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Comment Re:Okay, but someone wrote the algorithm (Score 1) 389

You are missing the point.

The algorithm that exists is this: given a set of input data and a set of output data, we ask the computer to create a function than maps input to output, according to how we label the data (input-1 goes into output-42, etc). What this algorithm produces is a function that performs this kind of mapping on the sample data, within some acceptable error. Then we feed it data it has not seen and look at the output.

The function it produces in general would not be comprehensible to a human, since it turns out that most useful functions have millions of inputs, and millions of internal variables and are highly non-linear.

Comment Re:Idiotic (Score 1) 389

You entirely missed the point. These systems are essentially programs written by machines (that's the learning process), they are not written to be understandable by people. With your debugger you will see that a variable x1267321467321587 is sometimes set to 1.0123 and other times 34243.11111. You will have not idea what that means.

Comment Read the Constitution (Score 1) 1430

The Electors are free to vote for whatever candidate they like. Any state laws that require them to vote for the popular vote winner is their state would most likely be found unconstitutional.

The intention of Electoral College has always been a check on the popular vote. So far EC has never exersized this power, but in theory it could happen

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