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Submission + - Secret free game reward for Kickstarter backers gets out of hand (

rkww writes: Following a wildly successful Kickstarter launch, London-based independent developer Nichol Hunt faced a problem — he had promised a free copy of his new game to each of his backers — and there were more than 700 of them. The bigger problem ? Apple will only issue fifty promo codes, and Apple Store gift cards have to be issued in the redeeming country. His solution ? Offer the game for free, in secret, for two days. You can predict what happened next...

Submission + - stuff that matters -- journalistic freedom

rkww writes: The BBC editor's blog are very very concerned for the safety of their correspondent Alan Johnston who was abducted in Gaza on 12 March. They have launched an appeal asking for websites and blogs to carry a banner ad that spreads the message. Just paste in the code below.

<a href=" 07/alan_johnston/default.stm"><img alt="Alan Johnston banner" src=" hnston.gif" width="150" height="90"></a>
Media (Apple)

Submission + - Deal ends Beatles' Apple battle

rkww writes: The BBC report that "Technology giant Apple has reached a deal with the Beatles to end the dispute over the use of the Apple name. Apple Inc will now take full control of the Apple brand and licence certain trademarks back to the Beatles' record company Apple Corps for continued use."

Submission + - Tesco moves into software market

rkww writes: "The BBC reports that the UK supermarket chain Tesco are moving into the software market.

From the article: "Tesco is to launch a range of budget own-brand PC software, in a move that will pitch the grocery giant against the likes of Microsoft and Symantec. Tesco said it would offer six packages, including office software, security systems and a photo editing tool."

I wonder if it will be open source?"

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