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Submission + - Rental chain tracks customers with cams, keylogger (

riegel writes: "PC Rental Chain apparently use spyware from pc rental agent to keep tabs on their rental equipment even after it is purchased.

Court papers allege that Aaron's told police that they install the software on all their rental computers.

Brian and Crystal Byrd learned that snooping software had been installed on their laptop when an Aaron's store manager came to their home and wrongly accused them of not paying for the computer.

The manager tried to repossess the laptop and showed them a picture of Mr Byrd using the computer, which had been taken by the machine's webcam.

'It feels like we were pretty much invaded, like somebody else was in our house,' said Mr Byrd.

'It's a weird feeling, I can't really describe it. I had to sit down for a minute after he showed me that picture.'

Apparently Aaron's is claiming this was done at an independent store and is not Aaron's policy."

Submission + - Flash has Arrived for the iPad (

riegel writes: has developed a technology for taking existing flash and running it with html 5 and javascript.

From their website...

Unless you've been under a rock, you'(TM)re probably familiar with the fact that Adobe Flash doesn’t run on any mobile Apple device. Moreover, it looks like Apple is never going to let Flash onto the iPhone/iPod/iPad empire.


We're putting Smokescreen out there as a preview right now. We look forward to adding support for more of Flash, fix bugs, and improve performance over time. This is just a start.

Submission + - eBay says Paypal pay invalid unless eBay initiated

riegel writes: I recently purchased a power supply off of ebay where the seller accepted Paypal. I subsequently asked him for his email address so I could pay him with PayPal directly and bypass the ebay lockin. If I use the ebay button my option to use a credit card is absent. So after fufilling my side of the contract by paying for the item with Paypal and subsequently recieving the item I found that eBay had marked my account as unpaid and did a "strike" against me for non-payment.

I called eBay to show them proof of the payment and after being shuffled from the first guy who assured me it would be taken care of I spoke with another girl who said that I was required to use ebays payal button or my transaction was invalid. This seems like an antitrust issue, has anyone else had similar experiences with the eBay/PayPal lockin.

Submission + - Why is documentation so hard to understand. ( 8

riegel writes: Recently while reading some Apache web server documentation, I came across a note I didn't understand. I often encounter statements that I don't understand. Usually I keep reading hoping what follows will make sense of what I am not clear on.

When I came across this little jewel I thought it would be a perfect ask slashdot question. As we all know slashdot readers are among the brightest of all who live in their mother's basements. Slashdot readers are also the most seasoned experts of all those that have immaculate lawns. So... What does this sentence mean and why is it so hard to understand?

If CGI processes are not running under user ids other than the web server user id, this directive will limit the number of processes that the server itself can create.

my process runs under user id bozo

my web server runs under user id www

What does that first statement tell me? Will this directive limit things or not? The word "not", in bold, appears to be irrelevant but the author intended it to be bold for some reason. What is the reason for the word applying bold to the word "not"?

Technology (Apple)

Submission + - Apple Answers the FCC's Questions (

riegel writes: "From a prominent link on the Front page of is Apple's response to the FCC inquiry regarding its App store and more specifically its failure to approve the google voice app..

Question 1. Why did Apple reject the Google Voice application for iPhone and remove related third-party applications from its App Store? In addition to Google Voice, which related third-party applications were removed or have been rejected? Please provide the specific name of each application and the contact information for the developer.

Contrary to published reports, Apple has not rejected the Google Voice application, and continues to study it. The application has not been approved because, as submitted for review, it appears to alter the iPhone's distinctive user experience by replacing the iPhone's core mobile telephone functionality and Apple user interface with its own user interface for telephone calls, text messaging and voicemail. Apple spent a lot of time and effort developing this distinct and innovative way to seamlessly deliver core functionality of the iPhone. For example, on an iPhone, the "Phone" icon that is always shown at the bottom of the Home Screen launches Apple's mobile telephone application, providing access to Favorites, Recents, Contacts, a Keypad, and Visual Voicemail. The Google Voice application replaces Apple's Visual Voicemail by routing calls through a separate Google Voice telephone number that stores any voicemail, preventing voicemail from being stored on the iPhone, i.e., disabling Apple's Visual Voicemail. Similarly, SMS text messages are managed through the Google hub--replacing the iPhone's text messaging feature. In addition, the iPhone user's entire Contacts database is transferred to Google's servers, and we have yet to obtain any assurances from Google that this data will only be used in appropriate ways. These factors present several new issues and questions to us that we are still pondering at this time.


It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Breakfast bickering sends wife to Jail (

riegel writes: "My local newspaper had this.

An elderly Enfield woman is in jail today after allegedly beating her husband with a frying pan following an argument over breakfast.

Halifax County deputies said the dispute began early on Friday when 85-year-old James Lewis complained about the meal prepared by his wife, 71-year-old Rosie Lewis.

As Rosie Lewis worked to prepare a second breakfast, authorities said, the couple continued to bicker. The fight escalated when James Lewis allegedly drew back his cane to hit his wife.

"Mrs. Lewis, at this point, picked up an iron frying pan and hit Mr. Lewis on the head several times, knocking him to the floor and causing a head injury," said Lt. Stevie Salmon.

James Lewis was taken to Halifax Regional Medical Center, where he received 50 stitches. He was in good condition earlier this week, officials said.

Rosie Lewis was charged with assault with a deadly weapon inflicting serious injury and taken to the Halifax County jail, where she remained Tuesday. The suspect will not be allowed to post bond prior to her first court appearance Aug. 26, due to a state law intended to protect victims of domestic abuse from further violence.

Authorities would not say what breakfast dish sparked the dispute.



Submission + - Opera Speeds Up Javascript (

riegel writes: " has a story about Operas new javascript engine

From the Article...

The new engine is called Carakan (pronounced Tsharakan) and sees Opera refocus on performance. In recent releases the emphasis has been on ensuring the browser uses as few resources, memory, and hard drive space as possible, but now execution speed is seen as key."

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