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Comment Re:is this something consumers care about? (Score 1) 224

There are businesses that make money doing exactly this with or without the manufacturer's support. This argument at this point has little to do with the end user at this point as most end users just buy new or send it off somewhere to be fixed. It's more about big business vs small business. The small business in this sense are the places that fix these things. Or imagine if you're a facility that does a lot of testing and one of your pieces of expensive equipment broke and you now can't fix it because a parts manual and a schematic are non-existent? Fixing it yourself would be cheaper. A lot of this boils down to cost of ownership. Manufacturer's hate lowering the cost of ownership as it means they can't keep selling brand new, which is what their argument ultimately boils down to. Imagine if cars were this way. They already are starting to to some degree.

Comment Re:Attended - a first person perspective (Score 4, Informative) 135

I attended during 2001-2003. In my campus the C++ teacher was Asian. I was a class of one taking CEET about half way through. The CAD program dropped down to about 3 people, and the programmers had 3. We all had to take our academic classes together at some point. The people in the programming course would always make jokes about "mammary leaks" and "C Press Press". There were other jokes, but I've long forgotten what they were.

Otherwise I agree with your assessment. It's overall a slightly above mediocre school in some respects, but I don't think it's worth the price, especially since I would see people with mental disabilities who had no mental capacity to do the work, be in these programs and get pushed along all because they had money.

Also, when I started I was doing 4 days a week for classes and they decided half way through they could cut that down to 3 days a week! That went over well with everyone. Their response was that if we didn't like it, we could leave, and they'd get to keep the money that we paid up until that point anyway. The three days I did go were longer, but I still ended up missing about 2 hours a week from my core classes.

ITT at one time did have a good reputation and that was because the education was actually pretty good for a tech school at the time. They rode that reputation into the grave, dug it up, pissed on, reburied, and repeated multiple times. The sad part is, in my local area, ITT is still one of the better tech schools for EE's. I get to deal with the new crop coming out of tech schools and they're all way more dumb than I was when I graduated. It's a scary thought. The people from ITT still have a slight advantage over the other schools, but being slightly better than a pile of rubbish isn't a goal post people should aim for.

Comment Re:No Context (Score 4, Insightful) 186

Wikipedia needs to ban all these editors, because it is illegal to try to blackball somebody from an industry because you don't like what they did in a prior job somewhere else.

And how are they trying to blackball someone from an entire industry? From what I can tell they're just trying to get him removed from what is essentially an executive board. The guy still holds a job at Tesla Motors anyway.

They're attempting to overstep the authority of their roles in a way that violates the rights of the person they're trying to have cast out.

Do what now? What rights are being violated? Had you read anything and not jumped to a knee jerk reaction, you'd see that they clearly understand what they're doing has zero legal weight. If you had a "bad" boss and the "majority" of the "workforce" got together to go above his head to have him removed, or at the very least their concerns heard, I'd say that's a great thing. This doesn't mean anyone has to do as they ask, you know.

Maybe the guy is a [bad person], I don't know.

Yes, that much is obvious. You just don't know anything.

I do know in this case that other [bad people] are attempting to violate his rights.

Do you know that? It seems to me that it's already been pointed out that they have no power to violate his rights in this context. I also wonder why you feel that people shouldn't be allowed to voice their opinion of dissent uniformly.

Comment Warehouse Employees (Score 1) 268

It's the warehouse employees who get shit on the most. While I'm sure there are issues in the office, the warehouse employees are expected to meet ever rising quotas at the cost of safety - the only way to meet some of the quotas is to ignore safety rules. Employee death or injury is not unheard of. While the top tier might not be driving for these metrics, they don't have the right people keeping a hold of the reigns at the lower level.

Comment User Profile: Comments (Score 1) 2219

Looking over Beta I noticed one big annoying issue: Comment History.

I can not figure out how to view the past discussion I partook in. I can view the whole page as a whole, but not just the part I was involved in. Classic makes this pretty easy to do. I sometimes like going back to see what nuggets (or turds depending on your view point) of wisdom I've left behind and why I wrote what I wrote. Using Beta, I have no way to figure out why I wrote what I wrote.

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