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Comment Chromebook Pixel (LS) (Score 1) 237

If you feel comfortable with istalling Linux yourself, get a Chromebook Pixel and slap Linux onto it. Amazing hardware, great design and perfect compatibility with Linux, since ChromeOS is also based on Linux.

You can very easily run ChromeOS and Linux at the same time, you can use ChromeOS for the basic stuff and even run Linux in a window inside ChromeOS or you can wipe the Pixel clean and go Linux-only (that requires some more fiddling though).

Comment Re: Slashdot: news for nerds who... (Score 1) 421

Seriously guys there are WAY easier and cheaper ways to record people without their consent. Spy glasses were there for years and privacy is the dumbest thing to point out in Google Glass. It's a huge misconception that Glass changes anything in that matter. Try actually using Glass for a few hours before you voice your opinion. It's a very limited device for now, but it's very shortsighted to dismiss its potential.

Comment Re:You Can't Pay: africa, latin america, east euro (Score 1) 133

I get it that advertising won't be enough, but I'd be more than glad to pay a few bucks a month to get sites like pandora or hulu working. Actually I pay for US-based proxy, so I CAN access these services for a small fee, it just sucks that this money goes to hosting company not to the content providers.

Submission + - Users, Web developers vent over IE7

Spinlock_1977 writes: "ComputerWorld is running a story about developers frustration with IE 7, and Microsoft's upcoming plans (or lack thereof) for it. From the article:

But the most pointed comment came from someone labeled only as dk. "You all continue to underestimate the dramatic spillover effect this poor developer experience has had and will continue to have on your other products and services. Let me drive this point home. I am a front-end programmer and a co-founder of a start-up. I can tell you categorically that my team won't download and play with Silverlight ... won't build a Live widget ... won't consider any Microsoft search or ad products in the future."
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Journal Journal: today.

today is my best friend's birthday. she is 16. naturally, she got her license in the morning and drove the truck she got to school. sure, her two older sisters also drove that truck when they were in high school and sure its not that new. but she still got something. today was pretty cool. in the morning i decorated her locker and she checked in late and we had cookies and king cake and all kinda shit during break. at lunch, one of the few decent teachers we have went get a couple of us lunch fr

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