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Submission + - Amazon is now sending postcards to remind Kindle owners to update their devices ( 1

Nate the greatest writes: Amazon's getting serious about a recent required firmware update. Last month Amazon sent out emails, asking everyone to update, and this week they stepped up their game. Several Kindle owners say they've received postcards from Amazon with reminders to update their Kindles. Sure, this is an important update which adds security certificates, but don't you think this is overkill?

Comment Re:Not an issue. (Score 2) 55

Also if we are not supposed to do live updates, why is there such a feature? Is it ok to provide a feature and create security vulnerabilities and then tell 'you shouldn't use it'?

Are they simply telling Drupal is not for us and we should use something else instead?

Because of the disappointment and frustration from v8, I'm seriously planning to move the wordpress.

Comment Relevant joke (Score 1) 800

Truck drives into an open market an kills 30 people. Truck driver answer to the judge: "there was a pregnant woman and an old man on the road, I had to pick which one to hit. I picked the old man". Judge asks, "but you drived into the open market and killed 30". Driver says, "old man ran into the market, I had no choice."

Comment Re:Homeopothy ... (Score 1) 173

You are missing the fundamental point of homeopathy: it provides personal solutions to personal problems. Therefore it cannot be scientific and you cannot apply same solution to everyone. Homeopathy doesn't have repeatable solutions, i.e. if a solution works for someone for some problem, it doesn't mean it will work for everyone (or even for the same person later again). Therefore you cannot apply scientific logic on it. You have to accept it will work on you, because otherwise it will not. So your idea about curing everyone altogether doesn't make any sense.

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