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Submission + - To Boldly Go Where No Mento Has Gone Before! (

rjwoodhead writes: "This last weekend, my entire family learned what it's like to float in freefall aboard G-Force One (recently featured on Mythbusters' Moon Hoax show). Being science-lovers, we decided to do some experiments, and wanted to do something original. So we decided to test whether the Diet Coke & Mentos reaction was affected by the lack of bubble convection in microgravity. The story of how the experiment evolved and how we talked Space Adventures into letting us fool around with sticky and corrosive cola and candy inside their nice clean airplane, as well as high-speed video of the results, can be found here."

Submission + - Slow-motion Robotic Combat Ballet (

rjwoodhead writes: "Earlier this month, my kids and I competed at RoboGames in San Francisco. In addition to our robot, we brought along a Casio Exilim EX-F1 camera and captured every fight at 300 frames per second. When played back at normal speed, the hits, spins and airtime looked positive balletic (not to mention ballistic!), so I cut together a music video, set to the "Waltz of the Flowers", from the Nutcracker by Tchaikovsky. Without further adieu, I present the Ballet of Destruction! Also available on YouTube, as are some other high-speed videos I've done, including Coke&Mentos at 1200 frames per second."

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