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Comment Re:Who wants to run windows apps on a tablet? (Score 4, Insightful) 398

I think what the author means is that a Windows enabled tablet could replace the laptop space.
On your work desk, it's connected to an external mouse, keyboard and monitor - desktop mode
When you go to a meeting, or go on the road, you take the tablet with you - mobile mode

The advance here is that you're running the same apps (yes, Word, Excel, legacy apps), same logon, same computer... whereever you go. In the corporate world, this could be huge.


Submission + - Graphene film to shed water (

RogerRoast writes: How about wiper free windshield for the car? A Vanderbilt researcher figured out how to create a freestanding film of graphene oxide and alter itls surface roughness so that it either causes water to bead up and run off or causes it to spread out in a thin layer. Potential applications range from self-cleaning glasses and clothes to antifogging surfaces to corrosion protection and snow-load protection on buildings.

Comment Re:Then why not C? (Score 5, Interesting) 663

I agree and disagree.

My first programming language was Motorola MC68000 on the Amiga 500. I must admit, programming languages are easy once you know what the code compiles into.

However, object oriented programming was very, very alien to me. There are some programming topics that can't be taught by learning assembly alone.

Comment First Person Shooters (Score 5, Interesting) 245

This will be awesome for 3d games (first person shooters).
One image per eye, producing a 3d scene.

I imagine generation 1 will look weird with all the images being in focus, even though the Z distance varies.
With a little more work, generation 2 could detect what you are trying to focus on - like those eye test machines do - and produce a more realistic scene - blurry in the background, sharp foreground.

It would be cool to hit a key and have the scene zoom on what you're looking at.

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