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Comment Re:Voice voted bills are veto-proof (Score 2) 92

as it passed both houses through voice vote.

No. Passed the House through voice vote. Passed Seante by "unanimous consent" (that means everyone, in both Parties, thought it was a great idea.

Note that one of the "features" of a Voice Vote is that there's no record of who actually voted for/against it in the House.

Comment Re:The Finest Day.... (Score 2) 184

four and a half years old? i'm sorry, you don't remember shit from that age;

I was about that old (closer to 4 and 2/3) when Kennedy was assassinated. And I have very clear memories of watching the funeral on TV, wrapped in a blanket next to my mother and brothers.

Mind you, that's about the only clear memory I retain earlier than Apollo (ten then). Some things you forget (what you had for dinner three weeks ago Thursday), some you remember forever. Even if you're very young.

Comment Re:They sound completely insane (Score 1) 325

Of course, not every Muslim pays as much attention to this sort of thing as one might think. I remember a guy I knew 20 years or so ago. Egyptian. Muslim. One night I asked him if it would bother him if I did something (a beer with dinner, I think -it's been a while).

His response: "I am a Muslim. My religion requires me to not do certain things. I don't do them. It also requires me to do certain things. I don't do them either. And my religion doesn't bind you in any way."

Comment Re:Globalization is GREAT! (Score 1) 606

You mean the state government or the country should handle it? And I asume you will not buy anything from outside your own state/country because that is how those people are being brought out of extreme poverty.

So if you don't like it. Do not shop at Wallmart and Amazon, do not buy electronics made in Asia and only buy local grown food.

Comment Re:John Deere is evil. (Score 1) 635

There are several ways of "owning".
The ones we use most are rent, lease and own. There are some lesser know ones and they basically mean owning till a certain time or situation arrises.

e.g. you can own a piece of land for 99 years or till e;g; in the case of HongKong till 1999.
You can also "own" property till you die. Or more specific becoe the owner when sombody dies. That means I am the owner, but I can not move in till the other person dies. The other person can live there till they die, but are not the owners. Payment then can be done up front or for each year you live, you get money.

And if your lawyer does not find these things in a contract of $800K, it means the law is not clear enough or your lawyer was a shitty one. Because you bet I will go over each and every letter in such a contract and if it is not clear I ask "what does this mean". Sure it will take all day. I will make time for that.
If the people who deal with contracts day in and day out think that takes too long, simplify them.

And yes, I have read legaleese and know why it has to be written like that in some cases. Because the law requires that exact wording.

That does not mean they are not abusing the DMCA. I think the DMCA is not being abused. It is used as it was intended. It was sold to the people that it was something else, but it is used as intended.

Well, that is what you get when you vote for companies. Next you have the choice to vote what companies make more money from the government. Will it be the more liberal companies or the more conservative companies and then you realiwe they are the same companies. Happy voting.

Comment Re:My PCP has a "scribe!" (Score 1) 322

My doctor types in what I am there fore, print outs the prescriptions (so they are readable) and papers for the insurance. If he would have a scribe, I would ask that scribe to leave.

Once every 2 years I need to sign a paper that the other doctors in the office are allowed to access my data. If not, they will not see it.

I do not need to wait that long as I make an appointment online. I calculate an hour when I go to the doctor. It is a doctors group that has 6 or 7 doctors. I choose that, so when the doctor is on a holiday or sick, I can go to another one. Happened already.

One time I had somebody else in the room. They were students and he asked first if it was ok, they did a diagnose and then were asked to leave again by him.

But a scribe? I would throw that person out as fast as my sick body can manage.

Comment Re:And what percentage of the full user base is th (Score 2) 40

I was already assuming that Google's market penetration was 100% of the world's population.

Increase the chances and/or decrease time by whatever you assume to be Google's actual penetration (which, however slight, is enough to complete the offense)....

Comment Re:So... rather than not doing what pisses them of (Score 1) 72

Sure, they don't go after EU companies, right? Think again.
If they do not want to play by the EU rules, they can piss off.

Or do European companies not need to follow the US rules when they operate their? I am sure AB InBev would be delighted to follow the European standard and start selling beer to 16 year olds. Or perhaps you think that you are OK with some SAB Miller beers, think again, they are being bought by AB InBev.

Fun part of the AB part of the name. The Americans were so vein that they absolutely wanted to have the AB in their wording. InBev agreed, because they do not give a shit and rather paid less than care about the name. Most likely they thought: If these people care so much about the name, customers will as well, so we pay less AND get more customers. Double wammy!

Better at the competition? Not really. In places where there is competition, they come in second all the time.

Comment Re:And what percentage of the full user base is th (Score 2) 40

Those numbers translate to about a 1 in 1000 chance that any particular person will be affected in their lifetime.

Assuming that they cover EVERYONE, of course.

And assuming that the request rate stays constant. There is no reason to believe that it will stay constant (especially since it's trending upwards as we speak). If the current growth rate of requests continues, then the chance of any particular person being affected in their lifetime will be 50:50 within 40 or 50 years.

Will the growth rate remain constant? Probably not. But it's more likely to increase than decrease - governments do like their new toys.

Comment Re:Who controls the data and access? (Score 1) 56

What will happen in the EU will be (I hope)
1) Require all new cars by default
2) No discrimination if you have an older car and not have this. So no higher insurance because of this
3) A minimum reasonable time that the device should record (e.g. 15 minutes)
4) Only insurance companies are allowed to see them in case of need e.g. only if there was an accident AND if there is any doubt, unless there is a court order. (Law on privacy is already intact)
5) Non-payment of the insurance companies in if the device has been tampered with.
6) Readable with a standard

If you see we have a readable open source ID card in Belgium already and on who and how to use this data, this is not that out of touch.

But you can buy guns, so you are actually a really free country (that last part was sarcasm)

Comment Re:wth how is this legal? (Score 2) 84

Like computers, clothing and almost anything else? What if it is made in the US, but the company is based elsewhere?

And what about companies who deliver to American organizations, because it would be easy to set up a company that has only US workers, but buys everything abroad for an extremely small fee.

What if the goods are better then what you can buy? What if the workers are in the US, but are not Americans? What if there is only 1 person working who isn't American, but Samoan pr Puerto Rican who has served in the military?

At what moment should you say that capiltalism is not good anymore and the people are more important (dare I say socialism?) and what if that means that youneed to increase taxes to pay for the extra cost?

Comment Re:There is no smoking gun. It's an arsenal. (Score 1) 606

It is the automatisation that is costing most, I believe. It is also the cause of the wealth dept.

Imagine you have 11 people. That is 1 owner, 2 managers and 8 workers. Small village, so there are 4 couples.
The workers make 100, the managers make 200 and the owner makes 400.

They get a machine that can do the job of 2 workers for half the price. So the owner now gets 350. However he fires 2 workers, so that becomes 550. And 2 workers out of a job.
The managers will get a bonus if he gets more efficient, so he fires one worker. They gets 25 extra and now make 225 and the owner 600. Workers still 100. and 3 are out of a job.
For the workers the average income went from 200 per family to 140 per family.
Lets replace 2 more people with a machine and we can also fire one manager.

Now where does all this money go? To the owner. So there are now 3 workers, 1 manager and 1 owner at work.
So now there are people who have NO income as a family. They can be re-hired at 'market value' of 50, because 50 is better than nothing and 75 for a manager.

Comment Re:Compare anything to Jackie Chan (Score 2) 300

A lot is not so much the use of 'tricks' but the way of filming. Wich Chan you will se the whole fighting scene. There will be a few cuts, but in general you see the whole scene in one go.
You know what is going on.

With modern movies, you see a lot of close ups and a lot of cuts. And half of the scene is cut so that you need to imagine what happened. Two guys in a dark alley, close up of the eyes. Fist the moves. A face that turns with blood flying out of it. And this for 10 minutes.
That is not a fight scene, that is a epileptic seizure. Oh and do it in the dark, in the rain with loud music.

Compare that with Chan's movies where you see everything. It could be two stick figures and it STILL would be better.

If you only show effects and none of the story telling, you will get none of the story telling and people will not be interested after a while.

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