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Comment Re:sell movie theatre stock now (Score 1) 127

I think you'll find that people with good home theater set-ups, and people for whom $30 doesn't even register as an expense overlap considerably.

I'm certainly in that overlap, but can't imagine a scenario where I'd be willing to pay that much for the advanced release. I think the intersection of people who don't plan to see the movie at the theatre, want to see the movie ahead of the otherwise public home-release date, and will spend $30 to stream something once, is small.

Comment Re:It's not about the screen size, it's field of v (Score 2) 127

When we take kids to the movies, we have to use earplugs because they never turn it down to child-safe levels for children's movies.

In my area some theaters have once-a-week baby-friendly viewings during the day. Generally has about 20-30 mothers toting a baby or young toddler, and they reduce the volume and keep the lighting brighter. I took a day off to go with my wife and it wasn't bad. Maybe they have a similar offer in your area? The caveat of course is that there is the occasional baby crying.

Comment Re:It's not about the screen size, it's field of v (Score 4, Insightful) 127

That you have to sit 100 feet away from.

You know there's multiple rows of seats to choose from right? There's a range to choose from you might find enjoyable. I suspect you hate the theatre in general for some reason though.

I have a projector and I like to rub my balls on my awesome sound system.

Good for you.

That made no sense and I could not parse at all what you were trying to say, except for the general concept you were trying to get across of "you are wrong".

I think maybe you're somehow overly offended by my post and your rage has left you unable to parse basic english.

But as noted, you don't even understand that sitting closer to a smaller screen gives an equivalent effect and you consider movie theater audio to be "high tech".

Like I said, some people (apparently you judging by your over-the-top reaction) will like this kind of service, and that's fine. But most people don't have a sound system that they would rub their balls on.

Comment Re:sell movie theatre stock now (Score 2) 127

Shill much?

$30 is the price for 2 seats.

2 seats in a theatre. With a 75 foot screen and high-tech sound.

If you are a family with kids the $30 is a great value

$30 to watch a newish movie in your own home is terrible value when compared to literally every other in-home viewing option. This will interest some folks, but I suspect not very many.

Comment Re:Then again (Score 1) 46

How exactly do these wifi cameras get exposed to public hacking? Are these cameras that you configure to use your own wifi network, and that automatically makes them visible outside your network?

I have two wifi baby monitors in my home, but they both generate their own wifi signal are not on my home network. I am comfortable with the risk that someone could theoretically walk up to my house, hack the (random) factory password, and watch the baby in its crib. Is there some magic I don't know about that connects them to the internet?

Comment Re:Editors, you stripped the original title (Score 5, Insightful) 642

Regardless if it is theoretically feasible, the scenario is not practical in any way. In The Moon is a Harsh Mistress, the scenario of hurling rocks at the earth was believable because the moon colony was 100% self-sustaining, it already had a method of launching extremely heavy loads at the earth (agricultural products), and the colony was going to starve to death if they were forced to continue sending so much biomass to the earth. The only reason they didn't all die immediately after their first launch was because the government on earth did not want to wipe out the colony because it was seen as a very valuable asset if they could just regain control.

This is a theoretical problem for next century. At least. If someone brought it up today as an actual issue, that person does not understand the real world.

Comment Re:Good. (Score 1) 358

... I am talking with my friend behind me and don't see that ped on the sidewalk and run into them, knock them down, I'm likely to do more damage to them than most drones... Now, in addition to any civil case she may file against me, do I deserve a month in jail?

If you were on a crowded sidewalk cycling fast enough to potentially kill someone? Absolutely you should be charged. I think you don't understand the dangerous potential a falling 2lb object can have. On a crowded parade street it was almost guaranteed to hit someone, and she was lucky to only get a concussion. Also as one of the links said - if all people will face is a fine, this is going to become a common occurrence.

Comment Re:Obama is to blame (Score 1) 1149

Yet you twist the truth to blame Trump for a tragedy much longer in the making - sick man, you are as sick as the shooter or heading that way.

What Trump has done is give aggrieved people a convenient scapegoat for their problems. He's a demagogue. Nobody is saying he is the root of these problems, but he's certainly a major factor in the increasing amount of hate and fear directed at immigrants in America, and beyond.

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