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Comment Re:So Christianity is right... (Score 1) 213

Saying "you should believe" has always amused me. It's not like I can decide to start believing something at will - I know there are such people, and I consider them mentally, intellectually, a bit low at least on some areas.

I could act like I'm believer, but it would be an act, not real belief, and then there's the problem that all these man-made religions claim that their God is right, and there's hundreds of them, but there is only one potential God. Luckily I can't believe a God would care about what religion your into, unless it's purely evil.

Comment Re:Empty threat (Score 1) 302

When you workaround taxes in both the EU and US, I for one encourage Vestager to throw the book at you. Really, when a company like Apple decides to test boundaries of the law, Apple should expect the authorities to do exactly the same.

Word. And in fact to pretend that Apple didn't really know about EU tax rules and Cook is honest (LOL, ), is basically equivalent of saying that "Apple isn't crooked, they are just *incredibly* stupid - and so am I" :P

On topic, I'm sure the US generally likes this because without this pressure the money would have stayed in tax shelters. I for one think it's okay to go after companies that are actively speculating against the state, in hope of better future tax breaks...


Comment Re:Empty threat (Score 1) 302

Roger. We get it.

No, you don't...

You want expensive? How about we withdraw from NATO and let Germany worry about Russia on their own?

I'm sure that people are now crying in fear, locking themselves in their homes or rioting - or both at once. They are so desperate because *you* threatened them with NATO leaving them alone.

PS. If there was any way you could cause that to happen, I for one would gladly chip in to get you take NATO away from the whole Europe. It's part of the problem, not the solution, and currently it's trying to convince more countries in Europe to join, like Finland where I live and where we want to have nothing to do with NATO. Your grasp of realities of global politics isn't that great.

Comment Re:Not Apple's responsibility to police Ireland (Score 1) 564

It's not Apple's job to ensure Ireland's offer is in conformance with EU policy. That's it. It's a company's duty to its shareholders to legally reduce its tax burden; by making an agreement with a GOVERNMENT, they fulfilled their role completely.

After all the unethical stuff done by corporations I've seen defended and justified by someone with the same tired argument, every time I see it the more I'm thinking that corporations should be outlawed as unethical by nature, seeing that apparently they have a legal obligation to their shareholders to participate in unethical practices.

Comment Re:What Authority ... (Score 1) 564

No thanks, can't see anything good coming from that (...kind of ideas, and comparing different countries with mostly capitalist economies with varying levels of a) market regulation, and b) socialized public institutions/services, it seems to me that the less a country has and does either one of the two the worse that country fares on:
* healthcare accessibility and quality on average (and the price of it - I don't get why even selfish sociopath, in fact especially such person, would want to pay more for healthcare to make sure his healthcare spending isn't going for anyone else but his healthcare).
* safety from a) criminal activity and b) police brutality
* general level of education
* general feeling of content, satisfaction and happiness on average
* etc. etc.
I know that's a gross oversimplification, but whether one disagrees or agrees with it the act of pretending not understanding what I mean and acting like I meant something else just makes a person seem dumb, so please for your own sake everyone, consider not doing so (I know it's the long lasting trend on internet).

Also, while it may seem at first that those on the top of the material wealth pyramid might be able to nullify any and all such effects to their own life, I don't think even that is really true anyway - all their money is at least good for keeping them from seeing what they are missing out on. Just like the loved leader (pun intended) of North Korea, I'm sure his feeling like king of the world and he don't really have to worry about not affording something, but really I'm sure that anyone can see how much of stuff that actually matters he must be missing out on when compared to any average upper middle-class citizen in Europe, US or Japan (for example).

And I don't think all the time I've spent on writing all this here is worth it, for whose opinion is it going to change?
Still, I rather not go with the dog-eat-dog kind of system you're proposing and rather go with system where everyone is expected to chip in for the general good of the people, as it's compatible with natural human behavior - I do believe it's not only more ethical, but in general it's results are better for upper as well as lower classes, business owners as well as working class, everyone except maybe the 1% and even for those the only way it's not better for them is money wise, which really doesn't matter for them unless they insist on sticking with the mental delusion that the amount of unnecessary money and power is worth anything.

Comment Re:The EU needs money desperately (Score 1) 564

Fuck Off troll. Considering all reports say the UK fucked itself pulling out of the EU

What "all reports"? I bet you've been reading articles that supports your own views again, haven't you?

Because, what I've read is only confirming what everyone, never mind what camp of long term results they belong, said already before the vote: that on short term it will cost UK to leave EU. The long term results are still only speculation, and while I do have an opinion about it I also acknowledge that we don't actually know for sure how it will play out for UK. You neither, and there are no reports that prove what will happen either - not ones that you should take seriously anyway. Now speculations/theories, that's a different thing, and no, there is no agreement between different analysts there.

Sorry for poor English - and I mean my writing :D

Comment Re:I hate Apple, but no (Score 1) 564

Yeah - I'm always baffled, amused and a little bit sad to see how Yanks are so willing to rush into defense of their corporations committing "legalized tax fraud" against them. Instead of talking about what taxes they should be paying or not here in Europe, maybe they should focus on why the taxes of US company are being paid not-USA-land.

Comment Re:HD on cellular (Score 1) 94

To my understanding the point of unlimited data is to have unlimited data. Besides you don't need HD for video calls, let alone plain voice calls via internet.

And unless their outdated, any video service today probably defaults to maximum resolution of the device. However not necessary of the device that connects to ISP, it may also be a tablet, laptop or even desktop PC that's using wi-fi hotspot shared from the phone. In fact I'm currently connecting that way from home too - unfortunately that means I have no connection at home when I'm not there, which means I can't connect home remotely, but lately I've had no need for that anyway.
I'm not from US though - around here this kind of use is not even questioned. You pay for the data rate and you use it however you wish.

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