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Submission + - Space X Does it AGAIN

rickyslashdot writes: GREAT video of launch, 1st stage landing, Geosynchronous injection, etc. Elon Musk seems to be really pushing the limits of the envelope for reducing orbital injection costs with re-usable 1st stage assemblies — going to be interesting to see if the re-use actually works — coming this fall (November). > A static, full-duration, test-burn of a landed 1st stage has already been performed for performance / reliability testing. Video gets a bit boring waiting on the 1st orbit of the assembly before the GTO burn of the 2nd stage re-ignition (17 minutes or so), but overall a great video on the COMMERCIAL state-of-the-art in orbital launch technology. NOTE: you can skip over the 'coasting phase' without missing anything! Fourth SpaceX Rocket Successfully Landed on A Drone Ship A few other related sites — Flikr — Another launch video — CRS-9 (Space Station Re-Supply Mission) — with some misc info about the MANNED Dragon capsule — due for launch next hear (2017). Current successful landings are greater than the losses — and will only get better as the learning curve resolves the issues involved in the failures.

Submission + - Researchers orbit a muon around an atom, confirm physics models are broken (

schwit1 writes: The proton's charge radius shouldn't change, and yet it appears to.

This “proton radius puzzle” suggests there may be something fundamentally wrong with our physics models. And the researchers who discovered it have now moved on to put a muon in orbit around deuterium, a heavier isotope of hydrogen. They confirm that the problem still exists, and there's no way of solving it with existing theories.

Comment Brains of Overweight People Look Ten Years Older T (Score 1) 184

Well, Gee, Fellas, if there is NO DIFFERENCE in COGNITIVE FUNCTIONS, then this seems to be a bottom-feeding slashdot filler to justify a moderator's quota ! ! ! IF the brains appear 10 years older, but are still fully functional, then it should be a PLUS for being overweight.

Submission + - For the NASA & space fans . . .

rickyslashdot writes: It looks like the legacy of Senator Proxmire may have finally come to an end. NASA has been given it's biggest budget increase in many years, $1.7 billion, bringing it's budget up to $19.3 billion — ( ) — ( ). Included in this budget is funding for a Europa LANDER, to go along with the planned orbiter in 2020 — ( ). Additional funding is included to finish development of the Heavy Launch Vehicle (sadly named after the atomic-pulse vehicle — ORION — by a clueless politician), and have it operational by 2017. This will facilitate the manned Mars project, along with the ability to go to other planets with larger payloads. Everyone please give a tip-of-the-hat to Texas Congressman John Culberson, who chairs the House Appropriations subcommittee with jurisdiction over the space agency, for his work in getting America's space program back into shape. It's not exactly high-gear, but it is MUCH better than the past decades of slowly whittling away at NASA's budget, and our only real chance of surviving through the rest of this century and into the future. Lots of other interesting info at the links in the above listed sites.

Comment Here's a historical (unknown) point-of-interest (Score 4, Interesting) 85

ONE MAN COULD turn both keys in the activation sequence - which was NOT supposed to be do-able. During periodic testing of the control room -to- silo control links, a single man was left to activate the keys to test the wiring systems. The 2 consoles were 8 - 10 (or so) feet apart, and designed to REQUIRE 2 men to activate the firing sequence at the same time. Using 2 nails and a length of sting, the ingenious control house tech put one nail above the second key control, the second nail through the head of the key, tied the string to the second nail (key-head nail) and ran the string across the top nail and over to the second key station. BINGO! He could turn BOTH keys simultaneously - one by hand, the other by pulling on the string. When observed (caught) doing this testing, he was told to never discuss it, and the repercussions went like a silent tidal wave all the way to the top. I still don't know how this was resolved - but I imagine the key consoles were outfitted with additional locks that required pushing an actuator button or something, requiring 2 hands to activate.

Comment Re:Marijuana should be legalized (Score 1) 132

Consider the fact that the DEA, Washington congress-critters (alien by nature), and the 'self-righteous' and affiliates have killed, crimilalized, marginalized, and jailed MORE PEOPLE than all of mankinds war losses put together. Decriminalize, regulate (ie. alcohol), and allow personal choice - - - this single process would more than double the available budget for the US to provide USEFUL support for the taxpayers. Bottom line: This SINGLE issue would allow granny to safely cash her SS chack without facing a gang of 'users' waiting to rip off the helpless for another fix.

Comment one problem . . . (Score 1) 293

Even after decades of following this issue of H2 vs electric, I STILL haven't seen anything addressing the well-known (in petro-chemical and industrial engineering circles) problem known as 'hydrogen embrittlement'. Years-long exposure to H2, epsecially when under high pressure, effects even the best metals and alloys with seriously degraded resiliance to fracture-stresses eg think of glass being smacked with a hammer. OK - so batteries have a limited useful work-life, but at least they don't shatter when pile-driven in a collision - - - who's gonna' take out the garbage ===> ALL THE OLD H2 STORAGE CELLS ? ? ?

Submission + - New insect (mosquito) repellant ( 1

rickyslashdot writes: This new chemical, called Vanderbilt University Allosteric Agonist or VUAA1, is apparently thousands of times more effective against mosquitos than DEET. The article covers the way this works — by totally overwhelming the blood sucker's sensory receptors — kind of like being blasted with every smell in the book. It should be really useful as a netting coating, for clothes, and even as body spray — all depending on the toxicity of the final product.
Hopefully, it won't be priced so high as to preclude use in malaria infested parts of the world.
Another (implied) feature is — since it activates the sensory triggers in the bug's antennae, it shouldn't have much (if any) issue with resistance buildup, since these chemical receptors are required for the mosquito to feed and survive.
Read the article — well written with a couple of videos — and gives good explanations.

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