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Comment Re:Perception is not Reality (Score 1) 215

Eventually your co-workers tend not to like you and don't want to work with you, regardless of whether they "have to" or not. It leads to stress in the office and employee turnover, which leads to more costs and delays.

If you have to be an asshole in your own department, than management is doing a poor job.

Comment Re:Low wages. (Score 1) 69

The same reason why we the US has a shortage of skilled trade workers: we told kids that college was the path to a great paying career. Skilled trade workers are retiring, foreign skilled trade workers are going home and no one are replacing them. After the dot com crash, kids saw no future in computers and went into healthcare. As skilled IT workers retire and foreign IT workers go home, no one is going to replace them.

Comment Re:Echo Cam Now Makes Sense (Score 1) 55

Sure - except 2/3 of what you're saying you eat (Power Bars and Clif Bars) have more calories, more carbs, and more sodium than a snickers bar.

Before you were recommending TWO Snickers. After I compared the labels and proved that my combo is better than your combo, you're now recommending ONE Snickers.

I suggest you stop talking out of your ass and stop giving nutritional advice to fat people.

Comment Re:Echo Cam Now Makes Sense (Score 1) 55

Because one of the best ways to lose weight and keep it off is to build muscle by doing weight-bearing exercises.

Been there, done that. Over ten years ago, I lifted weights for a year and went from 325 pounds to 375 pounds. Considering how hard it was to find 4XL shirts, I stopped lifting weights, switched to cardio, dropped to 350 pounds, and went back to 2XL shirts. I still have the muscle mass. That's why I look like a football player and not a butterball. Prior to that I rode my bike 20 miles a day for three years to get a restaurant job.

From there, it's a short stretch to imagine that the Cheetos vending machine in your office has your finger prints (and other, nastier secretions) all over it.

From there you go back to your stereotype of fat people. How stupid can you be?

Comment Knew this since the dot com bust... (Score 2) 69

I read a study after the dot com bust that the IT industry will have a shortage of skilled workers as baby boomers retire and foreign workers go home by 2030. That's when I decided to go back to school to learn computer programming and got into IT support. I'm looking forward to making money in the next 30 years.

Comment Re:Echo Cam Now Makes Sense (Score 1) 55

If that's your definition of low-carb, you'd be better off eating two snicker's bars, then. Snickers bars have fewer calories, and fewer carbs.

Let's compare the labels.

Snicker's Bar (2x): 500 calories, 24g total fat, 9g sat fat, 54g sugars, 240mg sodium.
Cliff Bar/Fiber One: 390 calories, 9.5g total fat, 3.5g sat fat, 30g sugars, 270mg sodium.

The Cliff Bar/Fiber One combo has fewer calories, fewer total fat, fewer saturated fat, fewer sugars but more salt than a pair of Snickers.

Comment Re:Echo Cam Now Makes Sense (Score 1) 55

Then, go do something that keeps you active for at least an hour a day, and try to work in a half hour of weightlifting three or four days a week.

I want to get slimmer, not bigger.

Sitting on your ass in the basement waiting for scripts to run doesn't qualify [...]

My second-story office has a view that overlooks a roofline.


[...] no matter HOW long a walk it is to the vending machines.

Why would I buy food out of the vending machine? That's a waste of money.

Comment Re:How long is employment supposed to be? (Score 1) 215

But everywhere I've worked a 3 year stint is on the low side.

From my experience in tech, it takes two years to learn every aspect of a job and then another year to do that job exceptionally well. As the three-year mark approaches, I start looking for my next mountain to climb. I was a video game tester for three years and a lead video game tester for three years at the same company. Some jobs I left on my own and others I got laid off at the three-year mark.

I wouldn't say that's common, but it's not rare either.

My father worked for three generations of bricklayers over 50 years. Those days are long gone.

Comment Re:Perception is not Reality (Score 1) 215

Anybody that makes you be an asshole, or they won't do their job, is themselves a raging, festering, prolapsed asshole.

Sometimes you have to be an asshole on purpose to get things done. Especially if a user files an "urgent" ticket and tells you to come back after lunch that would cause the "urgent" ticket to fall out of SLA.. When I worked helpdesk and desktop support, I had the best SLA rate (98.8%) in the department because I didn't tolerate that kind of nonsense.

If _every_ boss (assuming your not 18) you've ever had was an asshole, that's you.

The only asshole boss that I ever had lied about his numbers, committed multiple labor violations when he could, and rode the company into bankruptcy before he got fired.

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