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Comment Re:Physical keyboard? (Score 1) 188

I have a blackberry for work, find myself hitting the backspace key every 2 or 3 keys, because my fingers hit too many buttons at once. Considering, I probably type just as fast with one hand on touch screen as I do with two thumbs on the blackberry.

On a side note, you should probably refrain from doing work related business while shitfaced.


Submission + - GT5 to be in 3D, will support GPS recordings (gtplanet.net)

F-3582 writes: From the article: 'Here is some of the first news to come out of the Tokyo Auto Salon 2010: Polyphony Digital has partnered with auto technology company Denso to develop a GPS-track day unit, one of which will be included in the new Toyota FT-86G.' Furthermore 'MotorTrend editor Peter Lyon was also able to confirm that a 3D version of GT5 will be available as soon as 3D TVs become available on the market'

Submission + - VMware To Buy Closely Held SpringSource For $362 M (cnn.com)

revoldub writes: "By Kathy Shwiff and Jessica Hodgson Of DOW JONES NEWSWIRES SAN FRANCISCO -(Dow Jones)- VMware Inc. (VMW) has agreed to acquire privately held software maker SpringSource for about $362 million in cash and stock and will assume about $58 million of unvested stock and options. The virtualization-software firm said the acquisition of San Mateo, Calif.- based SpringSource, which is expected to close in the third quarter, would enable the companies to offer and manage virtualized software applications from both inside and outside a company's technology infrastructure. VMware didn't immediately say whether it expected the deal to be accretive or dilutive to earnings, but it is likely to give further detail on an investor call this evening."

Comment Re:Wolfenstein 3D? (Score 5, Informative) 117

Title of Article: Doom to Dunia: A Visual History of 3D Game Engines
FTA: "Now, we know what you're thinking, and we're well aware that game engines existed prior to Doom's release in 1993; we're even going to cover some. But it was id Software's now legendary first-person shooter that pushed reusable 3D game engines as a viable programming model, and videogame development has never been the same since then."

Does it need an explanation?

Comment Re:Sony Hit A Homerun With Free Realms (Score 1) 77

Are we ever going to have cross platform games for PS3 / PC / Xbox? Seems to me this would be the easiest to accomplish with MMORPGS. I understand there are issues about server capacity etc. and compatibility, but you would think at least Xbox and Windows servers would be able to work together. Now what about Free Realms servers, and Sony PS3 servers?

Comment Re:and why do we care? (Score 1) 770

Forgive me if I'm being overwhelmingly...close-minded here.

Is it just me or is the tens of thousands of dollars people spend on university and college pretty much worthless in most countries in which people immigrate here away from dodge?

I'm not saying our education curriculum is flawed. And I'm certainly not saying that foreign countries systems are weak. I just wonder what $20,000 per year or semester or whatever it is for you is really worth for some average grades, and a piece of paper saying you paid for it.

Speaking with my high school friends about how much money they're in the red with, while still in school is kind of reassuring for me. On the other hand I'm sure we all know someone who is holding a very nice desk job with a bachelors in art history or some shit.

Unless of course we're talking about doctors etc. who want to come here for our amazing medical advances, in hopes that they can take this home eventually regardless. In that case I say spend your money as you will. I'm not sure how these university granted scholarships work for non-naturalized citizens but I have a slight problem paying taxes for that. It is right there with having to pay an uninsured tax on car insurance, in case someone who is legally obligated doesn't have car insurance.

Sorry for rambling I lost my train of thought.

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