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Submission + - Rental chain tracks customers with cams, keylogger (

riegel writes: "PC Rental Chain apparently use spyware from pc rental agent to keep tabs on their rental equipment even after it is purchased.

Court papers allege that Aaron's told police that they install the software on all their rental computers.

Brian and Crystal Byrd learned that snooping software had been installed on their laptop when an Aaron's store manager came to their home and wrongly accused them of not paying for the computer.

The manager tried to repossess the laptop and showed them a picture of Mr Byrd using the computer, which had been taken by the machine's webcam.

'It feels like we were pretty much invaded, like somebody else was in our house,' said Mr Byrd.

'It's a weird feeling, I can't really describe it. I had to sit down for a minute after he showed me that picture.'

Apparently Aaron's is claiming this was done at an independent store and is not Aaron's policy."

Comment Re:Great, now implement 3 and 4 properly. (Score 2) 211

I suspect thats mostly because you're bad at web development. ... In no way is this a defense of Microsoft, its just an attack on you.

Actually, you are wrong and misdirecting your attack. If a browser vendor wants to boast HTML5 compliance then it is completely fair to ask about compliance with previous iterations of the HTML standard.

And yes you can have w3c compliant html that fails miserably in IE. Competent web developers can/will, and do cajole their code to work correctly in IE. That doesn't mean as you state, that the code in its original incarnation was wrong or the developer was incompetent. It simply means he had to tweak his/her code to comply with a non-compliant web browser. And many including myself do that begrudginly because so many people use an depend on said non-compliant browser.

Comment Re:cue 100% of comments... (Score 1) 505

I still don't understand why people feel that they must have children. Not only does it contribute to the ever growing problem of overpopulation, but the fact that a startling number parents have children regardless of the fact that they don't have any time to raise them only worsens matters.

Your post made me sad. Not for me, I have six children, but sad for you.

btw. I like your sig.

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