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Comment Re:More accurate headline? (Score 1) 200

I was mostly annoyed because I took the headline literally. I assumed there was some kind of hilarious bug and his kettle wouldn't work and he woke up in the middle of the night to the sound of his kettle whistling. Or something. But no, he just spent 11 hours coding coding support for something. Honestly I really like the idea of voice assistant products and the kind of things that people might do with that, but this article (not the original tweets) just has the lamest spin.

Comment Re:Observations (Score 1) 192

That's interesting, I had a rather opposite opposite experience with a doctor. Last year my infant son was diagnosed with strep (after throat swab) and went on antibiotics. Three days later, my wife and I went to the doctor because we also had strep-like symptoms, and the doctor had us take throat swabs also. My wife tested positive, I tested negative. So she got antibiotics and I got nothing. 2 weeks later my wife and son are healthy, and I am still suffering from worsening strep-like symptoms. So I went back and saw a different doctor, and told him my symptoms and my family's diagnosis. He didn't even bother examining me, it was fairly obvious to him that I had strep regardless of the original lab result. I got my antibiotics and was healthy several days later.

I bet an app would have done well in my case.

Comment Re:Let's teach critical thinking (Score 1) 212

Sadly it's not just Americans either. This started up in Canada a few months ago. The fact that people were getting duped was all over the news, and in some publicized cases they actually got a person to do it multiple times.

Calgarian defrauded $20K in CRA scam involving iTunes gift cards
iTunes twist on phone scam costing N.L. seniors thousands, warn police
44 victims bilked out of more than $140,000 in June and July
Listowel, Ont., woman paid CRA fraudsters with iTunes cards
Canada Revenue Agency does not demand payment in iTunes cards, warns RCMP

Comment Re:Trump versus Clinton (Score 4, Insightful) 500

People call him racist for wanting to keep ILLEGAL immigrants out.

Actually people call him racist for his very many racist remarks. His immigration policy is just a drop in the bucket.

People call him Islamophobic for wanting to keep Islamic TERRORISTS out.

Actually people call him Islamophobic because he intends to keep out anyone who would claim to be Muslim. That is pretty much matches the definition of Islamophobic.

Comment Re:Burn it to the ground (Score 2) 117

And their new products will also tank. Soon the majority of people will stop buying from random vendors and only buy from reputed ones who have proven products.

The real problem is how authorities are likely to react to someone breaking these devices. Breaking every hackable IoT device out there is likely to cause much more consumer backlash than the occasional DDOS does. I bet the authorities would expend more against the person breaking the devices than the ones using them in the botnets.

Comment Re:They can't even hide it. (Score 1) 81

The use of "that" here, though, indicates they are talking about a specific subset of counterfeit or third party ink cartridges (or that they believe all of them fit the following criteria). This is where they shoot themselves in the foot I think.

do not contain an original HP security chip

They are talking about the subset of counterfeit or third party ink cartridges that do not license or purchase an "original HP security chip" from them. If HP doesn't get a cut of the sale, they don't want it on the market. The whole "protecting their IP" is the real circular argument because that IP only exists to lock out competitors. It's K-cups all over again, but without the easy consumer work-around.

Comment Re:Facebook lies: shocker (Score 1) 49

+1. The article is light on details but the fact that facebook just apologized rather than trying to explain it does suggest perhaps that the 3-second rule wasn't applied across the board. Given that facebook autoplays videos by default, as an advertiser I would definitely want to filter out people who scroll past the video, or at least categorize them separately.

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