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Comment Re:motivation (Score -1, Troll) 169

What happens is that when people don't get punished for the first few things, they start to realize that the normal limits don't apply, and the bad sorts start pushing the envelope. Eventually ...

... eventually you get Hillary Clinton in control of the Democrat party and being presumed to be the next president. But pendulum does always swing the other way. This sort of thing could easily damage Uber's reputation and user base, in a significant way, at the retail level. Just like with the election, people vote with their feet, especially when it's so easy to just go somewhere else (Lyft, etc).

Comment Re:wars destroy wealth (Score 1) 470

So, your complaint is that someone with money who killed people was allowed to get away with it, while someone with less money would have been properly convicted?

Sounds like your main complaint is about the quality of lawyers who are being asked to handle cases for (relatively) low pay. Why aren't you addressing that? You should be asking for higher taxes specifically to pay for attracting more top legal talent to traditionally low-paying gigs. Right?

But nice attempt at deflection, there. How does the fact that OJ Simpson was making more money than the landscaping guy who watered his lawn for him mean that the landscaping guy was "losing his rights?" Specifically: which right has the landscaper lost, as someone else suddenly gets a big paycheck?

Comment Re:Whew! (Score 0) 470

You say that, and yet, despite historically great conditions the French still rose up and killed the aristocracy.

So what you're saying is that you have absolutely no understanding of history. Which is fine. But so long as you stay in that mode, consider keeping your nonsense zipped. You're just embarrassing yourself.

Comment suggestions for the course (Score 5, Funny) 388

1. College is the only means of success in modern society. trade schools and vocational professions are unsuccessful.
2. college debt is normal, and shouldnt be questioned. you will become successful after college.
3. college atheletes are students and not paid performers, despite lucrative contract deals with advertisers and meaningless classes.
4. college deans command high salaries because they work hard and get results.

Comment thank you gemalto (Score 1) 47

the sim card protected my PKI keys, which i use to access networks and confirm financial transactions, by storing them in dedicated hardware with no direct access. Now that youve decided to put these keys in software...and in a quite insecure OS i might add...i certainly see free wireless and cellular service in my future.

Comment this can only go one of two ways. (Score 3, Insightful) 172

1. Apple pays the taxes and admits no wrongdoing, quietly sweeping this incident under the rug and hoping to never have to endure it again by greasing more than just irish hands
2. Ireland admits it illegally undertaxed apple and skirted EU tax laws, thus opening up cause for additional investigation of facebook, google, and other megacorps that conveniently headquartered in Ireland because of, er, the weather.

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