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Comment Intent decoded (not drink more Ovaltine) (Score 1) 149

it is send us more money! Regarding asteroid laws, Moon Treaty, etc. first gotta have capability to have Moon travel routinely. Right now it is really hard just to get there, "GAO: NASA Human Space Exploration: Delay Likely for First Exploration Mission"

Comment Re:Abolish NASA, and deregulate aerospace. (Score 1) 149

Boeing and Lockheed are free to spend their profits as how they see fit, nobody stopping them. Right now they get money from NASA. They can do what Musk and Bezos are doing... though these guys get some money from NASA. It's funny, people want to deregulate and get rid of govt but they just love that govt money.

Comment Re:Uses offshored trusts (Score 1) 165

Pay fair share of taxes and then governments can deal with problems like fixing schools, roads, high speed internet for everyone (I heard in Seattle broadband internet is the pits). But then if give guvmint money it gets squandered due to special interests (driven by people that have money to influence politicians). Contributions to noble causes also reminds me of Richard Branson who contributes to providing good drinking water to places in Africa (almost all the wars there began when water supply goes bad or dry). But then he has armies of accountants and lawyers to stash his money in various places around the world to avoid taxes.

Comment Re:This happened before, we should be worried! (Score 1) 119

Ah yes, watching that movie few months ago and like "Inner Space" to see what Silicon Valley and SF was like back in the days even hyped by the movies.

But wait, this is not the first airship to be based at Moffett in the 21st century. There was a Zeppelin regular people can buy rides though expensive in order of $500. The "Eureka" was debuted at 75th anniversary of Moffett Field in 2008 and at the time it was the only airship you can buy tickets to ride in (others like Goodyear blimp you have to be a crew member). This startup only lasted a few years. I wished I plunked down some money because this thing would slowly cruise around the bay area and you can walk around and get a good aerial view. Can't do that with airliners as you only get a 30 seconds of view. Or if rich enough for your own airplane or helicopter (but kind of noisy). SETI people rented it for scouting Sierra Nevada foothills for meteoroid remains in 2012. Airship can take its time slowly cruising over the area. Helicopters are short duration, fixed wing too fast. Overall, airships have a niche market but maybe too small to scale up to huge numbers.

I must have been spending too much time on the forums to noticed this Google airship has been around as described in this 2015 article of Hanger 2,

Comment Re:Er - I'm awake and notice this (Score 1) 248

The easiest way to see price discrimination is to go to the rich side of town and go to the grocery store. Observe the price of milk, hamburger, cheese and gasoline. Now to to the poor side of town, repeat.

I have not done this (actual data collection and comparison), my casual observations is grocery stores in poorer parts of town have less quality fruits and vegetables (if they carry these). For rich people it is not so much the price of groceries but convenience, though some are I think many probably have better things to do than spend a lot of time haggling over getting the cheapest price.

Perhaps rather than focus on just price, look at quality. Good food leads to better living, this is a big gotcha for poor people as they have limited means to get healthy foods and end up more health problems, further aggravated by dismal health care system.

Buy online or at a brick-n-mortar store? In many ways it comes down to what is possible. Here in Silicon Valley it can be more convenient to stop at a store, find some gadget/part/device in real life to examine and compare to other items. However this has issues of many places have closed down or significantly reduced, or don't seem to stock variety like they used to. Also a big factor is the traffic is a huge time killer. Driving on El Camino, Lawrence Expy, other roads takes a lot of time (I seem to hit ***every*** red light). Man, I don't want to spend so much time in a damn car. So I will order online. But wait, not go for the cheapest item otherwise it will be crap and will then make its way to the landfill.

Speaking of cheap crap, "Overdressed: The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion"

Comment PTT does not mean "Push To Think" (Score 1) 97

from the 2-way radio world (both Part 90 and 97), PTT is push-to-talk meaning think about what you are going to say before you hit the PTT button. Don't want, "uhmm, ah, yeah, ok, like we need another bulldozer to help with additional snow if there will be more as to not further exasperate the situation."

OK, now back on this FB typing with your brain article (no I did not read it, first comment like everyone else) I'm thinking I'd never use that function myself because I'm thinking all sorts of stuff (some which I don't want to post on FB or even here under AC).

Comment Re:There are only four programs that matter (Score 1) 249

Does anyone look at their W2s? I guess not, maybe many do jobs that don't have W2s. This shows gross salary, money withheld for taxes, money withheld for Social Security, money withheld for Medicare. This clearly shows that SS and Medicare are ***not*** the same as taxes. Taxes are collected and spent, the other is put into separate accounts and you are entitled to get this back when you get old. But damn everyone lumps it all in same bucket. Other mischief is when they borrow money out of SS accounts to make up for deficits because cannot collect enough revenue from taxes.

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