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Comment Please use 'bokeh' in a more useful way (Score 2) 15

'Bokeh' is used when referring to the quality of the out-of-focus background (or foreground) of the image, not the fact that it is out of focus. Shallow depth of field images have blurry elements. By definition. But different lenses render that OoF area differently. Some lenses have a jittery, doubled-up, or ring-like pattern, or render OoF highlights as oblong smears or as hard circles. It just depends on the lens design. So when we talk about this, it's about the quality, not the quantity or existence of blurred areas.

Think of it like this: every lens of a given format, focal length and aperture will produce essentially the same mount of OoF areas. It's just physics. The focal plane is where it is, and the meaningfully in-focus area (say, on the subject's face) is going to be a given depth (for a given display size and resolution). Period.

But that's like saying all pianos can play a middle C note. They can. But some sound twangy or harsh, while others sound more pleasing to the ear. Likewise with the OoF rendering by some lenses. With the piano we can say "it plays middle C, but the tone is harsh" - and with the camera, we can say that the lens when wide open can render shallow DoF and thus blur the background, but the bokeh is harsh (or, creamy, or busy, or smooth - whatever... it's the "tone," the visual quality of the blur rendering, generally considered to be more appealing the more creamy it is - though sometimes harsh, nervous bokeh is desireable for certain cinematic moods, etc).

Sorry, pet peeve. "Shallow depth of field" doesn't mean "has bokeh." That's like saying the car's suspension has ride. All cars do! But what's the quality of the ride? More like a sports car, or a limo? Better bokeh usually comes from much higher quality glass, and more of it in the design of the lens. Big, fat, fast prime portrait lenses are built - among other things - to play that visual note more elegantly than cheaper lenses do, even though they both hit the note when told do if they can achieve the same aperture at a given focal length.

Comment Re:Have fewer babies. (Score 1) 64

The point is to stop being a third-world country so that - just like throughout the developed world, families don't feel the need to have so many babies to use as slave labor on the farm. There's a reason that countries like the US, or Germany, have their resident populations shrinking. Because people living more prosperously have fewer babies. And thus use far less in the way of resources like water (and especially, use it less wastefully than those who are doing old-school agriculture in a more primitive way). Prosperity makes for smaller families, which relieves stress on resources. So: India needs to stop carrying on like a third world country. Culturally, legally, governmentally, financially, agriculturally. And they will start having fewer babies. And need less water (and food, and energy, and everything else).

Comment Re:Have fewer babies. (Score 2) 64

It's called education and prosperity. If it weren't for immigration (and immigrants having lots of children), countries like Germany and the US would have shrinking populations. Once a population reaches a better level of creature-comfort prosperity, and aren't living a hand-to-mouth agrarian lifestyle, they stop having so many babies.

Comment Re:2nd amendment (Score 1) 91

The rights protected by the Second Amendment don't grant you protection from prosecution when you destroy someone else's property (with a gun, or a chainsaw, or fire, or your fists). It's a federal felony to shoot at an aircraft, and the FAA now considers any drone (or RC plane, etc) over 9 ounces to be an aircraft.

And for what it's worth, the FPV hobby in the US is essentially now illegal. Operators cannot fly unless they are observing the aircraft with their own un-aided eyes at all times.

Comment Re:Make up your mind (Score 1) 144

So, what is "militarization," to you? Presumably you don't consider the classical police night stick to be an example of militarization. But using one to disable a violent person is a risk to the officer's life, and being able to disable that same person from twenty feet away, using a tazer or a beanbag so that the officer's life isn't at as much risk ... that's "militarization" to you? Is the fact that a cop is carrying a sidearm militarization? No? Why not?

Comment as a layperson, im a little confused. (Score 4, Interesting) 412

disclaimer: im just a machinist who likes linux.

we had something similar to this in the late 90s when kickpress workers and fabricators were starting to get replaced by multi-axis milling machines and fluidform/laser. almost overnight we had a crisis where we needed more people who could do CAD/CAM, because while im sure managers saved a bunch of money handing out pink slips to the line workers they were losing a hell of a lot of money on trying to find a good desk jockey who didnt crash tools and wreck parts every hour. Management offered hundred dollar bonuses if we could convince someone to join the team and this worked for a while until someone started complaining about diversity and asking why we didnt have it.

we didnt have black or latino CNC or SPC guys because most of them never saw a promotion. Its not racism --nobody was yelling bigoted obscenities-- but the managers in charge of lining up bonuses and promotions came from an ancient era where brown people were still some subset fraction of an actual person. the ones that got promoted didnt see much of a raise either, at least at the North Carolina shops i worked at. When the diversity hammer started to swing too close to the portly boss-types, they made excuses until retirement. Either they promoted a hard work ethic, or they were trying to drive cost.

and women? we had women but they were all in the office stamping paychecks and handling HR claims, or in shipping. we had welders, good female welders, but management fired them once we started shipping the parts to missouri, then mexico for final weld. The management came down hard on us for creating hostile work environments, and sure in some cases that was true. The worst shop i was in had 3 sexual harassment meetings in a year. But to tell the truth, it was probably the pay or the fact that if you left for maternity, you usually lost your job. I worked at a place that ran an entire diversity job fair for a year before realizing the factory area we worked in never had a womens locker room, so incompetence can certainly be attributed..

but programming? what barriers exist? i mean christ its every day im online seeing courses or classes, or getting some handout from a government agency that encourages me to take a spreadsheet class or something. programming is an office job; is an office a hostile workplace?? why is it so hard to just give someone the damn job so long as they have enough sense not to chooch up the work? why is there a percentage to achieve?

Comment Re:Asking too much` (Score 2) 65

The point isn't that they're a developing nation. They're not. It's that they spin things with that sort of description whenever they have to explain away things like selling poisoned baby food or grain shipments full of melamine. Pretending they don't have the technical chops to perform sophisticated industrial espionage, because, you know, they're just a simple farming community ... such nonsense.

Comment Asking too much` (Score 2) 65

This reminds me of Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi's 2015 comment (in the wake of an obvious wave of government- and business-oriented hacking out of a well known government facility in China) that they couldn't possibly be responsible for such things, since as just a developing nation, they didn't have the sophistication.

Obviously the laziness of users around the world who don't change default passwords is a different problem, but shipping stuff configured and documented in a way that makes not securing it the default mode in the hands of users is just ... laziness.

Comment Re:Make up your mind (Score 3, Insightful) 144

dangerous jobs have risk.
don't like it don't become one.

So, you'd be in favor of cops not being allowed to wear body armor. Because, after all, the job is risky, and it's not fair to give them any sort of advantage that might save their lives while they're acting on your behalf and dealing with someone who wants to kill them.

Your absurd false dichotomy (the police must either allow themselves to be killed, or they are baby killers) shows that you are either pretending to have given this no actual thought, or you really can't muster the critical thinking skills to think this through. Here's an idea: go, right now, today, and ask your local city/county cops about their ride-along program. Do it for a week or two, in a rough urban area. Report back.

Comment Re:It gives me pleasure to introuce you to the fut (Score 1) 144

police are not warriors.
they absolutely ARE guardians.

No, they are not guardians. They generally are asked to gather evidence and start the process of prosecution after someone has violated the law. They aren't, and can't be "guardians" without being everywhere, all the time, and able to stop everything that might threaten you. That's not even close to their mandate or their capability. If an ongoing violent event happens to occur for long enough to allow them to arrive on the scene while it's still in progress (or, by luck, they happen to be there when something starts), then they become warriors if the circumstances require that. Which is why they carry weapons.

Comment migration paths per distribution (Score 5, Funny) 73

4.8 is a large step, however ive compiled a list of migrations for major distributions
Ubuntu: apt-get install...wait...apt-cache update && apt-....isnt there a widget? ignore the update its probably already happened or systemd already did it...
fedora: in the dark ages, 40 minutes ago to be precise, this old kernel called 4.8 was often said to be the next version. youre currently on Fedora 23, so in the next 11 minutes once youve upgraded to fedora 29 you'll be patched for the upcoming vulnerability in kernel 6.0.
Slack: 2.4 booted just fine this morning and the coffee is already done so no time for compiling some new fangled bullshit from the "hyperlink" transport protocol. lets load up some gopher and call the cops, those kids are getting a little too overambitious with the pokemon GO at the park down the street.
Gentoo:...hey did you see arch wrote a really good doc on upgrading?
Arch: finish the doc for gentoo guys theyre almost done compiling userland.
BSD: load up nethack, queue something up on MPD and lets wait for this whole cow fiasco in Linux land to blow over.

Comment Re:Make up your mind (Score 0) 144

Or how about the police that has militarized to the point where they are an occupying force?

So, when the police show up to serve a warrant and get shot and killed, you're cool with that. When they show up to serve the same warrant and protect themselves with better technology, that's them being an "occupying force," and evil. Gotcha.

Or how about police in neighborhoods that regularly target minorities?

You mean police in neighborhoods with wildly higher crime rates, who are targeting the criminals that commit crime there? Right. Gotcha.

and don't care about the plight of your brothers and sisters

If you cared about your "brothers and sisters," you'd be all for reducing the crime in those areas. But you're not, so your entire pious hand-wringing display is as phony as your pretending you don't understand the real issues in play.

Comment Re:It gives me pleasure to introuce you to the fut (Score 4, Insightful) 144

This is the first signs along with the robot blowing up a gunman with a bomb.

The robot didn't do anything. The police controlling the robot used it to deal with the guy remotely so they didn't have to lose any more lives approaching a guy who was promising to do more killing. How is that a single bit different than shooting him from 500 yards away? It's not. Not a bit.

The apologists will, as always, talk only about the benefits and how it will help against the "bad guys"

Why should someone apologize for telling the truth? If it was your job to deal with an armed, violent person, and you were handed a tool that allows you to do that with less of a chance of you being killed while doing your job, are you really saying you wouldn't use that tool? Let me guess, you think it's unfair for the police to wear body armor, right? Yeah. Right.

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