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Comment Re:Illusions (Score 1) 177

Maybe the only difference here is that it may be hard to understand afterwards what happened.

I don't know about that. When a serious accident occurs and you see a large group of nerds in lab coats hurriedly packing up strange equipment into briefcases, piling into a van, and speeding away, we can safely assume there was outside interference.

Comment Re:Floss (Score 1) 257

Just to add to that: I'm 35, didn't floss at all till late 20's, drink 2 cokes a day or more, only brush my teeth at night. Never had a cavity. I do however have very thin enamel on the tops of my teeth, and it's unclear if that is due to grinding and/or the coke.

I suspect that there are many factors for teeth health, such as diet, hygiene, genes, etc, and certain things like flossing may help certain individuals more than others.

Comment Re:Sony is also False Flagging No Man Sky videos (Score 1) 134

There was a LOT of hype about 6 months or so ago when a bunch of (highly manicured) gameplay footage was shown. The most annoying thing is that ever since then, every week or so a new No Man's Sky "Demo" or "Features Revealed" or "Updates!" video shows up in my feed, and it's always a bullshit rehashing of information and video from the earlier release. I agree with the general consensus that the only reason to apply censorship at this level is because the game is not that interesting or quickly loses appeal.

Comment Re:They forgot an S (Score 1) 195

Hopefully there's a uSD slot so we can add more ROMs.

I would be very surprised for an item with this price point to have any kind of scalability, especially considering they already have a platform for monetizing old content. But if it's popular enough then I bet once it has been out for a while someone will post instructions for modding.

Comment Re:Plausible? (Score 1) 164

Not a great argument in Ontario. Up here if your car is caught by a red-light camera, the owner of the car (or the plate at least) is responsible for paying the fine. Normally running a red light also gets you demerit points on your licence, but you cannot receive any demerit points via a red-light camera because they can't prove it was you. So in this analogy, you might still be responsible for copyright fines as the owner of the connection.

Comment Re:expanded (Score 1) 660

a couple of armed individuals inside the club would have a good chance of disrupting the carnage and lowering the death toll

But we DO know that putting guns into law abiding hands LOWERS violent crime rates

So, let's be honest, you need to disarm the bad guys, not the good guys.

The US has an incurable illness.

Comment Re:Well, it is either her or Trump. (Score 1) 477

Regarding the 3 sidebar pics, what's wrong with the Trump pics? Trump tends to look more serious in the press, and Clinton tends to smile more.

Also, Trump looks a bit goofy when he smiles, enough that I'm surprised the main banner on his site has him smiling (it might just be because he almost comes across as friendly, which my mind cannot accept).

For the little primary results pic, it does seem like an odd choice to choose a pic of him in the middle of saying something while the other candidates have professional headshots. Though to be fair, his main web page contains a supporting video whose cover pic shows him in his often-portrayed shouting expression - obviously he doesn't have a problem with people seeing him that way.

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