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Comment Laws of Physics (Score 1) 1009

This is more a case of performance I expect, the higher I/O speeds of the newer memory and graphics ports and PCI-e are such that the costs to maintain signal integrity through a socket adaptor are horrid. If your really performance minded, you'd shotgun the socket and solder existing PC's to the motherboard today, over clockers would likely benefit from the lower noise due to removing the inductance of the socket leads on the power and ground pins. This would yield higher reliability at higher clock frequencies. The concerns over socket signal integrity have been an issue testing these high end CPU's since the I/O bandwidths approached 100Mhz.

I agree with Jump! Jump! Jump! To quite a dramatic conclusion.

Also... in the IC testing community, regardless of the physical structure (flip chip/BGA/PGA), we still refer to the electrical contacts of a device under test aka (DUT) as "pins". So these devices are likely to have "pins" forever, even when we start interfacing to these chips with photons...

Comment Ying Lim...are those Slugs or Newtons (Score 1) 135

    I'm reviewing your trajectory data, Just wanted to double check... I'm sure the astroid is going to miss us, but wanted to double triple check, you remember that probe that sort-of hit mars?
    So your measurements of the acceleration were in inches per second, and slugs of force right? Thats what we have been using here at NASA, we never managed to convert to the metric system in the '70s.
As far as I can tell, this things going to miss us by a mile right? Or was that a kilometer?

Comment Re:True, but that's still going to be a tough sell (Score 1) 172

I'm not sure, but if you built a private spaceship, you would be hard to chase, given that the US government has no official space flying capability. If you leave US airspace before leaving 18,000 feet, I think your probably fine. My point is that if you can solve the technical problems, you can just go. Join an EAA chapter, and build a spaceship in your garage, start the open source mars project...let's do it.

Comment Re:perfect match (Score 1) 221

Brilliant solution! The company coul be split into two business units, H-Net and P-Flix, which would raise prices, make you go to the nearest Best Buy to pick up your movies once a week, where you have to sit through a 90 minute timeshare sales pitch or buy a laptop before you can take your movie home.

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