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Comment Re:It's the Science News Media's Fault (Score 3, Interesting) 565

On the same note (unqualified reporters trying to explain basic scientific issues) is the "EQUAL REPORTING" ethos that has pervaded the news media. EVEN IF the evidence is overwhelmingly in the Global Warning arena, the "Equal Reporting" issue SEEMS to show that half - or thereabouts - of the scientific community does NOT believe the evidence supporting Global Warming - - - when the actual numbers approach 95%(+) FOR, and 5% (or so) AGAINST. The bigger the lie, the easier it is for the masses to believe.

Comment Re:How is this different from any university? (Score 1) 305

Sadly, and with more than a bit of embarrassment, I worked for a few of these 'diploma mills' - - - and know that they are bound by a legal statute known as the '70-30 rule'. ONLY (lol) 70% of the funding can be government subsidized through loans and grants, the remaining 30% MUST be from 'paying' clients. This number is referred to in the source post - 70% being government assisted. A couple of these schools actually taught some real-world applicable skills and knowledge, but far too many were nothing more than 'suck 'em in, spit 'em out, let the lenders deal with collecting the funds already collected by the 'school' through grants and loans. Hell, one of the recruiters I knew actually 'worked' the bus station to solicit and sign-up people that had no real chance of completing the course, or even getting hired into any decent job related to the course of study (hence my real embarrassment and shame - but a job is a job - and I NEEDED the income I earned as an instructor - and a damned good one - using the training and skills I received from my service in the USAF from 1970 through 1976). Seriously though, the only significant difference between the privately owned schools and the state owned colleges is that the privately owned schools PROMISED a 'great career opportunity' with their associate degree program. In other words, they were guilty of ACTIVE solicitation of their student body, and were never really held accountable for the actual job placement statistics of their graduates. The legal 'weasel' term is the word __OPPORTUNITY__, and was used to justify the lack of job placement effectiveness because it was just an OPPORTUNITY, even though the promotional material APPEARED to PROMISE this type of career advancement - but was really falling back on the legality of the word OPPORTUNITY ! THIS is NO DIFFERENT from state colleges - with the ONE BIG ISSUE of ACTIVE RECRUITMENT promising great careers (opportunity) if they would just sign on the dotted line for their 'government loan' debt. BECAUSE these types of privately owned schools drained the market of students from the student-body pool the state owned colleges wanted, they (the state owned colleges) continuously fought tooth-and-nail to keep accreditation and acceptance from being granted to the private schools, and consistently refused to honor credits earned from the private schools - for one reason - TUITION FEE$ - and the state / federal lockin on the educational system. I saw the result of a school failing (in the mid 1990's) . . . and the totally WRONG actions of the lending agencies, who held the student liable for their loans, even though the school didn't exist, nor was there anything the poor students could do about it, since they had signed the loan agreement papers WITHOUT a bail-out clause to release them from their debt in case of the school going tits-up ! Now, for the realistic view, we can see that community colleges are - BY FAR - the cheapest and most effective path for obtaining an Associate degree, which is USUALLY accepted by most colleges/universities for advanced placement towards a Bachelor's degree program. All it takes is a phone call to the local 4-year colleges to identify the courses that WILL transfer towards a Bachelor's degree.

Comment Re: Makes more sense (Score 1) 220

Something is seriously wrong here, folks. There has been a glut of 'dark fiber' (unused fiber capacity) since the 1990's - and any attempt by the telco's, ISP's, and cable companies has been a totally fabricated 'load limit' based on the usages from decades-old levels. There is enough spare (dark) fiber to provide 100Mbit service for everyone in this country, at a basic rate in the $40 dollar per month range. STOP for a moment and compare the costs of domestic US pricing against most of the Euro-zone facilities - and think about what REAL competition could bring to the American market.

Comment Sad Reality: It's Cheaper To Get Hacked Than Build (Score 1) 183

BOTTOM LINE - - - and THIS is the real Issue - is that the 'bean counters' are winning (have won)! As long as the profit margins are maintained - then the cost of the lawsuits and penalties are, basically, just a 'cost of doing business', and nothing will change until this fundamental issue is resolved. The cost of non-proactive performance / systemic issues MUST be made more expensive than non-compliance. When the cost accountants (and lawyers) can show that it is cheaper to pay the lawsuit losses and fines than it is to actually fix the problem, then American (and global) business will continue to follow the same old tried-and-true 'pot at the end of the rainbow' - - - the God almighty bottom-line ensconced in the corporate structure that places PROFIT ahead of any other issue - because the board-of-directors MUST be accountable to the shareholders and the fiduciary responsibility of the board is the PRIME DIRECTIVE , or they will be voted out of office. The 'PINTO' example mentioned in this thread is a prime example of this corporate mind-set. AND, a more current example is the 'Do No Evil' motto that has slowly, but surely, evaporated from the GOOGLE empire. SUCKS, but that's life, folks. My only remaining desire is to live long enough to remember - 'the year they killed all the lawyers' - - - NOT a threat, just a fervent, heart-felt wish.

Comment MIT Scientists Use Radio Waves To Sense Human Emot (Score 1) 91

And now - for another tool to tell if you are a 'terrorist' risk ! Damn, all it takes is an RF emitter, receiver, and an AI interface - and GUESS WHAT . . . Everyone going through an airline queue gets 'sampled' - and guess how many get butt-fsked due to overly sensitive 'AI' analysis . . . . . GUESS how many false positives will crop up from stressed-out common people simply trying to get somewhere to resolve business problems ! ! ! This tech will run to the TOP of weaponizeable applications as fast as you can say 'oh, sh1t'. I'm really glad that I'm a disabled veteran who can't travel, and don't have to endure the current Orwellian paranoia that has evolved from the BASIC task assigned to the task force to prevent MASS ATTACKS via airplanes ---NOT to prevent EVERY INCIDENCE of SINGLE AIRPLANE ATTACKS ! ! ! Gotta' love the United States of Authority when they get their quasi-authorization to go ballistic WITHOUT OVERWATCH CONTROL ! ! ! Sweden and the Netherlands are looking more attractive (as an ex-pat) every year that this type of over-bearing 'big brother' process whittles away at our basic human rights. From a saddened veteran that actually fought for my right to be free - - - and left with the only freedom remaining is to leave this once glorious union. As a side note - it has now become easier and faster to drive / use a bus / travel by train than to FLY to any destination within a 500 mile radius.

Comment Ask Slashdot - Need Help In Making My Own Vacuum T (Score 1) 2

Sorry for all the derogatory BS from this crowd - BUT if you want to build your own vacuum tubes - be prepared to spend thou$and$ of dollars. Best option is to investigate the remaining tube manufacturers in Russia, as the only remaining manufacturer in the US is only making standard tubes with no options for custom tubes. Again, apologizes for the nasty responses - if the tube amplifier is your bag, then go for it. General costing issues - internal placement inaccuracies (millimeters count), vacuum equipment (very hard to setup), vacuum-sealing equipment (flame-sealing for glass under vacuum conditions), internal connections and the exotic and volatile material for the 'gas getters' that remove the remaining gasses inside the glass envelope, pin placement equipment for the base assemblies, sourcing the thermal emitter material for the filament, and -last-but-not-least- the mechanical connections and durability of the base connection between the tube electrode connections and the pin-placement format for the actual connecting base for the assembly. Good luck - but please do some serious research on the construction of vacuum tubes before committing large $um$ to a questionable hobby. cheers

Submission + - Ask Slashdot - Need Help In Making My Own Vacuum Tubes 2

mallyn writes: I hope this is appropriate for a geek forum. I want to try to make my own vacuum tubes. Is there anyone here who has tried DIY vacuum tubes (or valves to you Europeans)? I need help getting started (how to put together the vacuum plumbing system; how to make a glass lathe; what metals to use for the elements (grid, plate, etc). If this is not the correct forum, can anyone please gently push (shove) me into the correct direction? It needs to be on-line as my physical location (Bellingham, Washington) is too far away from the university labs where this type of work is likely to be done.

Submission + - Space X Does it AGAIN

rickyslashdot writes: GREAT video of launch, 1st stage landing, Geosynchronous injection, etc. Elon Musk seems to be really pushing the limits of the envelope for reducing orbital injection costs with re-usable 1st stage assemblies — going to be interesting to see if the re-use actually works — coming this fall (November). > A static, full-duration, test-burn of a landed 1st stage has already been performed for performance / reliability testing. Video gets a bit boring waiting on the 1st orbit of the assembly before the GTO burn of the 2nd stage re-ignition (17 minutes or so), but overall a great video on the COMMERCIAL state-of-the-art in orbital launch technology. NOTE: you can skip over the 'coasting phase' without missing anything! Fourth SpaceX Rocket Successfully Landed on A Drone Ship A few other related sites — Flikr — Another launch video — CRS-9 (Space Station Re-Supply Mission) — with some misc info about the MANNED Dragon capsule — due for launch next hear (2017). Current successful landings are greater than the losses — and will only get better as the learning curve resolves the issues involved in the failures.

Submission + - Researchers orbit a muon around an atom, confirm physics models are broken (

schwit1 writes: The proton's charge radius shouldn't change, and yet it appears to.

This “proton radius puzzle” suggests there may be something fundamentally wrong with our physics models. And the researchers who discovered it have now moved on to put a muon in orbit around deuterium, a heavier isotope of hydrogen. They confirm that the problem still exists, and there's no way of solving it with existing theories.

Comment Brains of Overweight People Look Ten Years Older T (Score 1) 184

Well, Gee, Fellas, if there is NO DIFFERENCE in COGNITIVE FUNCTIONS, then this seems to be a bottom-feeding slashdot filler to justify a moderator's quota ! ! ! IF the brains appear 10 years older, but are still fully functional, then it should be a PLUS for being overweight.

Submission + - For the NASA & space fans . . .

rickyslashdot writes: It looks like the legacy of Senator Proxmire may have finally come to an end. NASA has been given it's biggest budget increase in many years, $1.7 billion, bringing it's budget up to $19.3 billion — ( ) — ( ). Included in this budget is funding for a Europa LANDER, to go along with the planned orbiter in 2020 — ( ). Additional funding is included to finish development of the Heavy Launch Vehicle (sadly named after the atomic-pulse vehicle — ORION — by a clueless politician), and have it operational by 2017. This will facilitate the manned Mars project, along with the ability to go to other planets with larger payloads. Everyone please give a tip-of-the-hat to Texas Congressman John Culberson, who chairs the House Appropriations subcommittee with jurisdiction over the space agency, for his work in getting America's space program back into shape. It's not exactly high-gear, but it is MUCH better than the past decades of slowly whittling away at NASA's budget, and our only real chance of surviving through the rest of this century and into the future. Lots of other interesting info at the links in the above listed sites.

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