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Comment Re:It didn't have an off switch before (Score 1) 355

Yeah, a logical, but underhanded way of forcing their spyware would be to make it work with servers that you would otherwise need to work with, such as a server that hosts Azure services or something. I imagine that they have US intelligence agencies have given them a "plato o plomo" proposition to harvest all this data. It sounds like it's been a disaster for them.

Comment Re:It didn't have an off switch before (Score 0) 355

You block them. They will set up new servers and Windows Update will tell your computer to chat with them. You will block those, and they will set up new ones.

I absolutely refuse to install Windows 10 on my home computer because I don't want to look after my computer like a child who is getting "programmed" by a spiteful ex-spouse.

Comment Re:Always (Score 1) 765

It's great if a company wants to treat their employees like family.

However... One thing that I've run into a handful of times that really creeps me out is when a manager says up-front at an interview that they want to hire someone who will think of the team as family. It's fine for the team to get along, but I think it's just creepy for someone to ask me to consider someone I've never met as family. And besides, I *have* a family. I go to an interview because I need *work*.

Comment Re:Or make it critical for social networking (Score 1) 306

I'm more concerned about the three-letter agencies. You know the NSA's motto: "Your data is our data." They can't realistically read all that data today, but in the future, they may have artificial intelligence that can read it all, synthesize it, make connections, and tell the authorities more than you could possibly imagine.

Comment Re:Or make it critical for social networking (Score 4, Interesting) 306

Tell me about just how creepy Facebook is!

I recently had Facebook prompt me to add a business associate as a "Facebook Friend".

I discussed with him the matter of how Facebook could have known that we know each other. I never used Facebook to communicate with him in any way, nor did I view his profile, and he says that he never even viewed my profile. We can only guess that the Facebook app on his phone (which I steadfastly refuse to install on mine) scraped my phone number from his contacts list and then Facebook somehow matched it up with my name.

Sad to say, that's exactly what I would expect them to do.

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