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Submission + - AeroVelo Aims to Build World's Fastest Bike (

Zothecula writes: Following its Sikorsky Prize-winning Atlas helicopter, Canada's AeroVelo now aims to set a new human-powered speed record during September's World Human-Powered Speed Challenge in Battle Mountain, Nevada, with a high speed bicycle named Eta. The current record stands at 83.1 mph (133.8 km/h), and was set at the event last year by a Dutch team of students with the VeloX3 bike.

Submission + - Radiohead's Thom Yorke pulls Spotify albums ( 1

rpopescu writes: Thom Yorke of Radiohead fame has pulled his solo album "Eraser" (as well as music made as Atoms for Peace) from the music streaming service Spotify, as a protest at how much it pays the artists. Read on the BBC website for his and producer Nigel Godrich's comments.

Comment Re:Question (Score 1) 780

Man On Pink Corner:
> How many people reading this intentionally pay more tax than they are strictly required to?

Strict requirements in society are the lowest common denominator, the thin line that separates a normal person from a sociopath.
They are not what one should aim for, but merely the required minimum for the notion of society to exist.
Progress is not achieved by doing as little as possible, by staying a shade away from illegality, by hiding unethical behaviour behind the imperfection of the law.
Imagine that every mom & pop shop out there did what Google does (and the far too many other corporations guilty of this).
This is a sad farce, and they're fucking everyone - not just the people they "avoid" paying those taxes to, but also every other business that hasn't got the means or the will to engage in the same tax avoidance scheme.

Comment Re:The Brain is Plastic (Score 1) 317

>>    Is that why so many over 50 demand handholding for the most basic tasks?  I'm talkin REAL BASIC stuff here.  Tasks they somehow manage to do themselves anyway if no handholding is available?
>>    And here I was thinking it was just their massive entitlement mentality.

Pray tell, what part of the programming world does your experience apply to? Thanks.

Comment Re:This article says nothing (Score 1) 243

Hardly an insightful comment at all - sounds more like winy and mean. Pay close attention to the timeline: the advice from Steve Jobs, at the time it came, was foresight. Comments like the above are hindsight at best, merely stating what the situation currently is. Well, guess again, since this is about the time before the situation was _created_.

Comment Re:Novel? (Score 1) 30

Why would it need to be novel?!

This is about repairing a historically significant computer, not cheap internet publicity stunts. What sort of ignorant voted that comment "informative"?

Comment Re:One day we will be done with java... (Score 1) 338

Yeah, and C++ had it since before Gosling decided C++ wasn't good enough for him.
Ever since its inception, Java has steadily acquired lame, non-generic, basically hacks of implementations for features in C++ which it strived so hard to shun. Mainly due to Gosling being not smart enough to really understand C++ in the first place. Honestly, read some interviews with him, he's just guts and bile about it, no logical arguments whatsoever, typical I-don't-get-it-therefore-it's-wrong, holier than thou attitude.
The tasteless, confused hamburger that Java is today is the result of its small minded creator and the barriers built in since the beginning. Doug Lea's work turned the crapfest Java was into a workable platform for serious applications, but that's about it.

Comment Tele-what?! (Score 1) 615

Telecommuting means, literally, commuting at a distance, or remote commuting, just like television means vision at a distance, or remote vision, and telecommunication means communication over a distance.
As such, the word "telecommuting" is a pleonasm and thus nonsensical, the creation of a very confused, uneducated person.
Teleworking on the other hand means working at a distance, or from far away (from the office), and the term that should be used.

Submission + - Google tightens control on Android (

MadeInUSA writes: BusinessWeek reports that Google will start giving preferential treatment to some partners over others, who will have to wait longer to receive recent versions of the Android Operating System. Android was once touted as the free-as-in-Freedom, Open Source alternative to a sea of closed competitors such as RIM's Blackberry, Apple's iPhone and Microsoft's Windows Phone. But is Google actually using tricks from the Playbook of these companies? Will Android be, in fact, a closed system due to Google's policy of witholding the latest and greatest source from the public?

Submission + - Has Adobe worked out how to put Flash on iPhones? (

Barence writes: "Adobe has unveiled a new technology that could lead to Flash content on iPhones. The software — codenamed Wallaby — is essentially a Flash-to-HTML5 converter, but as PC Pro's Tom Arah explains it's no panacea. It strips out much of Flash's advanced features, it spits out complex HTML files, it only works in WebKit-based browsers (Chrome and Safari) and the workflow is horribly complicated. Yet, according to PC Pro, it does have merit. "A shaky bridge into Apple’s walled kingdom is better than nothing," Arah concludes."

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