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Submission + - NASA competition invites ideas for human waste management in space (news.com.au)

bsharma writes: GOING to the bathroom in zero-gravity can be a tricky task — and NASA wants your help to make it a little bit easier for its astronauts. We can put a man on the moon but we can’t deny our bodily functions, no matter who you are. So the world’s leading space agency has put up a $US30,000 award for anyone who can come up with the most innovative “space poop” solution.

Comment Re: Castro dead (Score 1) 278

Fidel Castro was supported by the (regime changing) CIA and military establishment - in what turned out to be one of their biggest fiascos - to overturn the anti-US Batista regime. With the furious infighting in Washington between Kennedy and the entrenched military, the Bay of Pigs was the crowning touch in Castro's consolidation of Cuba.
Russia, fully aware of the Kennedy attitude towards nuclear weapons, 'blinked', and backed down on the shipment of additional armaments to Cuba. What is NOT widely known is that the launch sites were already operational when the naval blockade was enacted, and it was the Russian government that forced Castro to dismantle and remove the missile sites that could have reached about half of the south-eastern US.
Gotta' love the Crazy Idiots Agency and their black-ops for handling the geo-political issues - even before they got their unlimited funding from drug trafficking during the Viet Nam debacle.

Submission + - The impending dual-sim mobile phone problem

crath writes: In many countries, 2G mobile networks are due to be turned off in the very near future. This means that anyone with a dual SIM phone will effectively have the second SIM slot rendered unusable; since almost every dual SIM mobile phone manufactured to date only supports 2G for its secondary SIM card. This is a hardware limitation (I've seen some suggestions on the Internet that this is to extend battery life). I've just become aware of this issue as a result of starting a project that has me regularly commuting between Australia and Singapore; with a need for affordable data in both countries--hence, a dual SIM phone.

I'm quite surprised that this upcoming event hasn't garnered more attention in the press, because the thousands upon thousands of users who have dual active SIM phones will have them reduced to old fashioned one SIM active at a time functionality. This includes some very expensive Sony & Samsung devices currently for sale. I expect there will be an outcry from a lot of very unhappy users when 2G is switched off.

In researching this issue, I came upon the following:

What action are /. dual SIM users taking to prepare for the turning off of 2G? What phones can you recommend from 1st hand use (not just because you've read a review or spec. sheet)?


rickyslashdot writes: Stuffed on leftovers, 5 beers down, and my sick mind just HAS to ask . . .

WHERE in the hell do all the razors come from in the post-apocalyptic TV / CABLE / etc. shows that allow ALL the women to have clean shaven legs and pits — - — and how do they find the TIME between running from attackers (zombies, ghouls, ghosts, devils, demons, sociopaths, etc.) to deal with more than primitive basic hygiene — quick splash of water to the face, pits, and loins — along with a fast tooth-scrub on-the-run ?

OK, so it's a total BS question — but the answer is something that slashdot should go totally batshit crazy over ! ! ! --lol--

Comment Re:This makes several Mars mission plans feasible (Score 1) 113

Hmmm! Anybody remember the international discussions about using clean hydrogen fusion devices to excavate large areas of terrain (or whatever it is called on Mars)? And how these issues got scuppered by SALT and SALT II, along with the space nuclear bans.
Among the last nuclear testing done by the (now defunct) USSR, they produced a device that yielded 95% fusion and only 5% fission from the trigger, with really low levels of radioactive residue - almost all of which comes from the fission component of the device. Hell, the radiation protection needed by Mars personnel wouldn't need to be much more than already required to protect against cosmic and solar radiation. Besides, with the rovers - adaptable as refined water carriers - the colonists wouldn't even need to be in the areas of the fallout.
THIS would eliminate the need for high-mass diggers and crushers to gain access to these - admittedly 'contaminated' reserves of water that need additional processing - but with the near vacuum of Mars' atmosphere, vacuum distillation seems like a real no-brainer.
A single mission with 30 to 40 tons of cargo could hold several rovers, multiple 'nuclear excavation' devices, and the robotic beginnings of a water reclamation project. The ONLY issue would be getting all the hardware behind sufficient shielding (rock masses, mountains, big hills, or even a big hole in the ground) to protect the remaining operational hardware from the EMP.

Comment SUPER batteries - SUPER discharge capacities (Score 1) 230

I seem to remember a story about a Kzin (in one of Larry Niven's RINGWORLD novels) referring to shorting out a high capacity (Puppeteer) battery to make a high yield destructive IED. Looks like life is catching up to SciFi - - - again -grin-
Please note that the batteries were designed by a rigorously safety-paranoid species to NOT be capable of being used in this manner - but a war-faring and destruction-motivated species STILL managed to circumvent the safeties, and managed to make it go "KA-BOOM".

Comment Re:Flip flop .... (Score 1) 559

TOTALLY AGREE. As an ex-military NCO with top secret security clearance - requiring quarterly briefings and signed documents attesting to your understanding of the responsibilities and penalties - I am fully aware of the offenses and penalties for abridging the classified document handling procedures.
INTENT is NOT a requirement, only that it HAPPENED by the person's personal choice and their own volition.
THIS, along with being a well-entrenched part of the 'establishment', is what cost "Hillary - dillary - can't touch me - I'm a politician, a lawyer, and I'm rich" the election, even though the choice was an agonizing one of the 'known devil' vs the 'perceived devil'.

Take a trip down memory lane with the following: (some pro, many con'vict')

Americans have made their choice, whether through the electoral college or the basic raw vote count - - - being tilted a bit in Hillary's favor, but with the small margin still showing an inherent distrust of the entrenched 2-party system - either side is the same, just a bit different on the talking points - - - basically, the same old shit !

News reports already seem to indicate that president-elect Trump is willing to accept new information and alter his 'campaign promises __LOL__ ' in order to get down to the actual business of running the country.

Comment Re:put staff out of work (Score 1) 58

Case in point - not dementia related - but absolutely on the point of HUMAN INTERACTION. My last visit to the VA for assistance with chronic pain (over 30 years of neurological damage to lower spine) was via teleconference, with a 'treatment agent' that would have been fired from a 3rd grade class for lack of empathy, inability to properly evaluate patient, and total anal retention syndrome with requirements to be the sole and absolute controlling agent.
The idiot even had the gall to tell me how to install a battery - put the flat end against the spring - when I was simply trying to read the small print on the battery to see what type of lithium technology was being used in a device I was going to have to wear attached to my belt with electrodes on my lower back and thigh.
Hell, the idiot even 'directed' me to NOT touch the controls when I instinctively (for an electronic geek, design engineer, and previous bio-medical engineer) tried to move and familiarize myself with the controls that were going to control the electronic impulses to my body (TENS unit).
Final straw was when I was required to attach the unit to my back - even though I was already wearing lidocaine patches and had maxed out my pain meds just to be at the session (that, by the way, the agent was LATE for). ANY additional stimulus to a patient with high levels of pain can, and often does, trigger neuro-muscular spasms that are really, REALLY unpleasant - and cannot be alleviated without direct injections to the pain centr(s).
HOPEFULLY, the complaint form I left will help some other poor, pain-ridden veteran to obtain a more compassionate and empathetic physio-neurological pain sufferer to get better treatment.
NO, I did not get the TENS unit, even though I have used one for 4 different periods since 1980 - - - Thank You, VA for assistance -NOT- for service-connected disabilities.

Submission + - SPAM: Internet of Things' Security Tips

Maulana Mubarak writes: The company will be get a lot of benefit by implementing security Internet of Things (IoT) as part of it's business strategy. But the other thing that must be remembered is IoT not only consist of a variety of gadgets such as smartphones, smart watch, etc. There is still a lot of "Things" like an assortment of sensors, tooling, control system, and even toys are also available
Link to Original Source

Comment Re:One party rule (Score 1) 2837

Well said - and it doesn't really go far enough in describing the corruption embedded in the Democratic / Republican state of affairs. Trump won this election simply because he presented a platform that just couldn't be 'bribed' (swayed by PAC moneys), because - basically - he has more money than most of the PAC's, and could not really give a sh!t about their special interests.

Comment The FBI Got Its Hands on Data That Twitter Wouldn' (Score 3, Interesting) 76

Talk about a tempest in a teapot - - - Twitter is so totally open, with it's datastream virtually wide open, that this issue is basically just a 'news bleep' that just isn't news.
Give me a break - so the CIA (or whomever) can access the 'firehose' at Twitter - well, so can just about anybody else.
Besides, Twitter not only gives access to this data, they also data-mine the stream for advertising and sales purposes.

ANYBODY using Twitter (or any other 'social media') that expects any kind of effective data security is so totally out of touch with reality that there is just no realistic communication with them. With the openness of the social media craze, I have very little sympathy for any of that crowd that gets hammered with loss of password / name / credit card data / etc from breaches in the social media's systems - since the social media orgs are basically setting themselves up as targets for any script kiddie that wants to 'give it a whirl' using any of the vast number of hacking / cracking tools available off the web. When you get to the level of state sponsored intruders, the social media orgs are just plain old 'low hanging fruit'.

Comment Re:Why is this news? (Score 1) 102

I would have tagged this as flame-bait, troll, or just total BS, but the thread is way too long, and I don't have infinite karma points to nail each post.

I guess it's just part of the crap we all live with in an open forum like /.

I liked the article, enjoyed the insight into the usage of novel material in a new film, and would like to see this trend expand into future works of movie productions.

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