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PC Games (Games)

Submission + - Dwarf Fortress the future of video games?

An anonymous reader writes: This article introduces you to Dwarf Fortress. It is possible the most interactive, and amazing game I have ever played in my life, although the graphics leave a bit to be desired. It sports a full wiki which is just enough to get you started, and hopefully make it past your first winter. Check it out here , and discuss

Submission + - Flickr Censors A Photographer's Plea

Bananatree3 writes: Popular Iclandic photographer and art-student Rebekka Guoleifsdottir has been targeted by Flickr for posting a plea for help in a theft case involving an online retailer selling copycat art. She requested that people send the retailer letters concerning the issue, and in response her original post was promptly deleted. It is still ironically available on Yahoo cache. In the end it appears that the retailer had been duped by a rogue art dealer under the title "Wild Aspects and Panoramics LTD". However, Flickr seems to have overstepped its bounds in deleting this post.

Submission + - Vista passed OS X in 15 weeks, Gates claims

SlinkySausage writes: "Speaking to 3000 delegates of Microsoft's annual WinHEC conference, Bill Gates says sales of Vista overtook sales of Mac OS X in just 15 weeks. "We set a bar for ease of use and security," Gates told the audience. "As of last week we have had nearly 40 million copies (of Vista) sold, and that's happened twice as fast as Windows XP."

Submission + - Google Users In Uproar

An anonymous reader writes: Google (not-so) Personalized Homepage users are in an uproar today as all customizations were reverted to a state of some three-four months ago. As always with cases like this, people start shouting at the provider because they have not yet acknowledged the problem. Personally, I feel handicapped beyond belief as all my feeds, bookmarks, TODO's and customized gadgets are gone. Surely there are backups that will attach the homepage to the cookie again, but when! Maybe it's time to revert to desktop applications again.

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