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Comment Re:Prior art (Score 1) 77

Longer, if you think about it. Before you were distinct from your mother, you were a parasite within her. Before that, you were an egg cell in her ovaries. She was born with the egg that later became you intact, so you are as old as your mother is. But what is true for you is true for her; she is as old as her mother. You are as old as your grandmother. You are as old as the predecessors of humanity. You are an ancient entity that has periodically (no pun intended) remade itself based on external genetic material.

Comment Re:Police (Score 1) 584

Most of /.'s opposition to government mandates (laws) about firearms aren't their concern for hunters and hobbyists. The purpose of the American second amendment was to guarantee that the new government's citizens' access to weapons be impossible to subornso that, if necessary, the people could take up arms against a tyrannical form of said new government. Keep in mind that when these laws were enacted, every kind of projectile firing apparatus was military grade hardware. That is what the people are guaranteed.

Comment Re:2,500L @ $1/L vs. $millions. Liberal math. (Score 1) 242

I propose that the weight savings will result in trucks that are more heavily loaded, not lighter trucks going down the road. Logistics is expensive, and if you're running into legal weight limits, a lighter trailer cal allow heavier loads --> fewer trips --> greater savings in driver time, trucks, maintenance, fuel, etc.

This may be negligible due to the low density of packaged consumer products and volume limitations.

Submission + - I am Slashdot 1

OzPeter writes: I submit stories. I read stories. I add comments. I moderate comments. I am the reason that there is ad revenue.

I am Slashdot.

(please propagate the "I am Slashdot" meme in anyway you can)

Submission + - NASA: Space station dodged space debris 16 times in past 15 years (

coondoggie writes: NASA recently wrote that the International Space Station has, during its first 15 years of operations, made 16 space junk collision avoidance maneuvers and been closely threatened another four times.After a record number of four collision threats in 2012, no ISS collision avoidance maneuvers were required during 2013, reflecting the chaotic nature of the satellite population, said NASA's Orbital Debris Program Office in its quarterly newsletter.

Submission + - Who makes the best disk drives? ( 1

Hamsterdan writes: Backblaze, which open sourced their Storage Pod a few years ago, is now giving drive failure rates. They currently have over 27,000 consumer grade drives spinning in Backblaze storage pods.

Almost 13,000 each are Seagate and Hitachi drives, almost 3000 Western Digital drives and a too small for statistical reporting smattering of Toshiba and Samsung drives.

One cool thing: Backblaze buys drives the way you and I do: they get the cheapest drives that will work. Their workload is almost hundred percent write. Because they spread the incoming writes over several drives their workload isn't very performance intensive either.

Submission + - Ferrari Says Telemetry Can Make You A Better Driver 1

cartechboy writes: It's no secret that most people feel others on the road around them aren't good drivers--which might be a downfall of our society or our driver education system, that's up for debate--but in recent years technology has helped the situation. Things like anti-lock brakes, electronic stability control, and traction control have all been introduced into new cars to help make them safer, and reduce accidents. But what about performance cars? Well, if you buy a new Ferrari F12 Berlinetta, 458 Speciale, or a LaFerrari, it'll come with Ferrari Telemetry which is a built-in telemetry system that can record acceleration, braking, cornering speeds, and several other metrics including lap times and sector times. You can even record video of the action to view later. All this data can be relayed back to you on-screen in the instrument cluster so you can fine-tune your driving on the track (obviously not the street). This system is similar to the new hard-wired performance recorder that Chevrolet just announced for the 2015 Corvette Stingray. My mother always said one must learn from their mistakes, and these new piece of tech for high-performance cars sure does seem like a fancy way to do just that.

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