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Submission + - Archos Gamepad: The Android console market gets crowded ( 1

romiz writes: For years, handheld consoles were a domain where Nintendo reigned without contestation. SEGA and Atari failed in this market, and despite all its efforts Sony remains a distant second. But it is perhaps the end of the closed gaming device.

Until now, the lack of physical controls and the high price was preventing the trending tablets from entering this market. But Archos, a veteran tablet maker, is announcing a 7" Android tablet with physical gaming controls for the end of October. At 150€, it will be compatible with existing Android games. As with Ouya in the living room, Android devices are being opposed to the traditional consoles. Can they really propose an open alternative for game developpers ?

Submission + - A View of the Success of Movie Franchises (

romiz writes: Have you ever wondered why it seems that movie sequels dominate the box office? As the eighth movie of the Harry Potter series gets released worldwide this week-end, the Economist produced a chart collecting the numbers for the most successful Hollywood franchises. Their conclusion is that a sequel is the best way to reduce the risk inherent to movie-making, but is it really ?

Submission + - AF 447 Flight Recorder Found in the Atlantic (

romiz writes: The memory of the flight recorder for the Air France 447 flight from Rio de Janeiro to Paris, crashed on June 1st 2009, has been found on the seabed of the Atlantic Ocean, and brought back to the surface in good shape. This is the data recorder, that saves the flight parameters. The search is still continuing in hope of finding the voice recorder containing the sounds recorded in the plane's cockpit.

Submission + - A new vulnerability in RSA cryptography ?

romiz writes: Branch Prediction Analysis is a recent attack vector against RSA public-key cryptography on personal computers, that relies on timing measurements to get information on the bits in the private key. However, the method is not very practical because it requires many attempts to obtain meaningful information, and the current OpenSSL implementation now includes protections against those attacks.

However, German cryptographer Jean-Pierre Seifert has announced a new method for BPA that is at the same time much more efficient that the previous ones, only needs a single attempt, successfully bypasses the OpenSSL protections, and should prove harder to avoid without a very large execution penalty.

The word is out in generalist media, and they don't like the implications...

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