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Comment Re:This is why (Score 1) 252

So basically, you are OK until the next big rent increase?

Rent control in San Jose limits the rent increases to five percent per year (used to be eight percent until this year). I'm studying for my InfoSec certifications and planning to get a $100K per year job in three years. I'm certainly hoping to move out long before then. OTOH, I had a coworker in New York City who took 15 years to move out of his rent-controlled studio apartment. Moving is a PITA.

Comment Re:This is why (Score 1) 252

I live in a nice 4-bedroom house in Silicon Valley, which, when I sell it, I expect it to pay back every penny that I have spent in mortgage interest, property taxes, maintenance, insurance, etc.

My older brother made that bet too with a three-bedroom house in Morgan Hill. Seven years after the Great Recession, he can't retire because the mortgage is still underwater and he's still paying off the down payment borrowed from his wife's 401k plan. He might have to work until the day he dies. What a tragedy.

Even if house prices drop dramatically in the next few years, I can still expect it to have cost less per year than your little box.

When I'm ready to retire to Las Vegas in 20+ years, I'm free to give my 30 day notice, buy a trailer and hit the road.

Comment Re:This is why (Score 1) 252

I'm not sure why you want to take what is obviously joking around about expensive real estate so personally.

This is California. A roommate and I had dead petunias in our front yard of a duplex that we rented prior to the dot com bust and the real estate market was sizzling hot. A little old lady came by to tell us that those dead petunias reduced the value of her home by $25,000. I asked her if she was selling her house. She said no. When I pointed out that she didn't know what her house was worth until she sold it, she walked off in a huff. If you rent, you get this kind of abuse all the time.

I'm the one "living BELOW their means" out of the two of us.

Not exactly. I'm living below my means relative to people in Silicon Valley, as $50K means I'm the working poor. Although the people who earn minimum wage and live in Silicon Valley would strongly disagree.

Comment Re:This is why (Score 1) 252

20+ years at $50,000 in SV is just sad.

Twenty-plus years ago, I made $10K per year as a spaghetti cook. Today I make $50K per year as a senior system admin. Three years from now I'll be making $100K per year as an InfoSec tech.

My point was you are either a really bad IT professional only worth $50K a year or complacent to the point were you only value yourself at $50K a year.

You made a bad assumption of my past earnings history.

Comment Re:This is why (Score 1) 252

I give my pet rabbit more indoor space than that. :(

My brother's in-laws bought a $1M five-bedroom house in the Gilroy foothills. The wet bar was larger than my kitchen, the kitchen was bigger than my studio apartment. Very obscene. Especially since the in-laws had five bedrooms of family heirloom furniture that don't want to get rid of. They later moved out of state to buy a farm with a barn to store their furniture.

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