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Comment Re:Yeah, right. (Score 5, Insightful) 90

Actually, sir, this is EXACTLY what NASA was initially designed to do, and still does in many areas of research. Basically, govt / public funded research to develop technologies that can then be passed to the private sector for utilization (and, yes, even exploitation). I would mod you down (ignorance / flame-bait), except I cannot post and mod the same article.

Comment Re:Good! (Score 1) 337

One major issue with nuclear usage is the long-lived residue of the current Uranium-based reactors. The storage of the radioactive 'trash' got scuppered by a 'tree-hugger' substituting an organic filler (cat litter) for the inorganic (again cat litter - but just dry clay pellets). This led to the bursting of a drum of material that has - so far - completely closed operations at the waste storage facility in New Mexico. - - - - - from the article - one of the radioactive shipments was mixed with organic instead of inorganic material. "‘Green’ cat litter," he writes, is "made with materials like wheat or corn. These organic litters do not have the silicate properties needed to chemically stabilize nitrate the correct way." The result: "solutions can ignite when they dry out." You gotta' love the system that allows substitutions of critical materials like this.

Comment Re:Cost? (Score 1) 227

From TFA - - - The overpotential (which might be lowered with the proper electrolyte, and by separating the hydrogen production to another catalyst) probably precludes economic viability for this catalyst, . . . - - - Essentially, this is an emergent finding that opens the way for future - note FUTURE - examination and experimentation with this form of catalyst. In and of itself, this is not a viable large-scale process, but it DOES point the way toward more effective and more economically useful applications of nano-scale catalytic reduction of CO2 to useful fuels, for storage and use during peak needs for the power grid.

Submission + - The Universe - or so we thought

rickyslashdot writes: Saw a story recently — can't find it for reference (too many beers) but it related to the -supposed- size of the universe being 90% larger than currently estimated.

Think about it — if that much mass is out there — it will have a gravitational impact / attraction on the internal mass (known universe) and will exert a pull on that mass — - — which will accelerate the internal (known) mass outwards.

How about THAT acceleration as the 'dark energy' field — pulling/pushing masses apart — and outwards — from their present positions.
- — -
OUTSIDE mass — gravitationally linked — pulling all internal masses outwards — accelerating these internal masses as if they were 'apparently' being forced apart by some 'unseen/unknown' force — being called DARK ENERGY.

Any astrophysicists want to chime in on this theory ? ? ?

Comment Re:Cable Packages, Duh (Score 2) 198

Good Grief - guess you have to be OLD to remember THAT WAS WHAT CABLE PROMISED WHEN IT STARTED - commercial free programming - at a price. THAT lasted about as long as it took the cable companies to split the country into 'covered' areas - i.e. local monopolies. THEN along came the extra windfall profits from adding advertising BACK into the entertainment packages, and you wound up paying for multiple channels with nothing worth watching, but every channel had commercials - - - AGAIN ! But Gee Whiz - you got a HUNDRED CHANNELS - but only about 5 to 10 had anything worth watching - - - and the 'package' was designed to minimize the watchable material to just a few channels, no matter how large a package you paid for - - - just as long as you PAID for a package - that brought in more in advertising revenue than the cost for the package (your cost - not theirs).

Comment Poland Builds a Solar-Powered Bike Path That Glows (Score 1, Redundant) 104

Jeeez, can't ANYBODY give them credit for applying an energy-efficient lighting solution for the bikers? They deserve as much attention (if not more, since they aren't gas-guzzlers) as any segment of the population. Additionally, if the trial proves to be effective, it will be applied to roadways for increased safety for the motorists.

Comment Verizon Workers Can Now Be Fired If They Fix Coppe (Score 1) 314

Here is the REAL issue - they want the copper wire cannibalized from ALL of their customer's connections - - - copper is getting expensive, and VALUABLE! For a single client, or even a cluster, this isn't much, but factored over the NATION . . . it's a SH1T_L0AD of money (copper-to-cash-salvage-sales). HOWEVER, the issue for the poor end-user is that they LOSE the ability to access the telephone system when local power-drops occur, and do not have the safety-net provided by the 'local loop' copper line that is - basically - ALWAYS ON, and that can provide life-saving access to emergency services (ambulance, police, fire, etc.) that are NOT available over wireless systems when the local power grid goes tits-up! THAT is the reason I pay a penalty / premium for my services - just so I can have access to emergency services during power outages - and being totally disabled under Social Security, and a disabled veteran, this issue can very well mean the difference between a writhing death on the floor - and the life-saving services of an ambulance from my local emergency medical facility. I have a 10 mBit DSL service that gives me decent internet access, over a COPPER-LINE telephone link - - - that my 30-year old 'princess' phone can access when the lights go out - and provides me with the security and reliability of communications to emergency services when the area goes dark from local power-loss issues ! ! ! Bottom line - in my opinion - any company that removes the copper line link and replaces it with a wireless link - without explicit authorization - should be liable for aggravated manslaughter charges if anyone dies due to the inability to access medical services - especially during the very high stress periods of power outages !.

Comment Microsoft Partners With Bank of America On Blockch (Score 1) 43

Of course Micro$oft will partner with BoA - ESPECIALLY since the whole concept of 'block chain' security has already been broken. The ONLY secure method of financial transfer is CASH - paper dollars (an imaginary government promissory system) from your hand to the seller's hand.

Comment UK's Top Police Warn That Modding Games May Turn K (Score 1) 154

Geez - WOW - OMG THIS is a GATEWAY DRUG for Hackers. JUST like marijuana for heroin. Wonder what the gateway drug is for politicians - - - 'I'M RIGHT, NO MATTER WHAT YOU SAY' or 'IT'S MY WAY OR THE HIGHWAY' or 'MY EGO IS BIGGER THAN YOURS' Almost wants you to wish for Armageddon just to get rid of these 'human' vermin / bottom-feeders.

Comment Aetna To Provide Apple Watch To 50,000 Employees, (Score 1) 150

Seems to me that this is a moderately cheap way for a multi-national insurance conglomerate to gather real-time health data on a large portion of their employees - I guess it WOULDN'T be for assessing their health issues, and 'adjusting' their policy premiums accordingly. Wonder how long it will take for a class-action suit to evolve from this tactic ? Gotta' love the freedom allowed corporate infrastructures and their legal teams within these 'free' united states !

Comment California Enacts Law Requiring IMDb To Remove (Score 1) 319

Jeeez, folks. Doesn't this fall under the general auspices of a 'Public Citizen' who's lifestyle, job, and overall publicity revolves around their PERSONAL INFORMATION IN THE NEWS ? I guess the next step in the 'democratic' state of California is to make it illegal to report on ANY issue / data / personal information of ANY citizen - public official, high profile personage, or 'IN THE NEWS' individual. I would laugh my a** off if it weren't for real - but, sadly, I just mix another drink and bemoan the state of our legal system. ps - I STILL hope I live long enough to see 'the year they killed all the lawyers'.

Comment Re:It's the Science News Media's Fault (Score 3, Interesting) 680

On the same note (unqualified reporters trying to explain basic scientific issues) is the "EQUAL REPORTING" ethos that has pervaded the news media. EVEN IF the evidence is overwhelmingly in the Global Warning arena, the "Equal Reporting" issue SEEMS to show that half - or thereabouts - of the scientific community does NOT believe the evidence supporting Global Warming - - - when the actual numbers approach 95%(+) FOR, and 5% (or so) AGAINST. The bigger the lie, the easier it is for the masses to believe.

Comment Re:How is this different from any university? (Score 1) 334

Sadly, and with more than a bit of embarrassment, I worked for a few of these 'diploma mills' - - - and know that they are bound by a legal statute known as the '70-30 rule'. ONLY (lol) 70% of the funding can be government subsidized through loans and grants, the remaining 30% MUST be from 'paying' clients. This number is referred to in the source post - 70% being government assisted. A couple of these schools actually taught some real-world applicable skills and knowledge, but far too many were nothing more than 'suck 'em in, spit 'em out, let the lenders deal with collecting the funds already collected by the 'school' through grants and loans. Hell, one of the recruiters I knew actually 'worked' the bus station to solicit and sign-up people that had no real chance of completing the course, or even getting hired into any decent job related to the course of study (hence my real embarrassment and shame - but a job is a job - and I NEEDED the income I earned as an instructor - and a damned good one - using the training and skills I received from my service in the USAF from 1970 through 1976). Seriously though, the only significant difference between the privately owned schools and the state owned colleges is that the privately owned schools PROMISED a 'great career opportunity' with their associate degree program. In other words, they were guilty of ACTIVE solicitation of their student body, and were never really held accountable for the actual job placement statistics of their graduates. The legal 'weasel' term is the word __OPPORTUNITY__, and was used to justify the lack of job placement effectiveness because it was just an OPPORTUNITY, even though the promotional material APPEARED to PROMISE this type of career advancement - but was really falling back on the legality of the word OPPORTUNITY ! THIS is NO DIFFERENT from state colleges - with the ONE BIG ISSUE of ACTIVE RECRUITMENT promising great careers (opportunity) if they would just sign on the dotted line for their 'government loan' debt. BECAUSE these types of privately owned schools drained the market of students from the student-body pool the state owned colleges wanted, they (the state owned colleges) continuously fought tooth-and-nail to keep accreditation and acceptance from being granted to the private schools, and consistently refused to honor credits earned from the private schools - for one reason - TUITION FEE$ - and the state / federal lockin on the educational system. I saw the result of a school failing (in the mid 1990's) . . . and the totally WRONG actions of the lending agencies, who held the student liable for their loans, even though the school didn't exist, nor was there anything the poor students could do about it, since they had signed the loan agreement papers WITHOUT a bail-out clause to release them from their debt in case of the school going tits-up ! Now, for the realistic view, we can see that community colleges are - BY FAR - the cheapest and most effective path for obtaining an Associate degree, which is USUALLY accepted by most colleges/universities for advanced placement towards a Bachelor's degree program. All it takes is a phone call to the local 4-year colleges to identify the courses that WILL transfer towards a Bachelor's degree.

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