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Comment Re:If they're going to do this... (Score 1) 169

Unfortunately the summary describes a 16 hour week + "additional flexible hours". Beyond that, the only clue is "30 hours per week", which is evenly divisible by five days (or six), but not four.

Hence my comment....

Personally, I've been looking forward to the four day work-week for a long time. Last time we shortened the workweek (from six days per to five) was before my father was born....

Comment Re:social experiments (Score 1) 297

I'd be interested in knowing WHY the robot babies failed.

Perhaps because human females are hardwired genetically to like babies?

Actually, this whole notion is from a very old science fiction story. Main characters had to deal with robot baby before they could get a license to have a real one. Very funny story.

But, as it turns out, completely unnecessary, since higher standard of living seems to reduce reproduction rate nicely in the Real World (tm).

Comment Re:Better go arrest Google execs (Score 1) 110

Google filters out porn. Google does not filter out filetype:torrent
So if I want to open a torrent site, all I have to do is provide other things as well, and it becomes legal?
The fact that Google has been in trouble because of how they handle copyright issues is most likely besides the point, I assume.

Comment 70% accuracy? (Score 2, Insightful) 82

Hmm, 166 users, 71 of whom were known depressed. 70% accuracy means they picked 50 of the depressed people as depressed, and 28 (or 29) of the non-depressed people as depressed.

Given that the national depression rate is 6.7% (take that with a grain of salt), we'd expect to see, based on this test, 32.7% of the population found to be depressed. Of that 32.7%, one in seven would actually be depressed....

Color me less than impressed with this study.

Comment Re:Pixels density (Score 5, Informative) 158

True if you want to just put the family photos on line or the food you ate today. You take 4 or 5 pictures and put the best one online. However if you want to go for a quality shot, you most likely will do at least some color correction in Lightroom or something similar. You will have made pictures in RAW, edit them and then reduce them to size.
The more information you have, the better the end will be after editing.

Comment Re:Bill Nye is not a science guy. (Score 1) 442

So if I am a science guy, I am forced to like him and if I do not like him I am a flaming bozo with an agenda? It is not at all possible that I dislike the guy, yet like science and facts regardless if they are his or not?

Being unable to keep the two things apart is pretty unscientific and makes you sound like a flaming bozo with an agenda.

Comment Re:Followed by: (Score 2) 442

Or more accurately Bill Nye says "it is reasonable that these storms are connected to [climate change]", and the media cannot understand the difference between drawing a probable conclusion and drawing a definitive conclusion.

This is not some scientist that got a microphone pushed in his face and stammered something that is taken out of context. This is a person that actively seeks the media and is part of that media by any means.
Pulling some political bullshit and turning what you say into an issue about language does not fly with me. This was fun when I was 12. It is now just an immature reaction.
He has enough experience with the media and the public that he knows that the public does not know the difference between a probable and definite conclusion and as somebody who wants to be an educator, he should take that into account.

Comment Re:The anti-science sure is odd. (Score 2) 675

Funny how the anti-science nutters are always so highly selective about their "hard facts and careful research", hand-waving away all the rest of the data that doesn't fit their own narrative as "manipulated". Let me guess, the whole of the IPCC Working Group II's collected data is all compromised and ignorable, every bit; none of those described impacts could possibly happen, amirite?

I say, let them think what they want. If they think opinion is the same as fact, let them have their opinion as fact. They do not believe in thermodynamics good for them, but then they are not allowed to use any heating or air conditioning in their houses or cars. Also no boiling of food or any other method of cooking or heating food. No fridge.
Separate offices that are without heating or cooling.
Because if they accept that we can change the temperature in a small space like an oven, it should not be hard to say we are able to change the temperature in a larger space, like a house, or a stadium, or a whole city full of houses or many cities. We even use heaters on a terrace in the winter so people can sit outside and be warm. So we can heat the outside world. And they believe that not to be true so they should not use any of it.

Yeah, I am kidding. Kinda.

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