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Comment Re: Australia Deserves it. (Score 3, Informative) 128

Here ya go. Happened a couple days ago. Patiant came into a hospital and started shooting. It was a gun-free zone but one of the doctors had his gun anyway and killed the guy.

And also there you go. A group of people stood up against a branch of the federal government for something they believe in. No shots were fired, but they were prepared to. The BLM backed off.

Obviously these aren't the only ones. But they should satisfy your criteria.

Comment Re:Something like this, please (Score 1) 155

I I've seen this exact thing at the Dominicks food chain here in chicagoland. When you walk in the store there are mobile scanners you can grab. Scan as you go. On your way out you put it in a docking station and pay for it. Done.

Admittedly i never used it as I Always preferred the Jewel-Osco chain. I dont know if all of them have this or if it was just the one where i used to live.

Comment Re:why lasers? (Score 1) 330

In addition to what jittles said, you can time the firing of a laser a lot more precisely than you can a spark. And, you can do things like multiple bursts (aka sparks) for a more complete combustion cycle a lot more efficiently.

Comment Re:Different from mine (Score 1) 375

On mine (Win7 64 Ultimate) it shows different stuff at the bottom depending on how much, and how diverse what I selected its.
A few mp3s for example show a bunch of information related to ID3 tags.
The entirety of my WoW folder however shows "30 items selected. Click for more details" If I click it, it shows just that 30 items were selected, and the range of dates they were modified.
If I select the entirety of the folder, excluding the sub folders it shows "20 items selected. Click for more details" When I click it, it shows ranges for Date Modified and Date created, but also the total size.

Comment Re:Demographic Data (Score 1) 228

Then again, I still don't have a microwave and the only reason I have a TV is because someone misunderstood me when I said 'I don't have a TV' and gave me one..

That's exactly how I got my TV! Guy at work bought a new one, and showed up at work one day "You don't have a tv right?" "Nope" "I got one for you" "....k"
And my Microwave I got when my mom came out to visit for a week...while I was at work she bought me one.

Comment Re:Thank God for standardized testing (Score 1) 571

That would make sense if they also had a formal procedure for doing the repair work as well. But seeing as they don't I have to go with the fact that my supervisor has never built or taken something apart in her entire life. The other shift supervisor is a lot more laid back when it comes to not following the written process exactly. He however, came up from the floor.

And I do believe that being a fortune 50 company, they have the lawyers already on staff.

Comment Re:Thank God for standardized testing (Score 2, Insightful) 571

I'm seeing this even in my work. I'm a mechanic at a large wind turbine manufacturing company. Recently, I moved from the repair side of the business to the new unit assembly. There is a written procedure, from our parent company in Germany (which sucks major balls I might add) to do the new assembly. Any deviation from the written procedure is severely frowned upon. I have found, based on my extended skill-set as a repair technician vs the people who are just assemblers, easier and faster ways of doing things. However, I have been scolded by my new supervisor for doing so.

It really chops my ass, but you're right. Doing things in creative and different ways is not acceptable for whatever reason...

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