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Comment Re:"glass of wine has heathful benefits" (Score 1) 121

variety of grape that stands out the most in the flavor of wine,

I'm wondering perhaps the grape contents is what is good, instead of eating a lot of grapes you can get same amount of the "good stuff" those grapes contain in a liquid form. The wine may have the same as the grape juice, maybe drink the juice before turning it into wine (though might not be as much fun, drinking grape juice doesn't have that "wine connoisseur" image that gets respect at parties of sophisticated people. Are certain grapes more beneficial than others? Right now I'm too lazy to do research so I'll post opinions on the forum.

Way back when I thought there were only two kinds of grapes: Red grapes and light green grapes. Cabernet sauvignon, merlot, etc. were company names of the grapes. It wasn't till much much later when I learned those names were the grapes themselves. Also back then while riding a bike through vineyards near Salinas, I see lots of grapes, hey stop and have a snack. Yuck, them grapes even though they were ripe tasted awful. Just as well probably covered with pesticides that would have killed me.

Comment Re:Generation Z leans to the political right. (Score 1) 222

That series has profited $6.5 Billion. Profited. Not grossed. Net.

Interesting. There was diatribe of a thread here on slashdot about several blockbuster movies that lost money which included HP series. Reason is to keep net profits low as possible to avoid paying taxes. Well crap, another one bites the dust to "fake news?"

Comment Re:Interesting how few controls there are (Score 1) 129

hey Ricky, maybe you didn't write PO in your original post but I think you are definitely on to something. Others have implied the same pitfalls:
ErichTheRed writes, "I've worked for big companies most of my career, and regular employees making purchases, signing contracts, etc. takes an act of God. I can't spend $100 on supplies without getting competitive bids. But there are apparently some very stupid people who have full unrestricted access to the bank accounts."
OrangeTide writes, "Dealing with manufacturing in Asia is already a process that feels sketchy as hell, and we often wonder if we'll ever see the money again when we setup a manufacturing agreement because the process feels so ad hoc. It wouldn't take much for a conman to insert himself into this process without arousing suspicions."

Comment Re:Interesting how few controls there are (Score 2) 129

See, that's where you're going wrong. I've actually had clients tell me that a proposal has to be _over_ a certain dollar amount - if it's less than (for example) $50k, it's subject to a lot more oversight than, say, $1M.

It seems to me procurements are very mysterious. I'm constantly having to justify whatever purchase even for $100. What you suggest is proposal over a certain amount, maybe it is when high level people get this "OMG we need this capability now, buy it!" And then zoom, order screams through. Most of the time it feels technical procurements are as touchy-feely-emotional like a choreographer preparing a dance routine that will resonant with the audience.

Comment Re:Generation Z leans to the political right. (Score 2) 222

Old guy here, I rarely go to movie theaters because most films don't interest me (last film I saw was Hidden Figures, before it was The Aviator), it is a PITA to get to the theater (even on weekends driving in Silicon Valley with so many stoplights and heavy traffic), and it seems I have so many other activities that taking 3 to 4 hours to go watch a movie is a good chunk of time. It probably is same for many other generations, it seems theaters are not as packed as it was years ago (back in the days large parking lots were full and huge long lines for tickets). So while everyone argues political reasons, what another offtopic discussion such as "Hollywood Accounting?" You know where there are huge gross revenues, actors making millions, and Hollywood says they are losing big money due to piracy or various movies didn't make much profits (i.e. Harry Potter).

Comment Enough of Mars! (Score 3) 103

here we go again... both Musk and NASA are doomed to keep a single course to Mars.

(borrowing a few sentences from Tom Matula on NASAwatch): I blame most of the destination argument on the creation of the Mars underground in the 1980's. Prior to that NASA was focused on using the Shuttle for industrialization in LEO with projects like demonstrating the repair and return of satellites, building structural items in orbit, tethers, etc., all logical starting points for building a Cislunar industrial capability that would have given us the Solar System. NASA didn't even have plans to send robots to Mars. By advocating that we needed to skip the Moon and go rushing off to Mars they started this entire useless destination debate that has paralyzed space policy ever since.

Comment Re:More paranoia (Score 1) 72

Exactly. Not sure what to gain if hack a ebay account unless make bids or buy-it-now of cheap crap from China that is always relisted again (and again, again, again). It seems their business model is best suited for those that do it full time. Those wanting to unload junk (but there are buyers who find these as treasures) like they do at a garage sales or flea markets probably find ebay difficult to work with.

Comment perfect tagline infinity-and-beyond (Score 1) 307

as "we will have a man on Mars in 20 years" for the past 50 years. Now it has been extended to infinity. This only trumps up the Mission To Nowhere as everyone loves to talk about Mars because you can defer costs to build real hardware to some other smucks 20 years into the future. Unlike if Moon is the goal then gotta come up with some real money now to build a lander, transfer stage, etc.

But wait, there are some people talking about the Moon besides Spudis and Wingo. Maybe we get some action before we are all dead of old age:

And Spudis blog has some interesting comments, http://www.spudislunarresource...

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