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Comment Re:Not sure you have a lot of options? (Score 1) 221

Yup - totally living that. Superseded never made sense either - esp with a mix of "older" and "newer" installs. You couldn't decline an patch via the cleanup tool if it was needed. And then upgrading a newly deployed machine was difficult unless you spent the time to slipstream which was a pita.

A healthy mix of several OU Targets and I just keep pressing "Approve all" (after testing in a smaller group of early adopters).

I look forward to this change - not sure what the impact will be.

wow - a helpful and relevant /. post !!!

Comment Re:Google Messenger (Score 1) 98

I have since used Allo. It is telephone# / SMS only - so I registered my Google Voice number. I can't chat with my G+ friends - nor those in my "Circles." Unless I'm totally missing something.

This is worse than iMessage. Apple lets you (optionally) find people by email (they might be Mac only users without a phone). With iMessage I register via multiple contacts (email(s) & phone#). So people searching for me can use whatever contact info they have (not everyone has my phone#)

It gets worse. I sent a message from my iPhone to my google virtual number - and Google Voice received it. Next I sent a message from Allo to my iPhone - and it showed up as a weird short-number, with a preamble "This is from Allo - install it from here." While it integrates with SMS - it really wants to be Allo only.

Bizarre. A totally new "top shelf" chat platform that doesn't plug into the whole Google platform?!

Comment Re:Happy to see life for Lit (Score 1) 136

Racing his motorcycle on a track - in the interest of science.


From the article: "Kim was testing his Ducati in a controlled environment at a reputable race track, which he says is the safest place to ride a motorcycle. In an attempt to avoid a collision with another vehicle, he hit a row of sandbags in the track’s runoff area."

Comment Evolution anyone? (Score 1) 161

So - seems that biologists are hot and heavy on this thing called Evolution. Zuck must be low on Science creds - seems to me that attempts to "kill" disease would cause them to mutate and get around whatever road block is in the way.

$3 billion fighting evolution? Who will win? Place your bets!

Comment Happy to see life for Lit (Score 1) 136

I was intrigued by Lit when they first made headlines a few years ago. Recently I went looking to see whatever came of them - only to discover that the CEO/Mastermind had suffered a serious accident and everything had slowed to a virtual halt.

So this may be good news. A new life for Lit.

Imagine lots of little 1 (or 2) person self driving taxis. It could be a breakthrough. Rather than lots of regular sized cars (or mini things like Google has) - Lits could be single person cars which also solves the number of cars on the road issue. Pack'em in.

And maybe "Ginger" (Segway) will make a comeback in a weird sort of rickshaw mode of city transportation. Rather than you driving it - you just sit and it takes you to your destination.

Comment Re:Google Messenger (Score 3, Interesting) 98

I'm having the same confusion. I've read the blogs and understand why the keep refactoring and refactoring. But now I'm confused by what app I should be using.

Google Voice has a "chat" (SMS) app that totally sucks. Wait - isn't Hangout supposed to fix this? (no). Now I'm using Hangout - but Voice in GMail (browser) is what pops up.

And if I'm using Allo - who can I chat with? FB users? iMessage? SMS? Just my Google+ friends? The pie is the whole world but this slice is thin. I've given up trying to use 5 apps tied to an experience. SMS is the universal - I go there first. Since that is iMessage for me I get the added feature bonus when chatting with fellow Apple users....but I don't care. I don't use FB messenger because - that's on FB. Hangout? That's only G+. Having to remember which app works for each person is mind boggling - just use SMS platform of the phone. done. Now - if I don't have their phone# I'll use the app. But that's easier to remember.

Comment Re:Automated Insincerity (Score 1) 98

It's my favorite feature. I send people on FB "Happy automated Birthday message" (literally) when FB shows the "today is Friend #890 Bday! tap here to wish them a birthday." Look mom - I *will* call you today I promise. The rest of you get an automated message to make you feel good.

Automated responses work great on my iWatch - no typing, just pick the appropriate answer (although new watchOS doesn't suggest as well as previous version did). Terrific for limited UI.

But I find most of these replies to be in response to "silence makes people nervous" --- you need to finish the TCP-FIN connection "Okay got it." Not sure it is all that insincere - just saying "okay" or "got it" or "that's nice" Otherwise they keep pinging with "hello - did you get my last message?!"

Comment They found the Boston bombers too ?! (Score 1) 610

Isn't this the same group that "found" the Boston Bomber? Mob rule mentality with "that looks like what I want" Causality and Causation.

It'll be interesting to hear if there's any truth to this. Although "Believe nothing you hear, and only one half that you see." (E.A.Poe)

Comment Computerized Management (Score 1) 428

Gosh - didn't an article run in /. last week about having a Computer as a Manager? I know I read it somewhere.

This idea that "Uber" raised rates is false - who is "Uber?" The Computer Algorithm did it - there was unlikely any humans (initially) involved. Uber did it -- "they" are automated. This idea that people believe there's some person in a dark room controlling fares with a click of the mouse is humorous.

But hey - the algorithm did it's job. Raised rates to get more drivers on the job (although wasn't that also disproven a few months ago?). Anyhow- supply and demand in action. People could walk. Or take a regular (regulated) taxi. I'd suggest the metro but understand that might feel unsafe in a trying time like this.

Submission + - Turning bionic dreams into reality - with a helping hand from toy makers (redbull.com)

An anonymous reader writes: Prosthetics are advancing at an incredible rate, but are still very expensive, and often overwhelming for young child amputees. But one company, Open Bionics, is trying to change that. In a new interview, Samantha Payne, the company founder talks about how using 3D printing – as well as Disney licensing for the inevitable Star Wars and Iron Man branded arms – is helping to make working prosthetic arms more palatable for children, and in the low thousands of dollars, much more affordable for their families. "Most of all though, a bionic hand has to look the part. It has to make an amputee feel good. People often overlook the importance of design," she explains.

Submission + - Big step for quantum teleportation won't bring us Star Trek. Here's why (sciencemag.org)

sciencehabit writes: Two teams have set new distance records for quantum teleportation: using the weirdness of quantum mechanics to instantly transfer the condition or “state” of one quantum particle to another one in a different location. One group used the trick to send the state of a quantum particle of light, or photon, 6.2 kilometers across Calgary, Canada, using an optical fiber, while the other teleported the states of photons over 14.7 kilometers across Shanghai, China.
Both advances could eventually lead to an unhackable quantum internet, but what else is quantum teleportation good for? And will we ever be able to use it to zip painlessly to work on a frigid January morning? Science Magazine explores.

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