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Comment Re:Android dong a good job of destroying itself (Score 2) 988

What was low quality of it? Don't like it, change it! You are not forced to use the stock interface on an Android phone, there are tons of custom interfaces out there.

What didn't "look or work" quite right? Once again, you can customize the way your phone looks, but what didn't work? Don't give the lame answer of "Everything" because both you and the rest of the /. community know that is a lame cop out when you can't think of anything. I'm not trying to say that everything works perfectly and Android is full of unicorns and rainbows. I am just curious if it is part of the actual Android system or if it is a 3rd party application that you downloaded to the phone.

Maybe I am just unique here but of the 8 people that I work with that used an iPhone 1 year ago 7 of them switched to Android after I let them use my phone and they say they are never looking back. The 1 person that has not switched is a self proclaimed "Apple fanboy" and buys every single product that Apple releases.

Submission + - Motorola to launch 2GHz Android phone in 2010 (knowyourcell.com)

rocket97 writes: Yesterday, at the Executives Club of Chicago, Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha reportedly decided to chat about the relatively near future of the mobile landscape as he sees it — which, in part, includes the ultimate demise of mobile computers in favor of highly-capable smartphones.

This being his vision, Jha discussed Motorola's plans for a smartphone with an astounding 2GHz processor — by the end of this year.

While Jha wasn't feeling frisky enough to divulge any further information, Conceivably Tech cites another anonymous MOTOEXEC who was a little more chatty, talking up a device intended to "incorporate everything that is technologically possible in a smartphone today."

Comment Re:Hey you guys (Score 2, Funny) 146

One of my co-workers was giving a presentation once (he is a self proclaimed computer expert in every facet), and he asked us "how do I make this power point presentation full screen?". We replied Alt-F4. He did it and said "hmm that is weird", and restarted power point and pressed Alt-F4 again... after attempting it 5 times he gave up and said "Oh well I guess we will just do the presentation like this".

Comment Re:Less useful (Score 1) 150

Ok, how many people do you know that have Android phones?

It is kind of funny, I was on a flight about a month ago and I was sitting in the 4th row (of coach). When we landed I heard a symphony of "DROID" as every single person in my row and the 3 rows in front of me all had Motorola Droids and none of us knew each other.

Comment I don't support the bill (Score 1) 794

I don't support the bill, but I do think that restaurant food has way too much salt in it. I recently went on a diet and lost over 100 lbs. During this diet I cut out all the added salt from everything I ate, and stopped eating salty stuff. After I reached my goal weight I went to a few different restaurants to try "normal" food again. Honestly the main thing that I tasted in everything was salt, and it tasted disgusting to me. I feel restaurants should cut out how much salt they use (not completely though) and allow the customers to add salt if they want it. But I don't agree with the government "regulating" it.

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