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Comment Re:Remove the chip (Score 2) 109

The cards are just about translucent enough that a bright LED torch can show you just where the antenna loop goes so you can pinpoint exactly where to cut or drill. Make sure you have a NFC app on your smartphone to check that you could read the card details before you cut or drill the card and cannot do so afterwards. Probably best to avoid the mag stripe as well. I might suggest a 1 or 1.5 mm drill in the top right corner as you look at the front of the card, with the center point of the hole being about 2.5 to 3mm from the top and right edges.

Not advocating, you understand. Just talking possibilities.

Comment Re:RFID (Score 3, Informative) 109

Nope. The object in his hand looks just like the contactless payment (combined with chip and pin) devices that are all over the place (in the UK anyway). Granted it doesn't look like the telepower device on the right side of the picture but certainly DOES look like a contactless payment device.

This doesn't rule out the story being BS for all the other reasons you give like needing to be tied to a traceable account...

Comment Re:Are TECHNICAL certifications worth earning? (Score 1) 118

The people I've known who had the best technical skills had no certifications so on that basis I'd certainly say yes.
Another point is that I think any certification that is easy for me to get is a waste of time (a bit like clubs that would have Groucho Marx as a member). CISSP was trivial to pass but is a big deal at my place of work and that's the only reason I've got it.

Comment Re:Wot? (Score 1) 126

Exactly. All the dwellings of the various demons should be fully enumerated by now. Similarly the standard of living of the Banshees should be compared and ranked against the leading countries today.
Are the tunes that the children dance to available on Spotify? Inquiring minds wish to know.

Comment Re:WSUS Offline (Score 1) 78

Yep. WSUS Offline for the windows boxes (although most of my offline windows installations are XP VMs so they are already as fully patched as they are ever going to be). Then we have an Umbongo server that serves all the Umbongo patches to the various offline workstations that host the VMs. A download script and a bit of rsyncing and the update server stays fresh.
The only issues are the rare times someone needs a MS patch that isn't covered by WSUS Offline, in which case they deal with it manually using MBSA.
Actually the hardest bit is getting the old-as-hills patches for various tools that we need to run. But running them offline doesn't make getting them in the first place any worse.

Comment Re:I probably would've gotten the death penalty... (Score 5, Informative) 629

The Windows logo in the Flying Windows screensaver was from the Wingdings font. Using Wordpad you could edit the screensaver binary and change the character that gets displayed to another one from that font. So at various times in the Win3.1 era people around me were found to have flying smiley faces, flying skull and crossbones etc.

Comment Have they fixed the invisible file mgr borders? (Score 2) 196

I posted the text below almost as-is for the 3.14 release, only later finding out that no, this bug is still present. So here goes again....
It's mainly on the file manager (that I've found) but you can click OUTSIDE the window and still interact with the window. For example if you have two file-managers close to each other with another window below them both and visible in the gap then you can't click the lower window directly even though you can see it and put your mouse over the visible part of it. All you do is focus one or the other of the file manager windows.
You can also hold down the windows key and click outside the file manager window and drag it around the screen just as if you had clicked inside the window (I can't remember if I changed the default key from alt to windows in my settings but the point applies).

Generally I'm OK with Gnome3 (providing you get the right extensions) but these invisible borders are such a fundamental breakage of the basic concept of a graphical windowed user interface.

Comment Try before you buy (Score 1) 284

What about the people who download music then either buy it if its good or delete it if its rubbish?

Only last night I went to a gig for a band touring for a new album. I didn't buy the ticket or the cd until the album was released. You can work out the rest for yourself. That's ~£75 I spent (CD, ticket, travel, parking etc) only because I heard the album without paying for it first. If I hadn't heard it because it was impossible to get or the death penalty scared me too much then that's money that wouldn't have been spent on the music industry. It really is that simple.

If I get the chance to meet and speak with the musicians I see I often tell them that I'm only a fan and only here to see them because at some point I downloaded their music - and you know what, every single one of them has been cool with that and glad that I became a fan.

Over half the miles I do in my car are going to gigs - I need BP as a character witness.

What about stuff that you literally cannot buy? I know of several CDs (and TV series for that matter) that I would happily pay a sensible price for but it seems that nobody wants my money.

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