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Comment Works pretty well for me so far (Score 1) 465

I've had it running since yesterday -Unobtrusive -Caught 4 virii (keylogger & trojans)missed by ESET NOD32 in software installers I had downloaded -Took about 40% longer to do a full deep scan than Nod32 -No logs showing that the scans ran when scheduled (only a list of detected problems) -Smart enough to look for virus catalog updates right before scanning -Phones home to MSFT (anonymously) with security data It seems less obtrusive running in the background watching applications & downloads than Norton 2009 did on my old computer. I haven't tried Norton 2010 (and hopefully never will) I found ESET Smart Security 4 to be buggy on Win 7 x64 (dropping the internet connection unless I disabled the firewall mini-driver) Overall, this Windows Security Essentials seems like the best option for me right now. And it's free, which is nice.

Comment I use Zoho for sharing docs (Score 3, Interesting) 226

I use Zoho Writer everyday to share frequently updated docs among co-workers. It's buggy, terrible for printing, and not completely dependable. But it's damn convenient for that kind of sharing. Especially if updates are only needed a couple times a day. When I started using it a year ago, it was better than Google's alternative, though I think Google has now passed it.

Still, if I'm going to type anything for printing I'll use Word. If I'm going to do anything that doesn't need to be continuously shared, I'll use one of the office apps. If I need a spreadsheet of any complexity, I'll use Office.

I'd much rather see Google & Zoho polish the features they do have (Zoho still can't print in Landscape format, has nothing close to WYSIWYG printing, and frequently locks. Google has no locking to prevent users from overwriting each other (last time I tried it...). Don't bloat till you've got the skeleton working.

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