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Comment Re:No meat to this story (Score -1, Offtopic) 290

Ha, this is awesome. People should check out the sibling post accusing me of being a puppet account. (Just a quick look at my uid should be a pretty good idea I've been around for a while, but you can always actually read my post history). FWIW, here's just one example slashdot post about what I was describing. Seriously Slashdot, clear out the trolls.

Comment Re:No meat to this story (Score 5, Informative) 290

How can this be +5 insightful with less than 10 comments on the entire post? It turns out that if you do a search for the phrase "a multi-billion dollar web advertising company with a history of privacy violations", you'll discover this is just spam propped up by puppet accounts. Slashdot, you need to clean house.

Comment Re:Will never again buy Samsung (Score 1) 333

"Fragmentation" bothers you as an Android user? Can I subscribe to your newsletter? In my family, we've owned the G1, Hero, Moment, Nexus One, EVO, and Galaxy Nexus, and never once did I think, "darn this fragmentation." Disclaimer: I'm a Google employee, and I have been given some free Android phones. Even so, I've been so happy with Android, I buy even more phones on my own dollar. Really enjoying the Galaxy Nexus - I'll probably get a second. I find non-Nexus updates aren't awesome, but they're not miserable. I don't have ICS on the EVO and don't know if it'll get it, but it is running Gingerbread. My advice is that, if having the latest version of the operating system in perpetuity (for whatever your hardware can handle) is important for you, buy a Nexus.

Comment Re:Bullshit! (Score 1) 157

If we're talking about the real world, where are my termination inspections in my IDE? Nobody said denial of service attacks aren't real, but there are different paths for dealing with them. I say this being just a little familiar with preventing arbitrary code from running wild on machines.

Comment Re:Bullshit! (Score 1) 157

I realize your post was intended to be +100 Funny, but for the record, it's fairly hard to invent a language which is both Turing-complete and provides for provability of termination. (A non-converging loop is the source of this float parsing bug). In computer science we tend to call that the halting problem. Also, FWIW, these class of problems don't generally lead to exploits outside of denial-of-service attacks.

Comment Re:What we do/don't need in Calculus. (Score 1) 1153

If you make the term for exactly what you can pay off, then you are making the best choice. To purposefully get a longer term than you could and pay it off early to feel better is a very poor financial decision.

Getting a longer term loan is like self-insuring. You take a very modest hit in interest for the outstanding duration of the loan, and you get payments that are about 1/3rd the size. I paid off my 30-year loan in ten years, and I wouldn't have done it differently. I guess I just lean fiscally conservative. In some cases there are no benefits to setting a higher minimum schedule, such as HELOCs. Better to take out a loan against it with interest-only payments, and then pay them off as fast as you can.

Comment Re:Money is nice (Score 1) 191

It's 20%, not 10%. You mostly have carte-blanche as long as it doesn't boil down to the equivalent of "play World of Warcraft during company time". There are also escalation routes if you run into trouble getting manager approval. The only real requirement is that you must define some measurable goals. I usually enjoy what I'm doing so much (for example, building App Engine for Java), I don't have a lot of spare time for 20%.

Speaking for myself and not my employer.

Comment Re:Ron Gilbert (Score 2, Informative) 827

Did they remove Java?

In a word, yes. They're dropping support for Java and disallowing apps that use Java from their app store.

I have a sneaking suspiscion you don't have a Mac to get rid of...

I currently have a unibody macbook pro and have been using mac laptops for the past four years (I know, not long). These changes sure seem to share a lot of similarity to iphone policy to me.

Comment Re:Oh please (Score 2, Interesting) 315

I guess you're choosing FF2 to make a point about remembering not-so-great games as otherwise, but FF3(6) and Chrono Trigger were two of the best games I have ever played in my entire life. I periodically go back and re-play the games in an emulator, and they still stand out compared to today's games. Somehow the 16-bit graphics are just as enjoyable now as they were then. Something got lost along the way, and I'm not sure what it was. Call it gameplay if you must.

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