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Comment Email to unicast Senior VP (Score 1) 1046

I just sent this email to John DeTar, Senior Vice President of Unicast:
30-seconds of pure video and expanded interactivity shown perfectly to every consumer every time.

I use a Mac running OS X. My browser is Apple Safari, and I have cookies enabled. Your demo page seems to disagree on my cookie capabilities, and won't download your demo ad. So does this mean I'm not a consumer?

Looks like you need to modify your marketing message to read "shown perfectly to most consumers, most of the time, as long as they don't yet know how to block content by MIME type and/or source IP address, and as long as they're not Mac, Linux, Unix or WebTV users, or using an old version of Windows, or viewing it from a smartphone."

Did you ever consider that users in many, many other countries pay their ISP per megabyte consumed? In New Zealand, scarce broadband services goes for 20 cents/MB. They never ask to download your ads, but they're going to have to wait for it and *pay* for it too?

You guys should hook up with Bell Labs, who just came up with a way to deliver advertising to cellphones based on short-range physical proximity. That way I can walk down the street and get bombarded with streaming video ads that I PAY to download! That'll REALLY make the world a better place! Or at least a more profitable one...

Why don't you quit and go find a way to make social responsibility as profitable as irresponsibility? We just might save capitalism before those damned anarchists take over from underneath. Ready, set, go!

Best of luck,
(sig withheld)
For whatever that was worth...::sigh::


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