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Comment Re:Yeah, nah. (Score 1) 335

Pre-paid is done when you use the pump directly. They will take an amount in authorization (125EUR), you tank, the amount in authorization is placed back and payment is done.
Manned service or pumping normally will mean that you pump, go inside and pay there. At some places you need to signal the person inside so he activates the pump.

I have never went inside to put an authorization on my card or pay upfront. Not saying it doesn't exist anywhere, just that I have never seen it in 25+ years of having a drivers license, so it is not a standard.

Comment Re:Sucked out of an airplane? Not likely (Score 3, Interesting) 269

So please explain how a pilot fell out of the window of the cockpit after it broke https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/...
The window is not underneath him http://www.bac1-11jet.co.uk/N9...

While extremely entertaining, Mythbusters are pretty bad in using Google and I would never use them as an example of why things are not possible, only to say if they are possible. (Bit like a ping doesn't say much when you don't get anything back)

Comment Re:You don't want this to succed (Score 1) 335

The difference and this is essential, is that Windows10 was forced, while installing Linux or anything else won't be forced.
There was no "no thanks, please never ask me again" option with the update.
Bit like if you push down the gas pedal and have an accident or your car pushes down you gas pedal and has an accident.

Comment Re:Who buys the output of the robots? (Score 1) 268

We need to re-evaluate what time is worth.

When you start with 10 workers with 1 boss and 5 are replaced by a machine the extra money will go to the 1 boss. Assuming the 5 other workers are their SO, their income per family has just halved, while the income of the boss has doubled.
So you now have a bigger wage gap. The money they make together is still the same, but suddenly you have 10 poor people.

Ideally what would happen is that the profit is devided by 11 people and they ALL work half the time. In reality what happens is that they ask 3 of the 5 workers to work even harder, so they can fire two more. So now the 3 need to feed the 10.

It is a bit like famine in Africa. It is not that there is a shortage, the distribution is fucked up.

So how can this be done? My boss has asked me to do overtime. This means in the end that while I work extra hours, somebody else won't be able to do so. So he can do two things (besides the illegal ones)
1) Offer to pay 150% overtime.
Not going to do that, because that would mean paying so much extra in taxes on those hours, it becomes stupid to do so (87%)
2) Offer to take those hours at a different moment and that at 1.5. So I do 8 hours overtime. That means I can take 12 hours at any other time.

When will he do that? In an emergency. Otherwise he will see that more people are hired. That means I not only have the money to spend it, but also the time to do so during e.g. my 35 paid holidays.

Comment Re:Why Fox? (Score 1) 526

What is so complicated in simply looking how other countries doe it, e.g. France, Denmark or god forbid China? And copy the good parts?

Because then you would just see the financial parts of it.
Let us assume that you do not need to increase taxes to pay for it, there is a lot more to it than just implementing it.

You need to start to understand WHY the bills are so high in the US, compared to e.g. Europe. The answers I see are:
1) Because of insurance due to lawsuits
2) Because the insurance companies are taking so much

Looking at the first, you would need to change a LOT to get this down, if it is really the case and not just doctors playing golf.
The second is even harder to change, because of the amount of money that is invested in it. The first step would be to forbid advertising medicine to the public AND to the doctors.
The second step would be allowing generic medicine and even demanding it if available.
The third would be toget prices lower by single bidding and that can only be fair if you reshape party funding and reduce lobbying by a LOT.Extremely hard to do in a winner takes all political system. It will be yes or no and no place for negotiations or watering down.

This is why it is so hard. Because everything influences everything.

Comment Re:More tips for browser makers (Score 1) 249

Concerning number 6. I know it is hindsight, but having com, net and org was a bad idea. It would have been better to just stick to countries and then let each country decide how to deal with it.

So .us as default would have been better. If they would have gone with .com.us or not would have been up to them.

"But what about things like Debian that uses .org now and is international?" I say: what about them? They have an address somewhere and that is, I think, the us. That would have mean debian.us. If they would have wanted to be active in every domain, they would have had to register that everywhere. If not, they could have gone for debian.us as default.

The few really international organisations are already covered with .int and no, debian would not be able to get that, nor anybody else. .com is not all commercial. .net is not all network related and .org are not all (non-profit, see .com) organisations anyway.

Now we have part of it that is location based and part of it that is sort of what they are based, but not really, but some are, but not all and there are exceptions ....

Oh well, we are in this mess and it will not get better.

Comment Re:tracking (Score 2) 335

I exchange cashless between friends all the time. We go and have a dinner and one of us pays by card. The others then transfer the money to that person.
Where I live this is free. They are working on making it faster, but for now I can wait a day. When with the same bank, it is immediately.
No taxes.

Comment Re:Yeah, nah. (Score 1) 335

Here it works where I am. I pump, I end pumping, I go inside and I pay. Payment can be done by credit, debit, tank card. I hand over the money that is convenient for both and I get my change. Or I hand them my card and I enter my pin and get my card back. No real difference in time.

When I know I won't be buying something else and I pay by card (debit, credit or tank) I will put the card in the machine, enter my pin, take the card out and tank.

I have NEVER needed to go inside before I pump gas. And also none of the people need to do any calculations. They see the amount I need to pay. They enter the amount I hand over. They see the amount I need back. So if the amount is 38.80EUR and I hand over 2x20EUR+2x1.00EUR+1x2.00EUR+2x0.10EUR he sees that I need back 5.00EUR and he hand me a bill back. And that is not just at gas stations. That is everywhere I have been in Europe.

I also like how you look down on people with their "feeble minds". Perhaps you with your feeble mind do not understand that the world is bigger than just your country.

Comment Same answer since always (Score 4, Informative) 450

The best one is the one the person uses you are going to ask for help. e.g. if you have a cow orker that uses Debian, and he is somebody that will be helping you, use Debian.

When I started I had nobody to ask and Google did not exist yet, so what I did was try out several of the large distributions at the time and the one I likes/Worked was S.u.S.E. (Now openSUSE).

So take a weekend and try out several of them. If you can not make a weekend available, you won't like changing OS and you will be a User (nothing wrong with that), not an admin on your own machine. Ask why you want to move to Linux and find a pre-installed system or let somebody else install it. As you won't tinker with your system, but just have it working, that would be the best solution.

The more important question is if you want KDE, Gnome or XFCE. And when you have decided on that, look at how to install new software and how upgrades are done.

I like YaST from openSUSE, because it is consitant for a lot of different things, not just installing software. You can also easily install XFCE, Gnome and KDE at the same time at the beginning to check them out.

I dislike Ubuntu for the main reason of how they handle root situations. Yes, I know you are able to change it, I just don't like how they treat it as default.

So try out several of them. https://distrowatch.com/?langu... will give an idea of popularity.

Comment Re:The self-driving car is blamed for human error (Score 2) 226

So people should just go around crashing into people who cut them off then?

Note that the Uber car did NOT crash into the car that cut them off. The car doing the "cutting off" ran into the Uber car (I'm assuming it hit the Uber car on its side, since TFA refers to the Uber car being knocked over on its side).

Now, it the human driver of the other vehicle decided that the Uber car had "cut him off" and crashed into the Uber car on purpose, that would fit your description nicely.

Alas, the Uber car had right of way, so it's really hard to get terribly upset at the EEEEVIL self-driving vehicle that got hit by a human who failed to stop/slow down when he was required to by law....

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