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Submission + - Who's watching congress ?

rickyslashdot writes: This just crossed my monitor as a REAL and related issue I have mentioned in the past — ALL laws and actions taken by Congress — excepting certain National Security issues — NEED to be televised and monitored by the public.
Here it is — not even a week into 2017 — and congress has already gone to a closed session, back room, hidden from the public, type of activity that should have never been allowed to even be DISCUSSED, much especially actually VOTED on.
Fortunately, their 'action' didn't last 48 hours, as the public heard about it, and even pres-elect Trump weighed in. The great leaders attempted (actually voted it into action to become law) to gut the oversight agency that deals with congressional misbehavior — the Office of Congressional Ethics. In other words, behind closed doors, they attempted to remove THEIR guardians, the agency that watches over our country's law makers.
When news of this became public knowledge, our great leaders back-pedaled so fast that most will probably need physical therapy from the strain of reversing themselves so fast and so hard.
What other reason is needed to allow, and even force, C-Span to expand coverage to EVERY minute the House and Senate meet, whether on the floor -OR- in sealed, closed door sessions.

These are just a few I picked up from a quickie web search. MUCH more is available for those willing to dig a bit.

Comment Re:Benefits of the free market (Score 0) 77

Actually, the US is ruled by the LAWyers, but I do have to agree with the last sentence (pun intended).

VERY occasionally, some Chinese corporate head is offered to the masses with a leadlined hole through the cranium, not necessarily as a deterrent to the 'bad things' he did, but as a warning to not be left holding the bag when all the other corporation's lead officers have made it to their bunkers.

I have to say that the only fundamental difference between China and the US is the enormous amount of funding dumped into lawyer's laps to keep up the illusion (and the LAWS) of a corporation being an entity, entitled to the same rights as a PERSON - and nobody is going to throw a corporation into jail. Plus there are laws on the books that (mostly) prevent 'killing' a corporation, either (especially) through execution or by destroying the 'entity' with financial penalties. Even when this does occasionally happen, the board, president, and all stockholders are held non-liable beyond the capital assets of the 'entity'.

Comment Re: Solution (Score 1) 130

Thanks. I needed a swift kick in the crotch to remind me of the hate mongers / trollers still allowed to post freely.
Please learn to be civil, or go home and kick the dog.
At least I don't get vindictive about disagreeing posts - but then again - I don't really give a shit about those that tout their attitudes as gospel.

Remember, a closed attitude and a closed mind does nothing except gather cobwebs.

Have a Happy Holiday Season.

Comment Re:Another brick in the wall (Score 0) 130

OK . Have it your way. I'm tired of trying to be agreeable with you about YOUR specific issue(s), while attempting to point out the root causes embedded in the full spectrum of geo-political issues covering NOT just singular issues, but the fundamental problems that genuinely worry so much of the American voting public (read - those that are paying attention to the global situation and it's ramifications).
"Re:Another brick in the wall" is starting to feel like another brick to the head.
You have good intentions, and have focused on good items of concern, but the only way to address these limited problems is to go after the PTB (Powers That Be) that have allowed these situations to continue to exist.

Enjoy your holidays - and be thankful that you are in a country that ALLOWS you to enjoy these superficial pleasures, while, at the same time, is resorting to the same types of social controls that permit this government to do as they damned well please to everyone else in the world.

Misquoted, but essentially the same thing - - - Those that surrender their rights for security, deserve neither.

I'm finished with this thread . . . . .

Comment Re: Solution (Score 0) 130

AGAIN, DUH! Aren't the issues you mention the very issues that the '2-party system' (the establishment) is so totally involved in . . . that they can't get around to actually doing the job they were elected for - - - like building roads, border protection (uh, isn't this a TRUMP WALL item?), post office (not a federal department for many years, but an independent agency losing money as fast as, or faster than, any other federal agency?).
As far as leaving issues to the states, how do you figure ANYTHING ranging across the individual state's actions as 'cohesive', other than being bound by federal legislation to remain in the 'union'?
Sorry, do NOT want to start a flame war - but I would like to get clarification on these points before I begin considering anything you post as valid.

Comment re: Republicans Propose Bill To Impose Fines For L (Score 0) 157

NOW, under this totally politically biased issue - we go back to the 'good old days' of hidden, smoke-filled rooms with absolutely NO visibility (to the PEOPLE) of the actions taken in the hallowed halls of our grand democracy - a SUPPOSEDLY OPEN AND TRANSPARENT body of people dealing with our country's legislative processes - where the decisions being made are too 'sensitive' or too 'critical' to be made public can be taken - - - in OUR NAME - - - to determine the laws and actions enacted into our nation's legal system.
WHAT are these idiots foaming at the mouth about ? Does it have something to do with the fact that C-Span can be redacted / edited / censored so as to withhold from the American People what is actually happening in OUR government, BUT real-life phone-videos actually show WHAT IS REALLY HAPPENING? The REALITIES of the legislative process is now being by-passed so as to CONCEAL what is actually happening in our legislative bodies by making personal phone-video documentation a CRIMINAL OFFENSE - punishable by fines that threaten the livelihood of those trying to actually SHOW WHAT IS GOING ON !
OK, so we all know (or at least those that follow these issues) that any legislation that gets passed is basically a compromise whereby all parties are equally disgusted and disappointed with the resulting bill - at least LET US KNOW WHY THIS IS THE RESULT ! ! !
Hell, we are the culpable, gullible, and generally emotionally driven individuals that put these power-mongers in office, but at least we SHOULD be able to see what is being done, how it is being done, and what compromises are being made to get any type of legislation passed that affect's our country.
Jeez, even I know that there are some (ok, maybe a lot of) issues that ARE critically sensitive, and shouldn't be made public - as in national defense and anti-terrorism issues, but the day-to-day procedures of our government have no business being hidden from the public.
Every year that goes by, with the political back-stabbing and corruption, reinforces my long-held belief that ANYBODY that WANTS to be in politics should automatically be disqualified - and our political arena should be staffed in the same way that juries are selected - - - if you want in, then GO HOME - but if you are (reluctantly) persuaded to serve, then do your duty as you would if you were drafted into the military for a given term - and then get the hell out.
Is it any wonder that the "NONE OF THE ABOVE" candidate - Pres-elect Donald Trump - beat out the establishment in this year's national election ?

Comment Re: Florida Senator: No Permit Needed For Driverle (Score 1) 131

LOL - THANK YOU ! ! ! I didn't think about that bit of righteous (in)action - and totally fitting for the legislators that aGREED to this.

Sad part would be that the rest of the country would have to take in these sniveling cretins (the legislators - NOT the population) as 'disadvantaged' and 'catastrophically dislocated' welfare burdens.

It's a shame that the legislative bodies would be provided luxury accommodations and relocation benefits, while the real victims (the populous) would be dumped into Katrina-like 'temporary' shelters that many of the actual Katrina victims are STILL living in - years after their ordeal of just surviving the disaster.

Still, I have to temper my pity for those poor souls, as THEY are the ones that put their legislative body in power over their lives.

Comment re: Florida Senator: No Permit Needed For Driverle (Score 1, Insightful) 131

Amazing. Yet another example of a state totally and thoroughly owned by big business.

My one question is - will Trump drop Florida into the Gulf for allowing Big Business to run roughshod over the population, or promote it to the nation's capitol - for the same reason ?

Comment Re: Solution (Score 0) 130

DUH! Trump ran HIS campaign on "I'M NOT CLINTON" - and WON - so I guess it all boils down to the lesser of the two evils - or, even better, the outsider slam-dunking the ingrained establishment. FINALLY, we got someone to vote for that fit under the category of "NONE OF THE ABOVE" ! ! !

OK, so seriously off-topic - but it answers the issue brought up by lucm ( 889690 )

Besides, I have karma to burn - so get a grip, and learn to live with the facts of life - American people are totally fed up with the 2-party system that puts the same types into power, just labelled differently (conservative vs liberal / republican vs democratic) and who represent ONLY those that HAVE - and be damned to the population they are supposed to represent !

Comment re: HandBrake 1.0.0 Released After 13 Years Of Dev (Score 2) 143

THANK YOU - - - Eric Petit (aka "titer" from his SVN repository username), Laurent Aimar (fenrir), Van Jacobson (van), John Allen (johnallen), Joe Crain (dynaflash), Damiano Galassi (ritsuka), Edward Groenendaal (eddyg), David Foster (davidfstr), Rodney Hester (rhester), Andrew Kimpton (awk), Chris Lee (clee), Chris Long (chrislong), Brian Mario (brianmario)Maurj (maurj), Mirkwood (mirkwood), Nyx (Nyx), Philippe Rigaux (prigaux), Jonathon Rubin (jbrjake), Scott (s55), John Stebbins (j45), Chris Thoman (huevos_rancheros), Mark Krenek (travistex), Kona "Mike" Blend (KonaBlend), David Rickard (RandomEngy), Tim Walker (Rodeo), Bradley Sepos (BradleyS), Maxym Dm (maxim_d33), and all the others that have assisted in this project ! ! ! ! !

HANDBRAKE has been 'my friend' for many years, even as a beta, and has allowed me to view many videos without having to know anything (or very little) about the inner workings of transcoders / video-packages / 'container' details, etc.

Cheers to you and those like you that provide help for the semi-educated masses that need help converting videos from one format to another !

I cannot adequately express the level of admiration and respect I have for those of you that are providing services for the people, free of charge, and solely for your own gratification.

Best and Sincere Regards - - - and Happy Holidays

Comment House Committee Urges Congress To Pass Stingray (Score 2) 25

Well, golly gee folks, this is just what the doctor ordered - - - EVERYONE gets their cell phones hacked
/ recorded / tracked. Just imagine what this process would have on the communications within the
Washington circle ! ! !
Let's see - delivery of meth, coke, crack, oxy, "escorts", etc - and SUDDENLY all the 'players' in the
  political arena get their dirty laundry spread across the front page. I was going to add pot, but that is
  apparently legal in DC nowadays.

Where, and when, did the concept of 'sunset' laws disappear from the agenda - wherein all laws had
  to be re-approved periodically, or were deleted from the judicial books. Times change, attitudes change,
morals change, and yet - we are still burdened with laws on the books that SHOULD make you laugh (gay
rights, abortion, vulgar language in public, etc, etc, etc), except that they are STILL ON THE BOOKS,
and you can STILL be prosecuted.

Please, oh please, remove the free pass that legislator's get by NOT being liable or prosecutable for
their actions under the cover of 'public office exemptions'. Even sitting heads of state have, in recent
times, been held responsible for illegal actions - as in war crimes situations - - - so why should our
legislative representatives be allowed to get away with 'exempting' themselves from laws that they are
passing that make their same actions a CRIME if committed by 'joe blow' - a common soul - merely trying
to exercise his/her right to the pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness within their own homes in this
country - home of the brave and free, and cowed by legislation that intrudes into their own bedrooms?

Hell, it's no wonder that the radicalized factions and population sub-segments are taking it upon
themselves to 'act out' in the most horrible and unthinkably bloodthirsty ways - when they have no
effective input into the actual day-to-day rights embedded in our constitution.

Sorry, but this issue struck a nerve - seeing as how a high school friend of mine went to federal lockup
for TWENTY YEARS for having TWO SEEDS of marijuana in his glove box.

Life in the US has really turned into a '1984' balls-up scenario - - - only thing is, and it really
sucks because it still IS the best, is that it beats anywhere else in the world to live (as long as you
can hide your minor vices and issues from the jackbooted badges).

OK, so this gets me flagged as a 'no fly' asshole, but big deal. I'm a disabled veteran that can't handle the
  hour(s) long delay involved in just getting ON a plane due to the pain from my back and knees
  (service-connected disabilities). At least I don't have to be forced to undergo a strip-down, cavity-inspection,
  just because I have the balls to speak my mind!

On the other hand, I carry a letter from my VA doctors explaining the need for my pain medications so that,
JUST IN CASE I get rousted in the middle of the night and tossed into the clink, I don't have to endure any
additional pain and hardship fostered on me by the 'powers that be' because they think I am a threat to
national security - - - or should I say, a threat to their justification to be total dick-wads hiding behind a
badge - who enjoy lording it over the 'people' of this once great country.

Comment Re:Justice. (Score 1, Insightful) 188

FINALLY - someone is willing to actually LOOK at the evidence, and THEN formulate a theory to explain the energy production.

Same thing goes for the Reactionless Drive -
NASA is currently scratching their heads (and asses) as to how this thing works, but they are convinced that SOMETHING is going on.

Hell, TRY IT OUT, and IF it produces results, then get your head out of your educated, doctorial (god-like) ass and look at the reality of the real world processes.

Science is NOT founded on theory, it is founded on provable and repeatable processes that get theories developed to explain the realities.

Comment Re: Vitamin D Deficiency During Pregnancy Linked T (Score 1) 216

Apologies. A bit of naivety on my part, as I "assumed" that proper vitamin supplements marketed as 'pre-natal' would have to meet relatively rigid medical guidelines, and be doctor prescribed or doctor recommended - by name - in order to be labeled as such. Additionally, I made the assumption that the vitamins would be part of a medically supervised course of pregnancy protocols handled through a physician - ob/gyn or otherwise.
Thanks for helping to clarify that issue.

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