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Comment Re:They forgot an S (Score 1) 195

Hopefully there's a uSD slot so we can add more ROMs.

I would be very surprised for an item with this price point to have any kind of scalability, especially considering they already have a platform for monetizing old content. But if it's popular enough then I bet once it has been out for a while someone will post instructions for modding.

Comment Re:Plausible? (Score 1) 164

Not a great argument in Ontario. Up here if your car is caught by a red-light camera, the owner of the car (or the plate at least) is responsible for paying the fine. Normally running a red light also gets you demerit points on your licence, but you cannot receive any demerit points via a red-light camera because they can't prove it was you. So in this analogy, you might still be responsible for copyright fines as the owner of the connection.

Comment Re:expanded (Score 1) 660

a couple of armed individuals inside the club would have a good chance of disrupting the carnage and lowering the death toll

But we DO know that putting guns into law abiding hands LOWERS violent crime rates

So, let's be honest, you need to disarm the bad guys, not the good guys.

The US has an incurable illness.

Comment Re:Well, it is either her or Trump. (Score 1) 477

Regarding the 3 sidebar pics, what's wrong with the Trump pics? Trump tends to look more serious in the press, and Clinton tends to smile more.

Also, Trump looks a bit goofy when he smiles, enough that I'm surprised the main banner on his site has him smiling (it might just be because he almost comes across as friendly, which my mind cannot accept).

For the little primary results pic, it does seem like an odd choice to choose a pic of him in the middle of saying something while the other candidates have professional headshots. Though to be fair, his main web page contains a supporting video whose cover pic shows him in his often-portrayed shouting expression - obviously he doesn't have a problem with people seeing him that way.

Comment Re:Not ironic. (Score 1) 152

Competitive markets rely on informed participants. By withholding data, Uber's actions are clearly anti-competitive.

The data is already available via their app. There is no obligation on a player in the market to have to inform the other players using a real-time data service that they made available specifically for their own benefit. Just because a company refuses to provide an optional service to make competition easier doesn't make them anti-competitive in the normal use of the term. I think it's quite a stretch to apply that here.

A company cannot just stuff anything into an EULA, and expect to be able to enforce it.

This is not "anything". It's pretty specific, and apparently they can enforce it quite easily.

Comment Re:Not ironic. (Score 2) 152

This is only hypocritical if one can argue this is actually anti-competitive, which I haven't seen any supporting argument for. Uber is not stifling or restricting their competition by refusing to provide a free data service to some third party. My read of it is that this is a violation of the EULA to use their data services.

Has Uber been anti-competitive? Absolutely. But this ain't it.

Comment Re:Not with data caps (Score 1) 104

+1. Even in Canada too. I managed to get a plan during a crazy wave of promotions that gets me 600 MB for $40/mo (which includes the base phone plan as well). That was 3 years ago. Under today's promotions, $40/mo will only get me 400MB. Why would anyone expect data usage to go up if costs are not coming down? Are people willing to pay 22x more for 22x more data?

Comment Re:Really need figures on first screen (Score 1) 141

+1. My baby monitor comes with an Android app to allow you to view the feed when you are on the same wifi as the monitor. I used to use the app all the time rather than carry around the remote handset. Then the company released an app update which forces you to register an account with the company before you can access the feed. Instant delete. Fuck you Summer Infant.

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