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Submission + - The NES Mini is a $60 single board computer (and it runs Linux)

romiz writes: As the first samples of the NES Mini reach reviewers, its hardware specifications are now easy to find. With a quad-core ARM Cortex-A7, 256 MiB of RAM, and 512 MiB of NAND Flash, it is typical of the hardware found in Linux single board computers, like the RaspberryPi 2. Surprisingly for Nintendo, there does not seem to be any custom components in it, and it looks like it even does run Linux. The GPL license for the kernel and many other open source components is visible in the legal information screen. The source, however, is not available on Nintendo's open source page yet.

But it is the re-edition a 1980s video console: there is no network access, no hardware expansion port, and the 30 games cannot be changed. Changing the system runnning on it will probably be difficult.

Comment Re:No problem (Score 1) 164

There are no security updates for Nexus 4, sold by Google itself from November 2012 to November 2013. The last update was offered on September 2015, not even 2 years after the last sale. It looks like the Nexus 5 is going to reach the same state soon.

And there is no carrier or OEM to blame here...

Submission + - Will EU forbid the transfer of personal data to the US?

An anonymous reader writes: As the Snowden revelations have shown, personal data stored in the United States of America is not protected from the US government, be it through warantless eavesdropping or national security letters. In light of this, the general attorney for the Court of Justice of the European Union has just issued an opinion requiring the US to be removed from the list of "safe harbors", where the transfer of personal data of European citizens is permitted.

If the court follows his opinion, the change will have deep inpact in the operations of large transnational Internet companies, between a US government that wants to keep on spying, and European authorities that will punish them if they let it happen.

Comment Inspired by Singapore (Score 1) 39

Malaysia is the close neighbor of Singapore, where news are either provided by state-owned companies, or censored as soon as anything displeasing the state is published. As a result the incumbent government never lost a vote, and it is perceived as uncorruptible even when the wife of the prime minister is appointed to rule those state-owned companies.

This can give some inspiration...

Comment Re:Chapel Hill/ Carrboro North Carolina (Score 2) 654

PRT is a 1960s invention, and it has never worked despite large research and development budgets. The only two working systems are so small and limited in scope that they cannot deliver the promises that make PRTs interesting.
  • - The Morgantown PRT is a 5 station peoplemover with 20-person cars and obsolete space-age electonics. It has only few stations, the cars are everything but personal, and it is closed on Sundays and during holidays, as it only serves the local university and its remote campus.
  • - ULTra in Heathrow is closer from the promise, but it only serves a parking lot and a single airport terminal. There are extension projects to reach other terminals and nearby hotels, but those are not currently planned or funded.

Comment Re:The Library of Congress (Score 1) 153

The French national library is doing it - they have all physical software releases since those started, and they have some technical folks that try to keep them readable and running. But they do not really have all the hardware means to do it, so they usually use emulators to run the software.

Comment Re:How ? It doesn't have 3G / WiFi. Needs a router (Score 1) 47

The difference is about Bluetooth & Bluetooth Smart (aka Low Energy). The second one is in fact a different protocol, once called Wibree, which uses some parts of the Bluetooth stack, but not a lot of it. While Bluetooth "Classic" already has network connectivity through PAN since a long time ago, Bluetooth Smart, introduced in the 4.0 revision of the specification, does not.

The main reason for this is that the maximum packet size in Bluetooth Smart is quite small (around 256 bytes in the original spec). The latest revision allows for higher MTUs, as well as an IPv6 header compression scheme called 6lowPAN, already developped for IEEE802.15, another low energy radio protocol.

Comment Re:Broadcom won't release documentation ever (Score 1) 165

From what I remember, what is missing in the OMAP/Sitara TRM is documentation about:
- The secure bootloader, so you cannot use secure mode: some features (precise, limited, useful only in very specific cases) in the CPU are blocked
- The GPU documentation, but I've never seen the SGX documentation in any SoC TRM, or for any other GPU

But you still have ~5000 pages of doc in the main TRM, plus all the erratas, which is much better than what many other manufacturers give you, even after signing a NDA.

Comment Re:Still... (Score 1) 193

Why did they go for this ? Ada introduced the underscore years ago, Java followed in Java 7 recently, and for example Rust uses the underscore as well. And it also allows multiple separators, which allows for aligning the columns in bitmasks for example, while it's forbidden in C++. See the Java specification for example.

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