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Comment Re:Not hard to fix... (Score 2) 534

The problem is that it requires a Republican Congress to vote in favor of something that lets corporations get away with being stingy. Trump might decide to support it because he doesn't like Silicon Valley, but I can't imagine a Republican Congress siding with the little guy when it comes to money.

Submission + - Vinyl Record Sales Highest in 30 years (

retroworks writes: Wall Street Journal taped interview describes reinvestment in new vinyl LP record production, based on high demand for turntables. What old technology will be the next to resurface?

Submission + - US Ally Used $3.4M Patriot Missile to Destroy $200 Consumer Drone (

retroworks writes: USA General David Perkins, commander of the US Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC), led a symposium (taped address where he alluded to a recent use by an unnamed "close ally" of a $3.4M dollar Patriot Missile to shoot down a $200 consumer drone. While the drone was successfully destroyed, the general presented it as a clear example of "overkill" and unsustainable military cost-benefit economics. Andrew Liptak of The Verge observes "The situation showed: whoever was flying the drone now knows that they can easily undermine this unnamed ally with the missiles. All they need to do is buy more cheap drones and fly them, running up the operational costs of that military."

Comment For God's Sake, it DEPENDS (Score 1) 498

I'm furious when certain newspapers or other non-important or non-financial websites force me to use combinations of letters, symbols, capitals and numbers. They are actually trying to make sure I don't give my password to other people to read their content, they aren't protecting ME from anything. That forces me to either a) disclose my important password techniques, or b) create an even more difficult to remember password for a site that's considerably less important than my bank, etc. Worst case are (a) the poor fools who use their important bank password for a bullshit local non-important site where a snotty 20 year old has access to all the customer passwords.

In other words, the answer is "it depends".

Comment Google Checkmates Antiphorm (Score 1) 160

This has been a war over user rights to "camouflage". Google and other ads-funded corporations have feared the "false positive", the background-running random search engine. The recent "are you human" captchas come when I'm not even running an anti-phorm, so I guess I have to prove I'm human because my searches appear to be non-sequetors to Google (though they are not, to me). x2010

Comment Screw Child Porn (Score 1, Insightful) 244

And anyone here defending it. Most of the arguments against the FBI that I see here follow the logic that "if FBI does X to stop a crime, FBI or some other person might do X for bad reason". So no one can own a software exploit, a gun, or a computer, or a sandwich, if it sets a 'precedent' that someone else could posses such an exploit, gun, computer, etc. Seems to me FBI is making a judgement call, how much they can damage the child porn industry through the prosecution and disclosure of method, and how much they can damage it by having people know they aren't immunized by Tor. See header. I'm for giving the FBI that discretion, and if and when it's power is abused, object to THAT, rather than to FBI doing their job correctly.

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