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Comment Re:Well there is a little problem (Score 1) 143

Why would it be a problem?


See how Bush the second got reelected after some of the most catastrophic policy decisions in the last fifty years.

George W. has been out of office for eight years. Time to let go and move on.

Comment Re:Well there is a little problem (Score 1) 143

Because you're not supposed to look for a job, you're supposed to get a job.

That's funny. The CA EDD form specifically asks if you're looking for a job, and, after getting a job, how much you made during a particular week.

You don't need an iPad to help with a job search -- you just need to stop being lazy!

You're wrong. When I was out of work for two years (2009-10), I had two dozen interviews, got a part-time job for six months and filed for chapter seven bankruptcy. When I got an iPhone to replace an older cellphone in 2014, syncing my LinkedIn contacts with my email contacts helped me get 60 interviews and three job offers at the same time in eight months of unemployment. I currently have 800+ contacts in LinkedIn.

Comment Re:Well there is a little problem (Score 2) 143

You seem to think the recession started just before Obama took office, I'd argue that it actually started on 9/11.

The Dot Com Bust and the Great Recession are generally regarded by economists as separate events. The run up to the Dot Com Bust started before 9/11. The common denominator would be Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan.

Obama didn't help any, and quite frankly, didn't do anything useful.

If the Republicans haven't tied his hands, Obama could have gotten a stimulus bill that was two to three times larger than what got passed and impact the economy in a more meaningful way.

People are tired of 16 years of crappy economy after Reagan - Clinton's economy (20 years).

That was the last time we had 4% economic growth.

Comment Re:I wonder if he'd like a do-over (Score 1) 38

I was working at Accolade when it got bought up by Infogrames and later renamed itself Atari after acquiring the IP from Hasbro Interactive. Infogrames was on a buying spree in the run up to the dot com bust. Afterward, with too much debt on the books, they had to sell off the various acquisitions for pennies on the dollar. That's when management figured out they paid two to four times more than the actual value of each acquisition. Needless to say, Atari want back into bankruptcy and came out a very different company.

Comment Re:Well there is a little problem (Score 1) 143

Funny how anemic growth under Obama hasn't been a problem for Democrats...

The Democrats weren't promising economic growth at 4%. At best, 2% to 3%. Even that might have been a stretch. The economy took 25 years to recover after the Great Depression. It's only been eight years since the Great Recession. A "normal" economy is years away.

Or is that why Hillary lost?

The expectation for a Hillary win was slow growth, low inflation and low interest rate environment. Since Trump has won, the expectation is for a high growth, high inflation and high interest rate environment. The problem with the Trump rally in the stock market is that the underlying economic data indicates slow growth. Expect a sharp stock market correction in the near future. We're also overdue for a recession.

Comment Re:Well there is a little problem (Score 1) 143

Because you can do the same job better with a $99 Android tablet?

Does Android allow you to cross-reference your LinkedIn and email contacts? That little feature expanded my LinkedIn contacts from less than 100 to 800+ because I knew more recruiters in email than I did in LinkedIn. When I had a bout of unemployment and got an iPhone in 2014, I had 60 job interviews in eight months and had three job offers at the same time to pick from.

Comment Re:Well there is a little problem (Score 1) 143

How do I know? The New York Times and The Washington Post will tell me that it is.

If you read yesterday's The Wall Street Journal, the 4% economic growth of the 1980's that Trump promised on the campaign trail is unlikely to happen again. That's a big problem for the Republicans.

Comment Re:Well there is a little problem (Score 1) 143

When unemployment benefits got extended to 99 weeks because of the Great Recession, Republicans claimed that unemployed people were dropping taxpayer's money on iPads and iPhones at the Apple Store. Not sure why they were complaining about that. If you're unemployed, iPads and iPhones are great job search tools.

Comment Re:This is an interesting case (Score 1) 131

But do they own what's in the engineer's head?

I was working at a video game company when the legal department got this brilliant idea to have everyone in the testing department sign NDA's to protect company intellectual property. Except this NDA had an overly broad clause that required testers must list every past copyrights, trademarks and patents they own, any idea they came up during employment at work or at home belongs to the company, and any idea they come up after they leave the company must be reviewed by the legal department. No one signed the NDA, several had attorneys who made phone calls, and everyone threatened to quit. The HR person got the legal department to go with a generic NDA.

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