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Comment Re:Bullshit, Todd. (Score 3, Insightful) 194

The problem is they are not suing over the mistake made by the clinic, but that the child has the wrong genes.

The kid having the wrong genes is the direct fruit of the clinic's malpractice. It's no different than a baby being dropped on its head by the doctor. You don't sue ONLY for the mistake, you sue for the consequences of the mistake. Two parents decide to merge their DNA and make a baby. They do so knowing their, and their families' histories. The clinic chooses to negligently upend that planning with an unknown set of consequences - and robbing the parents of having allowed the father to contribute his traits to the child they've chosen to make. The ramifications are numerous, both emotionally and quite possibly medically, intellectually, etc., for the child. You can't separate the negligence from the life-long consequences.

Comment Re:Non-starter 'flying car' (Score 2) 147

Yeah. Clients are always kind of shocked at the downdraft created when I use mid-sized hex to lift a camera while we're shooting some video. And that's something that weighs, oh, 15 pounds. It takes a LOT of moving air to keep a suitcase or a watermelon hovering in the air. To say nothing of my over-two-hundred-pounds and my passenger and the thing we're sitting in. NOT back yard material, here, never mind the enormous racket it's going to make.

Comment Re:Wonderful news ... (Score 1) 176

Does anybody want to have to compete? Some do, but most people are lazy and want stuff for free, including customers. The government should be out of that loop. Lacking the ACA's forcing me to do business with my choice of two vendors who are themselves forced to replicate their businesses and all of their overhead in fifty different states, that should all be torn down.

Comment translation: (Score 2) 36

"intel has sufficiently beat the stuffing out of certain 3 letter competitors in the market, and no longer needs to shill its compiler. please return when our CEO returns to shore after having exhausted his supply of caviar. It is at this time we expect to begin IDF18, where we will scramble madly trying to renew competition against Ryzen."

Comment What is with these headlines? (Score 1, Informative) 341

I know it's hardly a new complaint, but Slashdot's recent trend towards not merely provocative but 100%-contrary-to-the-facts-of-the-matter headlines is really getting ridiculous.

Yes, the city/state government could have spent a bunch of money to "give the fastest internet for free" to the people inside the urban bounds of Chattanooga. OR, they could use that money to make it worth the providers' time to extend that lovely fast service out in to the surrounding areas that have no access at all. Which is what they're doing. They didn't "give" the money to the infrastructure people. They're funding an expansion of the infrastructure into areas of the state where the availability of such business offerings will eventually do a lot to grow the state's economy and tax base. The headline is very and deliberately misleading. We can certainly debate whether or not TN should be spending money in this way, but that's not the same as purposefully misrepresenting the situation in a fit of juvenile clickbaiting. Knock it off, Slashdot.

Comment thank goodness. (Score 1) 312

As an american im always deeply concerned when our witch hunts proceed without so much as a ghoulish evil monster to subject to ye olde tribulations. After this, I suspect the good witch -- whos time it was to be elected to president because she did the mannequin challenge-- will prevail and righteousness will be restored to america.

Comment why do i feel like (Score 1) 339

I could argue this scientifically and rationally from behind a burned-out and slightly irradiated russian T90 battle tank with my parents, only to have them insist Sean Hannity was right and that my liberal agenda better not come up during the militias rationing of radiation blocking iodine tablets and canned beef.

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