suffers Nationwide Five-Hour Outage ( 1

qubezz writes: iPhone4S owners attempting to use the Siri voice recognition feature were greeted with widespread network outage messages Thursday starting around 11am PST, reports Venture Beat and others. Comments started coming in from the twitter-verse of the outage, and Apple hasn't yet made a statement about the cause.
Siri still provided humor after service was restored: "I asked her, "Siri, where you been all day?" Her response? A number of day spas and hair salons"


Submission + - Deterministic Multithreading Solves Race Condition (

bill_mcgonigle writes: "Researchers at Columbia Engineering School have developed PEREGRINE, a system that promises to improve the reliability and security of multi-threaded programs by addressing what they claim is the root cause of data race conditions in multi-threaded programs: non-determinism. Peregrine works with existing languages and "can make threads deterministic in an efficient and stable way. Peregrine can compute a plan for allowing when and where a thread can 'change lanes' and can then place barriers between the lanes, allowing threads to change lanes only at fixed locations, following a fixed order. This prevents the random collisions that can occur in a nondeterministic system.""

Submission + - Another CA Blacklisted by Mozilla After Trouble Wi (

Trailrunner7 writes: A certificate authority in Malaysia has had to revoke 22 certificates it issued with weak keys and missing extensions. The problem has prompted Mozilla to revoke trust in the intermediate certificate authority from Digicert Sdn. Bhd.

A statement from Entrust, which issued the intermediate certificate to Digicert, says that there is no evidence that the CA has been compromised. However, the problem is serious enough that Mozilla moved quickly with its decision to remove the Digicert CA from its list of trusted roots. The Digicert CA in Malaysia is not affiliated with DigiCert, the U.S.-based certificate authority.

Mozilla didn't specify a date for revoking the certificate, but Entrust said it would do so by Nov. 8.


Submission + - Hotmail Mobile usage spikes thanks to Apple iOS 5 (

An anonymous reader writes: Microsoft is proud to announce that mobile usage of its Hotmail service has exploded in the past few weeks, and guess who is to thank? Apple! More than 2 million Apple users linked their Hotmail accounts to their iPhones and iPads since the launch of iOS 5.
Open Source

Submission + - Godfather of Xen on why virtualzation means everyt (

coondoggie writes: "While conventional wisdom says virtualized environments and public clouds create massive security headaches, the godfather of Xen, the open source hypervisor, says virtualization actually holds a key to better security. Isolation — the ability to restrict what computing goes on in a given context — is a fundamental characteristic of virtualization that can be exploited to improve trustworthiness of processes on a physical system even if other processes have been compromised, says Simon Crosby, a creator of Xen and a founder of startup Bromium, which is looking to use Xen features to boost security."

Submission + - Apple Sues Local Restaurant with 4 Employees for H (

mad7777 writes: "A small local restaurant here in Luxembourg called "Apple a Day" is being sued out of existence for having the temerity to include the word "apple" in their name. Defending themselves will cost them hundreds of thousands of euros, making this a no-win situation.
Original article in French."


Submission + - Linus Torvalds: Why Linux Is Not Successful On Des (

sfcrazy writes: Linus Torvalds says: I think, the big reason is just desktop is the hardest market to enter. It's partly because of technical reasons. Desktops are different from pretty much every other market in that they do many different things.


Swapnil: Linux is today dominating the world. It's everywhere, except for the desktop. Why is Linux still struggling in the Desktop market?
Linus: I think, the big reason is just desktop is the hardest market to enter. It's partly because of technical reasons. Desktops are different from pretty much every other market in that they do many different things. When you do a cellphone or tablet ... [he points at my tablet thinking it was an iPad. I told him it was not the iPad it's Android. He said that's an Android that he didn't even recognize and I told him it was the Samsung Galaxy Tab. He said "Oh my wife actually wants that for Christmas."]

When we look at cell phones or tablets there is usually a fairly limited usage case. You may have thousands of applications, but you don't, for example, usually connect this thing to hundreds of different devices. I don't think you can. With desktop, usage is completely different. You have to support every different printer that you can go to store and buy.

Submission + - Occupy Wall Street A Threat To Outsourcing? ( 1

gManZboy writes: "The chief executive of one of India's largest providers of offshore outsourcing services said he's hiring more Americans becuase he's convinced that Occupy Wall Street's clamor for more and better jobs will cause many U.S. companies to limit their use of foreign resources. Same CEO once called US college grads 'unemployable.' Seems he's changed his tune."
Social Networks

Submission + - Jam on Social Standards with the W3C (

An anonymous reader writes: The W3C is hosting a Social Business Jam next week on November 8-10 to get broad industry input on what standards are critical to the success of social adoption for business and how to evolve the existing standards like OpenSocial and OAUTH. Topics to be discussed by a world-wide audience will range from issues on mobile computing to security to integrating social with existing business processes. Participants will discuss with peers specific ways they can achieve greater business value from social technologies, with a focus on applying open standards. Here is your opportunity to interact with Tim Berners Lee himself along with dozens of key thought leaders in this space including:
Lee Aase- Director, Mayo Clinic Center For Social Media David Ascher- Social & Communications, Mozilla Yochai Benkler- Professor, Harvard Law School Tim Berners-Lee- Inventor of the Web, W3C Director Angel L. Diaz- Vice President, Software Standards, IBM Software Group Paige Finkelman- General Manager, Enterprise 2.0 Conference Kevin Hauswirth- Social Media Director, Office of the Mayor at City of Chicago Alejandro Jaimes- Manager of Social Media Engagement Group at Yahoo! Research Evan Prodromou- CEO of Steve Ressler- Founder and President of GovLoop Doc Searls- Well-Known Blogger, Founder of "Vendor Relationship Management" Matt Tucker- Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, Jive Software
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