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Comment "Show Me the CarFax" Model (Score 1) 64

The authenticators are to be paid by the Sellers, not by ebay or the buyers. It's offering the service to someone who already owns the piece and wants to sell it, and presumably is willing to take the risk that what they are selling isn't faked, in order to give buyers more confidence. This "certification model" paid for by the businesses in the hopes that enough will adapt it and it will become mandatory "professional licensing". Ebay is already in that business, via "Powerseller" status.

It appears too general. If I pay to ask ebay to "certify" that a photo I took of a duck was really taken by me, does ebay turn down the money, or admit that they have no expert qualified to determine it was my duck photo.

Comment Twitter Crowd Sourcing Future AI (Score 1) 74

My assumption is that we are all unconsciously writing the code for a future Artificial Intelligence bot, through twitter, slashdot, other comment fields. We don't know how it will be distilled, filtered, and assembled into a greater intelligence any more than a termite knows whose house it is eating.

Comment Re:Some thoughts (Score 1) 26

Yep. Now that Uber has provided it to Boston Police, etc., "anonymized", it will be difficult to put the genie back in the bottle. Expect 3. Court Subpoenas for non-anonymized data. Uber should develop a plan to dump false or trivial data in if subpoenaed. Deleting data could be a legal violation of the subpoena. Intentionally mixing in random false data points before a subpoena is issued should be legal.

Comment Taiwanese Invention, Not Cupertino (Score 1) 35

The story I had always heard from friends in Taipei's Tech Sector was that Apple had long subcontracted the iPod production to Taiwan (Hon Hoi Precision Tech Group, owned by Terry Gou, aka Foxconn) and that the display geeks in Taiwan - who had been trying to improve touch screens for ATM machines moving from CRT to LCD - introduced it in the model. According to my pals (now retired) Apple realized how important the multi device implications could be and hired an insider from the Taiwan shop to move to a Vancouver subcontractor.

The touch screen technology, according to Taipei geeks, was originally German origin, but the German company had never succeeded in finding a profitable use for it, and they had bought it in a bankruptcy and tried applying it to ATM displays. This article doesn't prove this story, but it does appear to fit the iPod demo story. Maybe someone at /. knows the German company.

Comment Gimmick (Score 1) 435

"A gimmick is a novel device or idea designed primarily to attract attention or increase appeal, often with little intrinsic value.[1][2] It is a unique or quirky feature designed to make a product or service "stand out" from its competitors. Product gimmicks are sometimes considered mere novelties, and tangential to the product's functioning. Gimmicks are occasionally viewed negatively, but some seemingly trivial gimmicks of the past have evolved into useful, permanent features." wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/...

Comment Re:mod parent down, RTFA (Score 4, Insightful) 432

Ford CEO certainly applauded Trump's pro-business posture. But the articles CLEARLY state that the Ford Focus and Escort jobs are going to Hermasillo (a different Mexico factory) and that the jobs in Michigan are for a completely unrelated electric vehicle which was NEVER going to be made in Mexico. Is Ford CEO smart to play it as a "thanks for lower regulations and taxes" move? Perhaps so. But the Michigan jobs (electric vehicles) were NEVER going to Mexico, and the cancelled Mexico plant operations are moving to Hermasillo in Sonora Mexico.

Comment Re:Two Decisions are Unrelated (Score 1) 432

Here is the quote from the article you post which says the Two Decisions (Michigan investment in electric and Hermisillo Mexico investment instead of San Louis Potosi Mexico Ford Focus plant:

Ford had planned to build the Focus, a small car, in the new factory. It will instead move production of the model from Michigan to an existing plant in Hermosillo, Mexico, a move that saves money and limits the amount of capacity devoted to the product.

Your ad homimen attack on WaPo may be true. But a decision to make socks in Michigan is unrelated to a decision to make Twinkies in Mexico's Hermisillo instead of Mexico's Potosi. Trump and Ford CEO are apparently palsy, maybe Trump does deserve credit. I'm simply pointing out that the electric car jobs in Michigan have nothing to do with shifting jobs between two Mexico locations (making Ford Focus in an Escort plant)

Comment Two Decisions are Unrelated (Score 4, Informative) 432

I have read the linked article and article in WSJ and WashPost. There appears to be some confusion in the Ars Technica article, and in the summary. The investment in the Flat Rock Michigan plant is to create new electric vehicles, to maintain employment for the Ford Escort employees, as Ford continues its plan to move the Escorts to 100% in Mexico. This is similar to the November story, when Ford moved mature Lincoln manufacturing from Louisville KY to Mexico, but invested in a new vehicle manufacturing in KY rather than close the plant.

From the Post https://www.washingtonpost.com... :

"At Ford, Joseph Hinrichs, president of Ford in the Americas, said the decision to produce the newly announced cars in the United States was made recently and without consulting people connected to Trump. Ford Executive Chairman Bill Ford shared the news with Trump in a phone call Tuesday morning, though the details of that call were not immediately available.

While the Ford Focus will soon be produced south of the border, Hinrichs said the 3,500 workers who currently make the car at its production facility in Wayne, Mich., will instead build two yet-to-be-named vehicles, and thus those jobs will stay in place."

Trump seems very talented at getting his name into headlines about decisions that have nothing to do with him

Submission + - 700 Employee, 7 Story India Tech Raided for Telemarketing Fraud (nytimes.com)

retroworks writes: NYT has an interesting blow-by-blow story on two India Tech Center employees who informed on their call center fraud operation, which targeted Americans (especially recent immigrants) with fraudulent IRS calls and other scams. The building was surrounded by police, phone lines cut. Eventually 630 of the employees were released, and charges were brought against 70 managers and executives of the call center.

The article concludes that while the number of such scam calls fell by 95% following the raid, that even if 400 such centers were raided, that the business was too easy and too lucrative to successfully destroy.

Comment Re:That's the wrong move. Build a market for ivory (Score 1) 67

One thing Mao still gets credit for is wiping out the heroin and opium trade, in record time. The Red Army backed Communist Party took heroin users and their families and executed them publicly in the streets. Using was made a capital offense in all cases, no ifs ands or buts. I wouldn't trade democracy and social nuance for the efficacy of totalitarianism, but if China isn't democratizing anytime soon then to hell with the ivory buyers, post haste. Extinction is forever, and our generation will probably be remembered for hundreds of years for that one thing if we don't get a handle on it. http://www.revcom.us/a/china/o...

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