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Comment Re:Real Stuff (Score 1) 186

libraries. basically anything you plug in to a motherboard will have different linux projects which sort of make it work, each of which will have a couple of forks and several subtly-incompatible minor versions and patches. then there will be a bunch of interface projects duct-taped on top of those projects, which are even more muddled and confusing, and the only documentation is hoping that someone has made a wiki page about it.

even free software developers are giving up on distro package systems because it's a god-awful mess that depends on good will and free labor which just isn't there right now.

Comment Re:Real Stuff (Score 0) 186

Linux, as a desktop OS, has failed on its own merits in so many ways, that even though you are correct here, I can't sympathize.

LibreOffice sucks the sewer pipe even if you stick to its native file formats. KDE and Gnome are the result of absurd and unaccountable five-year plans to improve Windows XP (we'll get it right someday!). Audio on Linux is still almost as unreliable as it was 15 years ago, although admittedly, when it does work, it has more features; i am still, however, expected to manually calibrate latency with a slider, i mean christ, really?

Comment Re:Remember kids! (Score 1) 394

i can't say i'm really surprised, but otoh i don't have all that much sympathy.

i also wonder whether the card counters are in more danger from the casinos, or from their "investors". card-counting is financially high-risk even in the best situation, and you need a pretty deep source of funds to absorb losses before the law of averages asserts itself. needless to say, that seed money probably isn't coming from the most scrupulous people. you can always sue Bally's if they hurt you, but Vinny from the docks might just dump you in the Hudson.

Comment Re: He cheated OTHER players (Score 1) 394

The condensed version of the casino's argument, afaiui, is that the state only allows non-rigged games (with some technical definition of "rigged" i can't be arsed to look up), and that since one party conspired to rig this game, the contract should be voided regardless of whether or not the casino specifically agreed to the details. It's not a totally ridiculous defense, given that the regulatory framework exists (whether anyone likes or not).

Comment Re:Remember kids! (Score 4, Insightful) 394

"they harass or physically threaten them."

i suspect that they first ask them to leave, and after that formally evict them, and inform them that they are trespassing. maybe they skip the asking nicely part; that's okay.

but if the silly gits still don't leave, well, yeah, willful trespassers are often treated poorly. this is hardly unique to casinos; i've seen more than a few slashdotters commenting in gleeful terms about how they'd not hesitate to shotgun anyone trespassing on their property.

Comment Re:Please, No Exponential Algorithms! (Score 1) 218

i remember trying to use rhythmbox to retag my mp3s. it had the functionality, and would have been ideal except that the algorithm went something like this:

foreach song in list:
  1. process.
  2. mark song as processed.
  3. foreach song in list marked processed:
      a. refresh information for UI

so yeah, that's a trivial for-loop which was accidentally made O(n^2) and, yes, it was a problem in practice since the "refresh" step was not particularly cheap. i estimated that finishing my task this way would have taken a few weeks, so i just used the cli.

then again, i don't think big-O analysis would have helped here; they probably knew they were doing something stupid but left it to be fixed "later".

Comment Re: They could always work elsewhere. (Score 1) 433

As they say, there's a time to reap and a time to sow. Reap plebs, that is! For years, we've participated in more and more intricate and abstract systems to, ultimately, shuffle money from the poor to the rich, where it is ultimately hoarded (i.e. destroyed). Unfortunately a certain number of people had to be paid to achieve this level of destitution! Well, let me tell you, if you think nature abhors a vacuum, the market hungers on stuffing those holes and closing loops. Coming up: riots and automation of the far-overvalued circle jerk that is called the "middle class".

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