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Comment Re:Useful for small projects (Score 1) 274

> , containers, or whatever could be very helpful for small projects that don't have a team of packaging gurus. There are hundreds of useful apps collecting dust on github or on the developer's hard drive because packaging requires too much expertise. Exactly the kind of projects that are likely not to release a new snap for every vulnerable library they are using. Will still have heartbleed versions of openssl in some packages if snap was introduced two years ago. Compare with having the distro updating the only shared library that has to be fixed and every package is fixed as well.

Comment Security risks, filled up disks (Score 1) 274

Great, so when there is the next bug fix for openssl I'll get a 10 GB download with all the updates for the snap packages using the broken version. No wait, I'll get only a 1 GB download because most packages won't be updated and they'll keep using the vulnerable library. It's a black hat/spy's wetdream.

And a disk manufacturer wetdream too, with all that space wasted. I wonder if there will be at least a deduplication system, not to have the same libraries stored again and again in the directories of different packages. But I'm much more worried about the security issues.

Comment Re:Any laptop upgrades other than RAM or SSD? (Score 1) 314

Apparently I can upgrade both the CPU and the graphic card of my laptop (HP ZBook 15 first generation), if there are still CPUs with the same socket when I'll decide to upgrade (I think I'll never want). The manual explains how to do it, even if in the part for Authorized Service Providers and not Customer Self-Repair. A screwdriver is all is needed.
What I did is add 8 extra GB or RAM (I can add another 16 GB and max out at 32 GB) and replace the DVD with a 1 TB SSD. I did the latter recently and I still have the original 750 GB HDD inside. I'll swap them and eventually decide if ejecting the HDD (which is powered off most of the time now) and taking in back the DVD. Not that I used it much, but the model with a DVD burner and the upgrades I did was much cheaper than a custom model with them included.
I don't see me replacing this 2 years old machine anytime soon. It's got enough CPU (i7-4700MQ 2.40GHz), RAM and disk for the time being. Eventually it will run out of service. It's 3 years next business day for less than 100 Euro, I think I can renew for another 2 years then we'll see. It's good enough and my Galaxy Tab S (first generation too) is still fast enough to do everything I don't need a real keyboard for. It's 300 grams and even if it lives mostly at home (8.4" are large) it's a laptop replacement for browsing and viewing videos.
Hardware has got good enough since a long time, the replacement cycles are becoming long.

Comment Re:Does The Paper Account For Regenerative Braking (Score 1) 555

Not the usual home/work car but the weight of today's hybrid Formula 1 cars is 702 kg, driver included, fuel excluded. They must race with at most 100 kg of fuel. Ten years ago (v8 engines) the minimum weight was 595 kg. It's a 18% increase. Most of it is because of the batteries, electric engines and turbo gradually introduced in the last years. The result is the cars are a little slower than they used to be, with the exception of a couple of tracks where the hybrids broke the old lap record. The first thing you usually do to make a car faster is to make it lighter. They're spending more money per year than they did in the past only to be technologically relevant, not to race better. The last two years were a fight between two Mercedes drivers and this year there could be no fight at all.

Comment Embrace... (Score 1) 492

It's only me seeing this as the Embrace phase of Embrace Extend Extinguish?

My take on the likely roadmap:

1) MS will add some extra functionality for the good or the bad
2) Ubuntu for Windows will be modified to use it but Ubuntu for Linux won't, and
3) people will start using Ubuntu Windows on servers too, and
4) it turns out that most of desktop Ubuntus, if not also servers, run on Windows, and
5) MS starts doing all it's Ubuntu development in house?

Et voilà, all Ubuntu users on Windows, nice license fees for MS and Canonical is extinguished.

The only thing that can save Canonical is the cost of the licenses for Windows Servers (step 4) but Ubuntu desktop will be dead because it usually runs on former Windows machines. Maybe it's Canonical's way to tell us that it's leaving the desktop and focusing on the server.

Comment Heavy? (Score 1) 215

The Nokia 5100 from 2003 wasn't heavy. Check the specs at

It's 104 grams.

2007 iPhone: 135 g
2011 Samsung Galaxy S2 116 g
2011 iPhone 4S 140 g
2015 Samsung Galaxy S6 138 g
2015 iPhone 6S 143 g

Phones got bigger and heavier, which is not a surprise also considering all the new stuff that got packed inside vs the feature phones era.

Comment Re:Meh (Score 1) 830

A social push for metric units? I can't see it coming. The best chance for metric in the USA is China becoming the dominant economic and military power (if it ever happens.) Then the USA must sell metric based stuff and services to them because they won't accept imperial units. There won't be any changes until the USA is the number one country. Scientists and some engineers will keep being "bilingual" (metric at work and imperial at home) and that's it.

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