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Comment Re:Elementary OS (Score 1) 346

Please provide links and citations as they are not in an obvious place on the website of

I have been using it for the past 3 months and other than a fine smooth desktop experience, I have yet to come across any of those issues you mention.

NFS works just fine. Underneath it's Ubuntu 12.04. If it does not work properly on Elementary, please.

Comment Re:OR System76 (Score 1) 166

> Unplug! The Darter UltraThin is designed for over five hours of continuous
> work or play on the go.

I do not understand how this is worth mentioning. At least not without being followed by 'Sorry about that'.

The only reason for me to have a laptop is to be able to have it work constantly, for at least 8 hours a day. Preferably longer.

5 Hours. Yagh. Might as well not ship with a battery at all.

Comment Re:This is a good thing (Score 2) 273

> But the relative complexity of the installation process,....

Funny story.

My first job in IT was for Cistron Internet Services in the Netherlands. They were one of the first ISP's in NL. And had a few Debian developers working there. They had built this CD-Rom that, when inserted into your Windows 9x PC would autorun some installer that would setup your dial-in modem and stuff. Since the diskspace on the CD-rom was about 99% unused, they also included a complete copy of the first disc of Debian. Which was worth it's weight in gold at the time. I think it was Slink-1-and-a-half, but it could be Potato.

Now, this was a bootable CD, for obvious reasons.

I was on the helpdesk at the time. I had 2 new customers a year that would phone up and ask how they should proceed onto the internet now that they had finished the installer. After talking to them a few minutes I realized that they had actually managed to fully install Debian. They had rebooted their PC for some reason, with the bootable CD in it. They had managed to re-partition their drives, enter root passwords, enter user details, completely installing the whole shebang. They were looking at a Debian login screen and wondering how to proceed now. And then, and only then, did they bother to call the helpdesk as they couldn't figure out what to do next.

These were not tech-savvy people. These were small business owners that wanted to see what was up with that whole internet thing. And yet they managed that in 2001 and

Every time I hear someone say 'the $Distro installer is complicated', it brings back a fond memory of great times at Cistron. So thanks for that.



Ps: Cistron ADSL will come to YOUR area within two weeks! Really!

Comment Re:Any other variables..? (Score 1) 206

FYI, a newborn requires feeding every 3 hours, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for the first two months of their life. After about 8 or 9 weeks, if you are lucky, your child will (hopefully!) sleep for 5 to 6 hours at a time, so Mom can finally start getting more than 3 hours of sleep then.

It's even worse, since you forgot the actual feeding time.

A newborn requires feeding every 3 hours, where 3 hours is the time since the start of the last feed. In other words: if a newborn is a slow drinker/feeder and takes up to (or over!) an hour for a full feed, Mom now only has 2 hours to herself.

On a sidenote: I never thought I'd be writing this type of comment. Especiallly on /.. Ain't life grand!

Comment Re:Very true, for many reasons. (Score 1) 298

The title reads 'should know how to code'. Not 'should code'.

The difference is, imho, that if one understands code it stops being a black box. Even if it *is* a black box. That understanding will help you debug many problems faster. It's another tool in the toolbox.

But if you're happy with your hammer, then by all means, hammer away!

Comment Re:Cult of DevOps? (Score 2) 114

I'm guessing the main haters are sysadmins...

And that is exactly the chasm of the "us" and "them" attitude that the DevOps folks (IMHO) are trying to bridge. Thank you for your fine example, sir.

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