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Comment Re:Impressive but useful? (Score 4, Insightful) 95

Yeah, 100-600 hz means we aren't talking about any great amount of data at a time.

Pretty much the first thing I thought of. What baud rate would be possible using this? It couldn't be very high. Each 0-to-1 and 1-to-0 transition would have to wait for the fan speed to stabilize and that would take a variable amount of time depending on the fan size.

Interesting concept in the lab but would this really work in a real life situation? Many work environments have all sorts of ambient noise that might interfere with being able to detect the computer's fan noise.

Comment Mostly self-taught (Score 1) 515

First "formal" attempt to learn how to program was in freshman year of college in Calculus class. The professor spent about five minutes trying to teach the basics of FORTRAN: "This is a DO loop it ...", etc. Then he assigned homework to write programs to numerically integrate the equations in problems 1-10. It was a disaster. (I won't even go into the ancient computing system that everyone had to use for these assignments. The lack of adequate computer resources was another disaster I won't go into.)

I finally ran across a copy of Kemeny and Kurtz's BASIC programming book in the discount bin at the student book store. Bought that, logged onto my computer account, and worked through all the examples in that book one rainy Saturday afternoon. By then we had a brand new system that had been installed the summer before. Still not unlimited access but orders of magnitude better than we had during the learning-programming-during-Calculus debacle of the year before. Yeah it was BASIC but it was a springboard to the other languages I'd wind up learning in the future.

Comment What else will get stuck to the car? (Score 1) 203

Rocks kicked up by other cars?
The neighbor kid's Frisbee?
Various other types of road debris?

Hopefully, they've found a way to keep this from happening or it won't be too long before your Google car will look like a garbage dump on wheels. The FA didn't say anything about how often you'd need to take your Google car in to be resurfaced with a new layer of glue.

Comment Re: Tables (Score 1) 284

Spreadsheets aren't tables. If only the people who insist on using a freakin' spreadsheet to write a document because they want to communicate some information that benefits from a tabular format would realize how much of a pain in the ass it is for their readers to read much less make contributions to it.

Comment Re:Awesome (Score 2) 284

"The ribbon reduces the effort required to find the function you want."

Uh..... no it doesn't. Sure, it could be merely my experience but I've spent more time searching for things on the ribbon that used to be easily found in the multi-level menu. I'm not a full-time Office user, though. Maybe it's file processing nirvana for someone who uses it all day long but, as someone who only uses it when occasionally when required at work, I feel like I'm having to re-learn the darned user interface whenever I come back to it.

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